Band Bio Info:

Band Name:  Al Dual

Location: Spain/ Arkansas

Band members:

Al Dual- Lead Guitar

Pepe Lee- Double Bass

Jesus Lopez- Drums

Santi Campillo- Pedal Steel Guitar

Booking contact:

Merchandise purchase info: Sleazy Records


How would you describe your style of music?

American Roots Music (Rockabilly, Western Swing, Finger Style)

How did you get into this style of music?

We encountered various techniques and styles during travel trips to the Southern USA

How did you come up with your band name?

In this case, the name of the band is my own.  We just started this year on our own.

What is the background of your band members?

My band is the same as used with Pike Cavalero, we are like one big family.

Who are they as individuals?

Pepe Lee, Jesus Lopez, Santi Campillo, Cracks!!!!

Where can people purchase your music and merchandise?

You can direct order from Sleazy Records or purchase at our concerts.

How long has your band been together?

Approximately 3 years.

What do you like the most about the Rockabilly scene?

The music from all of the current bands, it is the highest musical level!

Who are your music idols, who influences your music?

I could tell you and infinite list, so I identify more with the guitar of the 40's and 50's!  Everything that is done from the heart and technically well executed.

What future events do you have planned?

We plan to tour the US in January of the coming year along with Pike Cavalero.

Do your band members have day jobs or do they make their dime as professional musicians?

All live in the business of music, we are fortunate to be fully devoted to it.  We rehearse for concerts, practice and study music.

Do you or any of your band collect records?

We all are big fans of collecting, especially vinyl EP.

What is your most memorable experience at a concert?

The applause of the audience.  Also the connection between us and them, it is so exciting.

What was your funniest memory at a concert?

Sharing the stage with almost all bands of the Sleazy Record label at Rockin' Race Jamboree!

Is there anything that you would like to add about yourself or your band?

We are a band without fixed cliches.  Both Pike Cavalero and Al Dual.  We try to pigeon hole only a few styles.  We are quite eclectic in our music.

Last but not least, what makes this band tick?

I think the secret of a band is the constant trial and daily work.  We like to keep up with current developements and are able to adapt.

Al Dual, Spanish guitarist, composer, songwriter and performer.  Al began his musical path in the beginning self taught with classic Rock & Roll.  Over the course of years, by means of various influences, he traveled and mastered several techniques.  He developed a wide musical vocabulary with a marvelous ability to change between various styles flawlessly.  This will become quite useful for his own music as well as his collarborations as a session musician.  In 2002, Al traveled to the United States, more specifically to Nashville, Tn.  There he began to study the North American music roots.  The knowledge that he gained here improved his fingerstyle technique and Rockabilly guitar.  Very much focused on the world of composition in 2007, he decided to expand his musical education.  This started with the study of classic guitar.  Little by little, his focus began to be on composition and orchestration.  This was furthered by attending seminars and master classes with great cinema composers.  During these years, Al used his combined talents as an instrumentalist and composer to complete a series of works related to radio and tv production.  He also made some incursions into the world of film.  He has worked as a freelance guitarist for well renowned artists.  In 2011, Al became a solo guitarist for the band "Pike Cavalero" reaping continued success in and out of Spain.  He obtained several national and international awards and nominations.  "Just a Matter Of Manners" Best Album Rockabilly 2011 in Europe.  He has toured all over Europe and has taken part in many important festivals:  Rockabilly Rave/ Hemsby in the UK, Eight O' Clock Jump / Dream Fish Kustom in France.  Sbarbari Klan Hawaiian Party/ Rome Rockabilly Festival/ Get Rhythm in Italy.  Rockin' At The Drive-In Barn Festival in Holanda.  Big Rhythm Rumble in Germany.  The Rockin' Cruise in Palermo, Sicilia, Napoles, Rome.  Rockin' Race Jamboree / Rock The Joint/ Riverside Crazy Car Hop/ High Rockabilly/ Last Minute Festival/Tenerifes 50's Festival/ Deguello Festival/ Jingle Bell Rock Festival/ Desert Wind Festival/ Blues At Moonlight in Spain.  He recorded five phonographic works for Sleazy Records LLC (Malaga, Spain) and one more for the record company Migraine in Germany.  He also became a picker for one of the most prestigious bands in the European Rockabilly circuit, Tony Wilder recording for the Spanish label Sleazy Records.  

      Al Dual and The Luaus have recently released their first EP 7" 45 rpm for Sleazy Records, "Instrumental Surf & Rare 'n' Rockin".  At the end of 2014, Sleazy Records will release Al Dual's first solo album titled "Gentle Pickers".  This album is edited by Sleazy Records and on it, Al is accompanied by a marvellous team of musicians.  The instrumental songs on this record will showcase all of Al's influences in Roots Music.   Al has also appeared in such musical magazines like "Cutaway Guitar Magazine" and "Ruta 66".  He also appeared in a book titled "In-genios de Murcia" edited by AFADE and UNESCO.  Nowadays, he is an artist of the prestigious North-American Gretsch Musical Instruments Company. 

‚ÄčAl Dual