​Hhmmm, what a name!! These young kids from Bonn, Germany, are one of the latest additions to the Rhythm Bomb stable-of-stars. They are one of the new breed of rockin´ bands, heavily influenced by the jumpin´ and jivin´ sound of the early 1950's. What really is astonishing about these young cats is the fact  that the quality of their music is on such a high standard!!!  They really do sound like they were doin´ this kind of stuff for twenty years or more! The sound is very authentic, full sounding with a rollin´ piano, 2 guitars, drums and doghouse bass, the voice of the singer is absolutely brilliant for this kind of rockin´ music. The self-written “Farewell Mademoiselle” will be a big hit on the record hops very soon! (This simply has to be a 45 in my humble opinion ,maybe with the also self-written “Let Me Love You”  on the flipside).  I also dig their versions of “You Can Do No Wrong” and “Drinkin´Wine”. This is a high class jumpin´ & jivin´ debut from a young band with a bright future on the rockin´ scene, well done lads!  

DJ Wildgoner


​Ronnie Dawson and High Noon (feat.Lisa Pankratz)

“The Carnegie Hall Tour”

Bear Family Records BCD 16828 – CD

​These boys came from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and recorded their version of the mighty Bo Diddley blaster in 1963 for Coral Records. Their version makes a great stroller with a bit of a surfin´guitar and great vocals by Danny Harrison. “Lori” is a nice ballad with a bit of a Roy Orbison feel to, more something for the quite moments in life I guess. Check out the topside on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFiQl5YHt9o ) and happy hunting!

DJ Wildgoner

"April 16' Record Reviews"

This latest album from Robert and his boys already came out in 2013, but I had'nt bought it then. It was recorded in celebration of their 25th anniversary as a band and they decided to do some acoustic re-works of some of their best Rockabilly, Country, Western Swing and R&B recordings. The sound of the album is very laid back, nothing wrong about it. But be warned kats´n´kittens, if you expect wild Rockabilly re-workings of songs like “Baby, Baby Me” or “Nothing To Lose” you will be disappointed. Most of the songs could be best described as Americana, “Baby Baby Me” for example has got a touch of early Reggae to it. Don´t get me wrong here fellows, Robert's voice is as fantastic as ever and the boys are doing an ace job but for me many of the songs are simply not my taste and I do prefer the original versions much more. Especially killer tracks like “Don´t Desert Me” (from the 45 / 78), “Glad When I´m Gone” or “Missouri Gal” can´t be topped in my opinion. Having said that I really love the up-tempo rockin´ version of  “Three Years Blind” (this could work as a ´different´ jiver at the record hops) or the dramatic offering of “(You Mean) Too Much to Me”.  Check it out on Amazon and decide for yourself.

DJ Wildgoner

​Cat Lee King & His Cocks

5 track Promo EP

Rhythm Bomb Records –5 track CD EP

​"East Coast Rockabilly Central"

The Starjays

“Bang! It´s The Starjays

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5828

"Blast From The Past"

Here we have two `new´ songs by one of my favorite US bands. With 2 great albums under their belt in my opinion it was high time for some new recordings! “Put It In A Letter” is a great mid-tempo rocker in their typical style and “Thistle In Your Garden” was already issued on their last album. This version sounds a bit more acoustic, laid back. Anyway, I really love these songs: a great rockin´ rhythm complimented with a strong songwriting, what more do you want….. Oh, yes, a whole new album please, maybe this time on proper vinyl!!

DJ Wildgoner​

An absolute highlight for all Ronnie Dawson and High Noon Fans is this little shiny that came out a few years ago. The 19 songs were recorded live at the James Dean Rockabilly Weekender, Marion, Indiana on June 25th, 1994 and also  recorded live in the Lasso Productions Studio, Columbus, Ohio on May 5th, 1994. These gigs followed the legendary Carnegie Hall concert that took place the same year on April, 29th  and these recordings show Ronnie, High Noon and Lisa at their absolute height. For all of you who had had the chance to see Ronnie live will fondly remember him as an all-around nice guy who gave you a live show like no other of the original rockin´ cats from the golden days did. Here you´ll find ´new´ versions of Ronnie´s cult songs like “Yum Yum Yum”, “Monkey Beat City”, “Rockin´ In The Cemetery”, “Up Jumped The Devil”, “Shim Sham Shimmy”, “Rockin´Bones” and lots of other kool stuff. High Noon and Lisa Pankratz did a fantastic job in backing Ronnie and you can easily hear that this combination worked brilliantly. There´s a 52 page booklet with some excellent background information. I would have loved to have it on vinyl (with a booklet inside of course) but you can´t have it all I guess.

DJ Wildgoner​

​The Count Victors (featuring Danny Harrison)

“Road Runner / Lori”

Coral Records Q 72462  

​The Garnet Hearts Trio

“Put It In A Letter / Thistle in Your Garden”

2 Track CD 

​Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

“What A Dream It´s Been”

Real Gone Music CD​

​Here, my fellow kats´n´kittens, we have the latest project of Roy Kay  (also with the Margraves  and the Roy Kay Trio). This time it´s not the hyper authentic Country Bop or early 60s surfin´ Rock´n´Roll style by the way. On this album we do find Roy with his brand new rockin ´R&B  band, complete with a  female lead singer (Angelatini) on some tracks , a honkin´ sax (by Sean Jensen)  and a rollin´piano teased by Carl Sonny Leyland. The album does have a very authentic and full sound and surely will please all the dancers out there. On this 14 track CD you´ll only find two cover versions, one of them  is a track called  “Tinterella Di Luna” which was a big “Twist” hit in Europe in the early 1960's  by a guy called Vittorio Casagrande. It was first made popular by Italian pop star Ana Maria Quaini, affectionately called Mina. She first performed it in 1959 and it quickly became a number one hit. My personal favorites are the bluesy stroller “Nobody Loves You Like Me” and the rockin´ ”My Wild Girl”. This would be a fine band for the Rhythm Riot by the way, highly recommended if you are into authentic and danceable 1950's R&B.

DJ Wildgoner​