Brand new band from the southern part of Germany, also great to see that one of the "old faces" from the German rockin' scene is back with a killer new project! Lead singer Ted Scholz fronted the 3 Alley Cats in the 80's and went on with the Duetones and the Stampeders in the following decades. Here we got his newest project, a five piece band from space playing 50's Rockabilly, late 50's desperate Rock'n'Roll and a bit of rockin' boppin' Blues. To be honest with you, there are not too many bands in the southern part of Germany playing in a traditional 50's style so this new band is deeply appreciated by like minded kats 'n'  kittens. Here we do have 11 tracks, some great covers of rare rockin' tracks like "Pretty Linda", "Baggie Maggie", "Betty Joe", "Ding Dong" (Du-Wadi-Wadi) and some great self-written tunes like "Satellite Bop", "Crazy Child" and "Wild Girl". Their cover of "Keep Your Arms Around Me" makes me think of the late 80's, going to the Hemsby festivals and bringing over those black Blues boppin' sounds from the likes of Slim Harpo or Joe Hill Louis. Before Hemsby this kind of stuff was not played at rockin' events, neither by DJ's nor bands. All in all an impressive debut, really hope there's more to come. You can contact the band on Facebook: 

​DJ Wildgoner

The Satellites

"The Space Sessions"

El Toro Records ETCD 6059 - CD

I hope there are not too many of you kats 'n' kittens who never have heard about this stunning band from the Ukraine.  I've already seen them twice within the last 8 months (lucky kat I am!) and they were absolutely amazing.  Good thing is that they sound as good on CD (and vinyl of course) as they do live on stage and this is already their fourth album for the Spanish El Toro Records label.  You can't call them a pure Rockabilly band as they always like to include some jumpin' and jivin' songs (complete with sax) and that's absolutely fine for me when it's done by such skilled and talented musicians.  Already the first track "2 AM Rock" rocks like hel and puts you straight in a good rockin' mood, a great little bopper!  I really dig their version of "Bop Disease" written by Branko Radovancevic, the instrumental "Crash" makes a hot little stroller!  Would you have believed if someone had told ya' that you can make the Hilltoppers "Do It Bop" a kool bopster?  Listen to their versio of "Diggin' The Boogie" by the great Roy Hall, you will love that one!  "The Way That I Love" makes me think of Hank Davis (don't know why but it does).  The title track "Hot Summer Nights" with it's late 50's style is top notch, the same goes for "Catch Your Wave", I love it!  There are so many great songs on this album and I can only highly recommend it, in my opinion their best work so far! (A happy) DJ Wildgoner

The Wise Guyz

"Hot Summer Nights"

El Toro Records ETCD 3028-CD

You could call this review "A Blast From The Past" like my monthly ramblings through vintage vinyl 45s because this album already came out in 2003.  What makes it so special that I'm doing a review about this one after all those years?  Maybe because of the fact that this one includes styles like authentic Rockabilly (of course!) , Western Swing, a bit of Hillbilly, Country Boogie, Wild Rock 'n' Roll, classic 50's female Country, White Doo Wop and even some Ragtime??  Yes my friends, I guess this album had the most diverse styles for only one band and one album ever and there is no wonder that you will find 27 (yes, twenty-seven!)  tracks on this little shiny.  Story was that Jed Clayton from Sweden fronted an authentic Rockabilly band and when they added a few new members their musical backgrounds were added to their sound also.  But did it really work I hear ya' ask?  You can bet your bottom dollar!  All the trax were written and composed by Jed Clayton and arranged by the band.  Strange thing is that all the songs really sound like classic examples of the genre.  After listening to the album again after all those years I am amazed about that fact just like I was 12 years ago.   So if you like yourself some Western Swing check out "The Clayton Rag", how about an early 60's Elvis style ballad with "Down In Mexico", some killer Rockabilly with a big Jack Baymoore influence on "Jukejoint Mama", some Sonny Burgess Sun style on "What You Do", the wild "Tarzan Rock" , the beautiful late 50's ballad "Memorie" or the fabulous Doo Wop  sounds of "Mr. Moon".  You name it, they did it in an absolute perfection.  As I am a very nice chap I now tell ya' that you still can get a copy of this killer album for a killer price of 3,49 Euros!!!, they also offer great shipping prices worldwide.  With this link you soon can be the proud owner of one of the best El Toro albums ever:

DJ WIldgoner

Jed Clayton & The Rockabouts

"Swing Into Action"

El Toro Records ETCD 3060 - CD 

All you kats and dolls who missed most of the 45's by the UK's already legendary Sirocco Bros. now have the chance to get their previous dance floor fillers on one killer CD!!  As you already might know the boys do have their very own style.  It's authentic 50's Rockabilly with lots of Blues, the lyrics are often on the dark and evil side of Rockabilly!  If you've never heard any of their tracks and you love the last Crawdads album (Crawdads- Released" on Raucous Records which came out almost a decade ago), you will also dig this band, I'll promise!  No use for waiting for an LP version of this CD by the way as all of the tracks are (or were) available on black/ colored wax before.  If you want their stuff and can't find copies of their 45's go for it!

​DJ Wildgoner

The Sirocco Bros.

"Shake With The Sirocco Bros."

​Rollin' Records CD RRCD022 - CD

Lots of water went down the river Mississippi since we last heard a new album from the legendary Planet Rockers.  When the German Hepcat Scene really took off in the early 90's, their killer instro "Rampage" was heard on every proper record hop and you had the chance to see them quite often in Germany and the rest of Europe.  Okay, they did not have the super authentic sould like most of the Tail Records bands but lots of the kats 'n' kittens in those days loved their records.  I did too and I am glad to see the boys back on the rockin' circuit and recording fine albums like this one, recorded at SUN Records by Jerry Phillips, son of Sam C. Phillips.  If you dug their first two vinyl albums recorded for NO Hit Records you also will love that one!  Okay, the boys are no spring chicken anymore, they all are matured men now but their sound is still that typical Planet Rockers sound of "Voodoo Woman", the haunting "Man Without A Star", the great rockin' "Heavy On My Mind" and the Gspel Rocker "Sinnerman" (With an all-star backing chorus including Jerry Phillips and Royce Porter!)  I also dig their versions of Pat Kelley's "Stranger Dressed in Black", Hayden Thompson's "Whatcha Gonna Do" and the Allan Page classice "Dateless Night".  Some of the other tracks they covered from different genres received the typical Planet Rockers treatement of Eddie Angel's fine guitar playing.  Their bluesy version of Jerry Reed's "Nashville Woman" closes this hot 17 track album.  All in all a great album with lots of influences from Rockabilly to Country and Gospel to Surf, but the Planet Rockers were never a band that played it safe and stuck to the 50's Rockabilly sound.  Love em' or hate em', it's up to you!

.....did I forget to mention???.....

This great comeback album is finally out on vinyl with 13 hot rockin' tracks!!!  (Witchcraft Records WCILP 106)

Don't wait too long, guess the vinyl version (500 pressed on virgin wax) will sell like hot cakes, check out your trusted record dealer or ebay!!

​DJ Wildgoner

The Planet Rockers

"The Return Of The Planet Rockers"

Witchcraft Records WCICD 106

Do you like to find out what happens when Rockabilly Wildman Bill Fadden teams up with Coffin' Nails member Steve "Humungus" Clark,  Rimshots (and ex-Torment) bass botherer Tony Biggs, Phil Morgan (of the Tennessee Rhythm Riders) and fiddle player Ben Walsh?  If you think about some great hillbilly with a touch of very early Country influenced Rockabilly, great Hillbilly and a touch of Bluegrass then you are absolutely right!  Having already one 45 out on the German Squoodge record label (sold out by the way) they've chosen one of Germany's finest vinyl labels for their second 45.  "I Stand And Cast A Lonesome Shadow" is a brilliant , moody and very haunting Hillbilly ballad, absolutely great!  Flip side also does not disappoint, a great uptempo Hillbilly/ Bluegrass number!  An amazing band, I love it!  Get your copy from Bjorn and Olaf at Migraine Records before they are all gone, limited press as always.

DJ Wildgoner

The Dangerous Curves

"I Cast A Lonesome Shadow/

Mixed Up Confussion"

​Migraine Records- Migraine Bop 021

Here we do have a hot one fellow kats and kittens!  This very young band from L.A. is one of the latest acts to record for Wild Records and I am gladd to admit that they do have a very own and powerful style of authentic 1950's Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll, they even included a few nice late 50's Teenage style ballads!  (one will make a great stroller by the way, guess you'll find out when listening).  Most of the 13 tracks were written by the band, their versions of Leon Mach's "You Hurt Me So" and Sir Cliff Richard's "Choppin' & Changing" are also top notch!  The album has an authentic and powerful sound, and the voice of the singer reminds me of Roy Orbison in his early days or Bob Luman when he was a true blue rockin' Hepcat.   I do not buy too many CD's for my own collection as I am a more of a vinyl guy but this one is a "must buy", even for me.  Absolute killer album with lots of koool Boppers, Strollers and Jivers!  Any German kats or kittens amongst our beloved readers??  You will have the chance to see the boys perform on the "Get Rhythm, Go Wild"  weekender in Southern Germany!  Check out the killer line-up of the weekender (one of my favorite weekenders by the way) on facebook:

The Downbeats

"A Wild Night With"

Wild Records CD


This is the vinyl version of John's latest CD album which came out in 2014.  It was a huge success on the rockin' scene and got some rave reviews (including one from me in September 2014, re-check it if you like!) , so it was high time for John to put this one out on some proper wax.  Lots of dance floor fillers on this album like "Flat Top Cat" which was dedicated to Mac Curtis or the jiving version of the Hank Williams classic "Please Don't Let Me Love You".   A great rockin' album with some excellent and cheeky songwriting (check out "6 Month Gone"), limited pressing of 500 copies by the way, so better be quick:

DJ Wildgoner

John Lewis & His Trio


Migraine Records- Migraine LP 001

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