The Star Time Playboys

"It´s Star Time With….“

Martins Garage Records  STR-MGV- 003  10inch Vinyl
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Star Time Play Boys

​Hi-Strung Ramblers

“Shenanigans Unplugged"


​Vince & The Sun Boppers

“Gone For Lovin´”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5830

​This is the second album on this cool German Record label from Hamburg and also the second one for Hepcat Marcel from Serbia. I guess some of you lot out there do have his first album or his 45, this little shiny was recorded with the help of the well-known Berlin boys plus Marcel Riesco playing acoustic guitar. What we got here is some very authentic Rockabilly, sometimes with a bit of boppin´Country and late 50's Rock´n´Roll mixed in, all songs were written by Marcel himself! This guy can handle wild Rockers, laid back mid-tempo Rockabilly and great ballads like the wonderful “Teardrops” with ease! If you only know his previous offerings which he recorded a few years back you surely will be in for a surprise as his new recordings sound very different from the very wild stuff he recorded back then. To give you a reminder the nice folks of Boom Chicka Boom Records included 3 songs he recorded with his Serbian band in Belgrad and these are wild and desperate late 50's style Rockers: “Movin On”, “Heartbreakin´Mama” and “No Second Chance” (top-notch Stroller!). These three tracks were available before on a great 3 track EP on the Spanish Sleazy Records. It´s a great album by one of the scene's coolest Hepcats who did a great show at the Rave! The liner notes by the way were done by Mr. Rockabilly Rave Jerry Chatabox himself so it simply can´t be a bad album!!

DJ Wildgoner


​Wynona Carr

Jump Jack Jump / Hurt Me

Specialty Records XSP-580-45

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Red hot authentic Rockabilly from Sicily, Italy. These sharp dressed Hepcats are around for a few years now and as far as I know this is their debut album. They recorded an EP for Sleazy Records in 2014 and this new offering was recorded in Berlin with the help of the Lightning Recorders Studio crew and has a period perfect sound. All 12 songs were written by the band and already the first one “Bad Boy Rock” has a real hit potential, it´s one of those songs you can´t get out of your head!! The album has lot of variety and apart from boppers like the first track, you´ll find strollers (“Black Haired Woman”), jivers like the record hop killer “Devil Eyes” (another one of my favorites here!!) and even a bit of Country Bop with “I´m Longing For You”. “It´s You” is another kool Rock´n´Roll Jiver, “Ooh My Baby” could be straight out of an unissued Sun Recording session, fabulous!! A truly great album: First class songwriting, excellent backing band and a top notch front man with a great voice and feeling for the music. It will be a treat for me to see them at the “Good Rockin´ Tonight Festival” ( where I will be spinnin´ my scratchy old 45´s! A great addition to the Rhythm Bomb stable of stars in my humble opinion!!             DJ Wildgoner

"East Coast Rockabilly Central"

​"Blast From The Past"

​Lucky Marcel

“Lightning Strikes”

Boom Chicka Boom Records BCBRCD 1402

​Here we do have a hot little piece of wax that is not from my personal collection. This one belongs to Mr. Jason Bland himself and I have to admit that this one isn´t the most easy to find. It came out in 1956 as a vinyl 45 and also as a shellac 78 and the topside “Jump Jack Jump” makes a fast brilliant R&B jiver that will please all the couples on the dance floor. The flipside “Hurt Me” is a wonderful soulful ballad which suits Wynona's brilliant voice perfectly. If you are looking for a copy and can´t find one, there is the possibility of buying the re-issue of “Jump Jack Jump” coupled with the another great jiver “Till The Well Runs Dry”. Happy hunting…. DJ Wildgoner

"Get Up And Dance“

Various artists

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5859 – 5 CD box set

"September/October 2016                      Record Reviews"

Mississippi Queen
“Oh Yeah”
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5818 – CD

These “old” boys are from Croatia and have a band history that goes back to 1989. This fine little album is the third one recorded for Rhythm Bomb Records. The line-up changed quite a bit in all those years and now this formerly drum-less trio expands their sound with the new member Kruno Kapec  hittin´ the skins. This, their latest album, has therefore a bit different sound than the last ones, so let´s check it out: Fourteen self-written tracks plus a cover of the old Rex Allan snr. favorite “Knock Knock Rattle”. “Everbody Have A Ball” is a powerful Rock´n´Roll Jiver and sounds different to their previous, more “Country-Rockabilly” sounding offerings. “Hey Bartender” and “Mississippi Queen” are also kool uptempo, Country influenced Rockers. “Oh Yeah” will work great as a jiver and they are doin´ a good job on the already mentioned “Knock, Knock Rattle” (does anyone remember those great Decca Rockabilly comps. from the 80's by the way ??). The up-tempo “My Way Down”, “Ol Black Busted Guitar”, “Bop Train” and “Lonely” all have a great rockin´ beat! The haunting ballad “Eyes Of Blue” has a strong Western feel to it, complete with steel-guitar. “Brand New Fool” is straight Country Rockabilly Bop again and “Precious Memories” rocks really fast. There are some real kool tracks on this little shiny and if you are not only into that wild and ultra-authentic Hepcat beat you should urgently check out these stars of the Croatian Rockabilly scene!

DJ Wildgoner

​This one isn´t so easy for me to write about. I always loved the sound of the Hi-Strung Ramblers, the Blues influenced late 50's and early 60's Rock´n´Roll with a touch of Rockabilly. For all of us it came as a shock when lead singer Carlos died nearly a year ago. These are the last recordings they´ve done together and this time I´m not talking about “record hop material”. One song “I´m Gonna Say Goodbye (For The Very Last Time)” is a very personal song and already mentions Carlos soon-to-come death. After track 11 there is a hidden track by the way, a Country ballad with just Carlos and his guitar! The overall sound of the album is acoustic, laid back and comes straight from the rehearsal room. Therefore it´s an album for listening at home and not aimed at the dance floor.  “Shenanigans Unplugged” is in my opinion a fitting tribute to Carlos Gomez and the Hi-Strung Ramblers.

DJ Wildgoner

​Ryan Cain & The Ables

"Cupid & The Devil"

​The Rhythm Torpedoes

“Hop In Da Rod”

Boom Chick Boom Records (without number) – CD


​Holy moly, another great offering by one of my favorite record labels!!! 125 great tracks on 5 CD´s: Boppers, Strollers, Jivers, Party Music and slow stuff for smooching in your well loved Hot Rod / Custom Car (okay, modern day jalopy for most of us….). Off course you´ll find your favorite Rhythm Bomb artists like Mark & The Wild Ones, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Eddy & The Backfires, the mighty great Kabooms, B & The Bops, Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets, Lil Mo' (both his Rockabilly band and his Doo Wop formation), Ruby Ann, Star Mountain Dreamers, Rhythm River Trio and  Hank's Jalopy Demons just to name a few. If you do have a big collection of Rhythm Bomb Records and CD´s you will already know most of the tracks but I´m sure even you lot will find a few songs which you haven´t heard before.  For example, I wasn´t too familiar with Chris Almoada, his “Love Alamo” is killer, believe me. Also it was high time for the jumpin´ jivin´ Cat Lee King and his Cocks (oh boy, love that name….) to make their debut on a proper Rhythm Bomb compilation (checkout their “Farewell Madmoiselle”)!  Also you´ll find the debut recording from Dusty Dave & the Heartattacks and some new Kieron McDonald stuff!  You can easily figure out that there´s lots of great music on this strictly limited box set so if you still have some spare money after all those weekenders do yourself a favour and grab a copy as fast as you can. Great stuff from a truly fantastic label!!

DJ Wildgoner


​Oh lord, “Cupid & The Devil” is a killer and it is hot off the press!! This is the second album from Ryan Cain & The Ables and like the last one this is something every rockin' cat and kitten should add to their collection! Besides Rockabilly and Rock´n´Roll Ryan also has a soft spot for proper 50's Country, Hillbilly and Western  music so I guess now it´s high time to check out this album,  let´s go: “Hepcat Habitat” is a great mid-tempo Rockabilly Rocker complete with howls and screams and an ace starter before “13 Knots” reminds you of the great stuff Mr. Marty Robbins has recorded in his early years, it´s Cowboy music at it´s very best!! “Drinkin´Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee” is a fine Rockabilly version and works well for the boys. ”Selfie Of Your Heart” is a fine uptempo Honky Tonker before moving into a Johnny Burnette Trio style flat out rocker with “I Call Bullshit”. “Tears of Doom” , a beautiful Hillbilly ballad, reminds me  of one of my favorite Country singers, Mr. Faron Young! “Cupid & The Devil” is a very atmospheric, moody up-tempo rocker, I love it! “Waltz Wrong With This Picture”, a ballad, has a great Elvis-feel to it and “Go Boy Go” is not the Carl Smith Hillbilly Bopper but also a great, self-written Rocker. The beautiful Teenage ballad “Talk To Me” could have easily been recorded in the very early 60's and I really love the lyrics of the Johnny Cash style Country Rocker “Keep The Change”, simply great! The last number “Kill Devil Hillbilly” is different to the rest of the album, because this one is an early 60's styled Surf Instro in the league of Dick Dale. So many different styles here but all work perfectly, the band has got an amazing sound and Ryan owns a wonderful voice. In my opinion a 5 star album from one of the best American Rockabilly bands around and I really would love to see these boys playing the Rockabilly Rave. East Coast Rockabilly Rules!!!

 DJ Wildgoner


​Here we do have something very different to the music we normally feature on our beloved East Coast Rockabilly Central site. From time to time a band appears on the rockin´ scene which has a different sound from the rest of the lot. The Star Time Playboys are Urban Zotel on guitar, Bostjan Copek on bass and his twin brother Grega Copek on drums and they come from Slovenia. They are a pure instrumental trio with a big and wonderful sound. You won´t hear any Link Wray or Dick Dale on this lovely piece of wax, their style is influenced by great guitar players like Jimmy Bryant, Roy Lanham or Neil Levang (found out about this guy just a few weeks ago..). On this hot piece of wax you´ll find traces of Jump Blues, Small Combo Swing,  Country Jazz, Western Swing, swingin´ Latin stuff or even a bit of very early and laid back Surf sound. My own favorites are the Country boppin´ “Barnyard Bop” and the dreamy and wonderful “Starless Night”. Urban is an absolute ace guitar player and the  also very talented twins Bostjan and Grega make sure that the sound is 100% perfect, warm and authentic! If you are open minded to music styles like Cowboy Jazz or even dig the sound of guitar gods like  Django Reinhardt make sure to check these boys out!  My 10 inch by the way comes in red vinyl and the sound is fantastic. All eight songs were written by the band and the record plays on 45 RPM. In my opinion this is an amazing debut from a very, very talented band, check ´em out!  

 DJ Wildgoner

​This band from the area of Marburg, Germany, is around since 2011 and to be honest with you, I´ve never heard of them before. Okay, shame on me, because these guys really rock! Influenced by the artists of the Wild Records label and the Welsh Rockabilly King, Mr. John Lewis they recorded 15 tracks, 12 of them self-written. They really made a great choice in covering Charlie Hightone´s “Booze Booze”, Muddy Waters “Catfish Blues” plus another boppin´ dance-floor killer “De Bop” (originally done by Johnny Bach and his Moonshine Boozers”). The bearded front man does have a very similar voice to that of John Lewis but also is able to do Johnny Cash Country rockers (“Wide Oceans”) with that typical Boom-Chicka-Boom sound! Other songs remind me of Omar & His Stringpoppers or the Rhythm Shakers (minus Marlene of course). The only song I´m not too keen on is the last one called “Boogie Woogie Machine” a bit too “German-Volkfest-Rock´n´Roll” for my taste (oh yes my friends, it´s a German saying…..). In my opinion this is a great debut by one of the more “unknown” bands of the German rockin´ scene. This isn´t an ultra-authentic Rockabilly Hepcat band, all dressed in gab jackets, shirts and two-tone slacks. They are different and their sound of bluesy Rockabilly madness is deeply rooted in today's wild bands without losing its 1950's roots. If you like that crazy Johnny Bach craziness and bands like the Hi-Strung Ramblers, Omar or the mighty Delta Bombers you simply have to check these guys out! A surprising and different album by an up-and-coming German band, I dig it !! (okay, apart from that Boogie Woogie thing…..)            DJ Wildgoner