​"Blast From The Past"

​Danny McVey

"One In A Million“

Rollin Records  4 track CD EP RRMCD 002


Absolute killer EP by this well  known London character.  Danny is the son of Skitzo bass player Tony McVey but don´t be afraid, you won´t find any Psychobilly here.  Some time ago Danny made his record debut on Olaf Haspel´s O-Ha record label and then things really took off for Danny!  Some musicians from the Rollin´ Records label of stars offered some help to record a few tracks with a full band (instead of only him with his guitar) and the result is absolute killer. Great authentic late 50's wild Rock´n´Roll and Rockabilly is what you will get. “Crazy To The Bone” really sums up this kool London kat, here you get the second version of this killer bopper (first version on O-Ha records was only by Danny and his guitar). “One In A Million” takes the tempo a bit back and “Hello Heartache” will fill the dance floor without a shadow of a doubt. Guess this is one of those songs some people will jive and the others will bop to! “French Woman”, a very moody mid-paced rocker, is also killer, great lyrics. All songs were written by Danny by the way and I really, really hope that there will be a vinyl version of this hot platter very soon in the near future. A MUST BUY!!

DJ Wildgoner


Miss Mary & The Mr. Rights

“Dog Gone It”

4 track CD EP (Self Released)   (

Another great 4 track CD EP, this time by Miss Mary and her Mr. Rights. As you can plainly see when looking at the back cover this is not a Rockabilly band, they are a proper 1950's style R&B outfit. You will find some well-known faces in this band like Joe Gullian (of the Sureshots), Kevin Ellis (ex-Red, Hot & Blue) or Pat “Sugar Ray Ford” Reyford. Miss Mary has a great and strong voice and the band is purely rockin´, no fancy Jazz or modern Blues in their sound at all! “Dog Gone It” is a great mid-tempo Rocker and despite the sax it has a strong Rockabilly influence to it, great authentic sound by the way! “Johnny Lee” will make a great bluesy stroller, the same for the faster “Mr. Blues” (not the Marvin Rainwater number by the way). This debut closes with a great cover of Marie Knight´s “I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them”. All in all a great debut, excellent authentic sound, no modern gadgets, just the real stuff. Highly recommended!

DJ Wildgoner



The Space Cadets

“Crash Landed”

Tombstone Records ISMSM- 01186


After a great set at this year´s Rockabilly Rave I was really eager to get this new album. Will it be a bit like their first two records? Will it include some record hop killers like “Awakadee Awakadoo”?  After the first minute of this album all becomes clear: They rock like in the 90's and despite the name of the song “Space Cadet Psychos” this is not a wrecking number but a great Bopper which will fill the dance floor like “Awakadee Awakadoo” did many moons ago. “Flying Through Outer Space” is another one of those “signature songs” with the typical Space Cadets beat, there´s a bit of alien background noise on this number.  Don´t know if it should be this way or if there was a failure in the recording process??  But anyway, these two dance floor fillers are also available on a limited 45 for all you DJ´s out there. “Taxi Driver”, “You Don´t Care How I Feel” and “Commit Murder” reminds me of the later Red Hot & Blue” recordings.    “I´m Going To The Moon” deals with the recent world-wide situation of terrorism, religious conflicts and war. Not a song to get me in a happy and rockin´mood but watching the daily news at the moment is also not uplifting my spirits. “Be Boppin´Baby” and the instro “Cadet Boogie” (there are two different takes of this one on the album) bring us back to a proper  rockin´mood. “Brand New Start” has a bit of a Country feel in it, nice one! “Gonna Ball Ball Rock Tonight” (also two versions here, one is acoustic) is another one of those Space Cadets style rockers while “Love Is The Thing” is a moody early 60's style Stroller which reminds me  a bit of Elvis´ “Put The Blame On Me” and “In Space” is a re-recording of one of their early hit recordings. It´s a great album if you dig the style of the band and loved their first two or three vinyls.

DJ Wildgoner


The Fanatic IV

“Go Where The Action Is”

El Toro Records   ET 15-071  4-track Vinyl EP


Brand new band from Finland with well-known faces from the finish rockin´scene.  These kats play proper early 60's style garage Rock´n´Roll with a bit of Surf thrown in.  At the moment, there are quite a few bands on the scene doing this kinda stuff like the Margraves or the Rip´Em Ups. “Go Where The Action Is” is a great early 60's rockin´ Jiver, same for the surfin´ instro “Trapster”. “Irrisistable You” is one of my favorite tracks on this great debut, a killer rockin´ jiver that will do very well at the record hops.  I guess their version of Hank Williams´”Ramblin Man” will be a love or hate thing.  It´s like a blend of “Ramblin´Man” and Johnny Rivers “Secret Agent Man”!  Check it out on youtube and see for yourself if you dig it or not:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6O1FvVTh9I . In my opinion this is a great release by a very refreshing band. My copy is a lovely marbled green, great quality pressing by the way.

DJ Wildgoner



Johnny Burnette

“No Use In Livin´”

El Toro Records ET 15.045  4-track vinyl EP


A very kool release for all you vinyl junkies out there. I bet many of you lot already know the alternative takes of “Lonesome Train”, “Please Don´t Leave Me” and “I Love You So” but isn´t it just great to have them on a proper vinyl EP?? (my copy came in a killer pink wax  by the way). As a bonus the good people from EL Toro records also gave us the live and ultra-wild version of “Hound Dog” from the Ted Mack Amateur hour which was not available on vinyl at all. Fantastic picture cover, truly a must have for any serious Rockabilly collector out there. Go get it before it´s too late. DJ Wildgoner



“Feelin´No Pain”

El Toro Records ET- 15-023 5-track vinyl EP

I bet many of you die-hard Dion collectors are eager to get this on your turntable. In 1962 Dion already was one of the top American recording stars and he was going to be one of the main characters in a Canadian movie called “Ten Girls Ago” also featuring stars like Buster Keaton. Unfortunately the film was never completed and the material already shot was lost over the decades. The title track of the EP, “Feelin´ No Pain” never saw the light of day until now! Some of you might know the version of this song done by Dion´s later backing group, the Del Satins 1963 on Columbia records.(
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYXBQkJYBYg ).  This version by Dion is slightly different, done with a full orchestral backing and the sound quality is really good, much, much better than on this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0UJQwSt2V4. To make things smooth, El Toro also included four great Dion tracks recorded for Laurie in the same period of time: ”Lonely World”, “Sandy”, “Little Diane” plus the killer stroller “(I Was) born To Cry”. Great recordings from the finest of New York´s  Doo Wop acts. Grey vinyl this time…… DJ Wildgoner




Everly Brothers

“Crying In The Rain / I´m Not Angry”

Warner Brothers 5250 – vintage 45

Oh yes folks, again we entered the very early 60s, 1961 to be precise and this time it´s the flipside of the Rock-a-Ballad “Crying in the Rain” which is very interesting from the DJ point of view. “I´m Not Angry” not only has some very good and funny lyrics but also makes a killer stroller. I already had this track on an album but totally forgot about it as I bought the LP somewhere in the mid to late 80s. Because of the worldwide web this 45 is easy to find and makes a great addition to anyone´s strollin´ records collection. Check it out, you´ll like it: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_sQw6LQcoQ )








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