"King Of Love / Tomorrow "

His Masters Voice  45-C1055

Blast From The Past

Yes my friends, after reviewing the new Marcel Riesco album I checked my very few High school Rock´n´Roll 45's and I stumbled over this little belter.  Teen Idol Fabian made a bit of a come back on the rockin´ scene over the last few years as many DJ´s really seem to like his killer rocker "Got The Feeling".  Okay, you can simply forget most of his albums but he really waxed down some killer tracks on 45's like this one: "King Of Love" is a top notch Jiver and
the flipside  "Tomorrow" is nearly as good as the topside.  He really was a kool rocker when he started, check him out! 

​DJ Wildgoner

​November 15' Reviews Part 2

​This is the second album by this wild Mexican outfit from Reb Kennedy´s stable of stars. Whilst some of the latest CD´s on this label were a bit different to the output Wild Records is known for , this one goes back to the typical sound from bands like Omar & The Stringpoppers, the early Hi-Strung Ramblers (R.I.P Carlos!) or the very early Delta Bombers. Wild, Blues influenced late 50's Rockabilly and Rock´n´Roll. Listen to the starter “True” and you´ll know that this will be a wild ride. The stroller “Noe Puedo Mas” takes the tempo a bit back and “Un Nuevo Amor” complete with a rockin´sax makes a great wild jiver. “Put You Down” is a wild rocker complete with maracas, “Grito De Medianoche” has a late 50's feel to it. “Gonna Leave You Woman” will make a great stroller and should do well with the DJ´s on the scene. “Gonna Love My Baby” is not the well know Lloyd McCulough rocker and has a lot of Bo Diddley influence. “Cockroach Crawl” makes a great Bopper while “La Diabla” is the Spanish version of the old Ronnie Dawson favorite “Up Jumped The Devil”, this one is  killer!  I also dig the heavy Blues rockin´sound of “No Use In Lying” and the wild “Mi Amor Se Fue”. ( This one is the Spanish version of Charlie Hightone´s killer rocker “Dead End Track” by the way).  A great album from these guys, definitely on the wild side!!

DJ Wildgoner


​The Bop Hounds

“7 track EP”

Ipojuke Records – 7 track EP CD

Great sounds from Brazil.  I never heard of this 4 piece band before but boy these kats can rock!  They hail from Natal and play a great mix of wild late 1950´s Rock´n´Roll, a bit of Country & Western and of course Rockabilly. This debut (as far as I know) saw the light of day in 2014 and in those days they were still playing as a 5 piece band. “Get Your Cat Gone” is a great mid-tempo rocker, a superb start for this little album. “I´m on Fire” (not the Jerry Lee Lewis or Tommy Bruce number) rocks a bit harder and makes a great wild jiver! “All Over The Town” is another killer rocker, with a bit of an 80's Rockabilly Revival feel to it. “Lonely On The Run” is a great & moody mid-tempo Rocker while “Make It Snow, Santa” reminds me a bit of the very early Stray Cats. “Crossroads Of Her Heart” is also a great rocker, very catchy and one of my favorite tracks on the album. This very promising debut album closes with the Country & Western styled ballad “Don´t Mess With The Cat”.  I´m really eager to see the development of this young band.  Great debut, well done kats! 

DJ Wildgoner

​Will & The Hi-Rollers

“La Diabla”

Wild Records CD (without number)