When it comes to proper 40's / 50's Country music, Lefty is without a shadow of doubt one of my favorite artists.  He also recorded this most excellent Rockin' 45 back in 1958.  His version of the Rocket Morgan classic "You're Humbuggin' Me" is equally as good as the original and makes a kool stroller.  The Country stroller "Cigarettes And Coffee Blues" was written by good old Marty Robbins (another one of my favorite Country artists)  and is also top notch!  Check out the tracks on youtube, you should find a decent copy of this hot little ditty easily.  

​DJ Wildgoner

Lefty Frizzell

"You're Humbuggin' Me" / "Cigarettes And Coffee Blues"

​Coumbia Records 4-41268

​Blast From The Past

Oh boy, this kat is absolutely krazy!!  Without any doubt he is one of the most entertaining Rockabilly singers on the current scene and his gigs are a "MUST WATCH!"  I saw him at last years "Let's Get Wild" and his show was an absolute killer!!!  Here we do have his brand new 4 track EP: You'll find pure and authentic Rockabilly (an alternative take of "I'm Fed Up"), wild black Rock 'n' Roll ("Cause You're My Baby") complete with sax and a pumpin' piano, the strollin' sound of "Poor Little Fool" (not the Ricky Nelson track) and the talkin' version of "Born And Die" with Jake mentioning some of his favorite Country and Hillbilly artists from the golden days.  A great vinyl EP; test your knowledge about Country and Western artist one the backside of the cover!  His records always sell like hot cakes so better be quick and check his website:


Jake Calypso And His Red Hot

"4 track EP"

​Chicken Records EPCR 010114

Here we have a great debut album by this Swiss girl (now living in Germany) and her band.  Their style is pur R & B from the mid 50's to the very early 60's.  As some of you might know, I'm not too much into R & B but this band is really outstanding.  Lily's got a great voice, the band is top notch and overall sound is very authentic.  The Jump & Jive crowd loves this band they even played at the best weekend of the genre, the Rhythm Riot in Camber Sands, UK!  The songs are very catchy, check out tracks like "Hey Little Boy", "I'm A Wine Drinker" or the early 60's soulful Blues Stroller "Never Let Me Go" written by Mark Valentine (from the now disbanded "Mark & The Wild Ones").  A real treat for all you jumpin' and jivin' kats 'n' kittens out there, check 'em out!

For the ones who prefer to buy their Rockin' gear on vinyl you can treat yourself with an excellent EP which includes four of the best songs on the album:  Rhythm Bomb Records RBR-333- 4 track EP on 33rpm.  (with all the above mentioned tax plus the jivin' "Ripple The Tipple".  A great band with a bright future!

Lily Moe & The Barnyard Stompers

​Rhythm Bomb Records CD RBR 5751

Oh yes my friends, The Planet Rockers are back with a bang after all those years and they are as good as ever!!  This hot piece of wax is a little taster of the album which will be reviewed soon on your favorite US site!  "Voodoo Woman" was originally cut by a Garage Psych band called Simon Stokes and the Nighthawks (non Rockin' drug addict music in my opinion) but Sonny George and the boys transferred it to a kool Rockin' Blues Bopper played by many DJ's.  It's really amazing what some bands are able to do by the way.  "Snakebit" rocks in a proper Link Wray kinda style and this hot jiver is also filling the dance floors in the Rockin' clubs worldwide.  This is a killer 45, really lookin' forward to the vinyl version of their album!

The Planet Rockers

"Voodoo Woman/ Snakebit"

Witchcraft Records WCI 113- Vinyl 45

No my friends, I'm not talking about bands like the Long Tall Texans, Meteors, Frenzy or the Sharks.  I never was into this kinda stuff and why should I start now???  This 50 track CD set goes back to the days of raw 1950's Rockabilly, wild early 60's Instros and even a bit of 1960's Rock 'n' Roll.  in my opinion, this is a very good compilation with tracks from artists like the sadly missed Ronnie Dawson, Mickey Hawks, Don Willis, the Mighty Linkster, Dale Hawkins, Jet Powers and lots of other household names.  So why is it called "Roots Of Psychobilly" I hear some of you ask.  When the Rockabilly scene exploded in the UK in the later part of the 1970's, many kids joined our scene but also liked the big Punk movement.  Blend these two styles together, add a bit of Horror themes and you got Psychobilly in it's earliest form.   Many Psychobillies of the early 80's were Rockabillies a few years earlier and bought exactly this 50's/ early 60's Rockin' stuff, which came out on compilation albums and repro 45's.  A great 2 CD set, perfect for driving in your car.  Thanks to my neighbor Ulrike for puttin' me onto this one!

"The Roots Of Psychobilly"

Not Now Music

NOT2CD25- 2 CD Set

Sirocco Brothers​                                                          

"Devil Bones/Lightning Bolt"                                          "Shake/ Davy Jones Locker"

Rollin' Records 038- Vinyl 45                                          Rollin' Records 040- Vinyl 45

This band is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most talked about acts on the European scene.  Their records sell like hot cakes and for some people the band is a mystery as you don't find too much information or photos from the guys.  What about the music??  Oh boy, it's so bloody  good!  It's authentic Rockabilly with a bit of Blues thrown in, their lyrics are often on the dark side of our music.  They have developed their very own style, easy for a DJ to fill the dance floor with their string of 45's.  These two 45's are top notch entertainment like all of their stuff:  "Lightning Bolt" and "Devil Bones" are two absolute Killer Boppers, both driven by a rolling bass line.  Some of my mates call their sound "hypnotic" and yes, they are right!  "Shake", a mid tempo Rocker has got that wonderful jungle rhythm, perfect late 50's sounding stuff, the Bluesy Bopper "Davy Jones Locker" is also first class Hepcat entertainment!  Get their records, you won't regret:  Check out their Facebook site:   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sirocco-Bros/538405322895147?ref=stream

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