Band name:  Amber Foxx

Location:  Anaheim, Ca

Band members: Amber Foxx, Bobby Cavener, Tommy Harkenrider, Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague

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How would you describe your style of music?

We have a varied sound.  Everything from Rockabilly, Early Rock-N-Roll to ballad and blues tunes.

How did you get into this style of music?

When I met my husband in 1997, I was singing Traditional 60's Ska and Swing.  he played some Janis Martin and Marti Brom and I was in love!

How did you come up with your band name?

My name is Amber and I'm a Foxx!!

How long has your band been together?

We have had these band members for 6 years but we started over 12 years ago as Amber Foxx and the Felines, but that sounded too much like a girl band.

What do you like the most about the Rockabilly scene?

the friendships that I have made all over the world!!!  The scene is so diverse and I love traveling and meeting people from all over.

Who are your music idols, who influences your mursic?

Kay Starr influences my jazzy nature and Lorrie Collins and Janis Martin, Anita, Marti Brom are some of my favorite Rockabilly scene idols and influences.

What future events do you have planned?  

We hope to get out and play Europe in 2015.

Do your band members have day jobs or do they make their dime as professional  musicians?

Myself and my hubby Bobby (Bass Player)  both have full time jobs.  Tommy and sugarballs make their dough doing what they do best, making music.  

If day jobs, what type of work do they do?  

I am a sales consultant in the beauty industry and Bobby is a smarty pants, doing web design.  

Do you or any of your band members collect records?  

Who doesn't collect records in this scene?  YES, we love records.  I have been collecting since I was 16.  I would buy the albums just for the awesome vintage art work.  i have now had to move 1/2 the collection to the garage since I can't fit them into the house anymore.

If so, what do you/ they collect?  

Everything! You name it, I collect it!  Folk, Rockabilly, Jazz, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, and yes, lots of 80's.  I love to have my late night 80's dance parties in my living room.

What is your most memborable experience at a concert?

In 2008, I played the Rockabilly Rave in England.  I couldn't believe the amount of fans we had at this show.  They were lining up like crazy to buy our CDs and merch and to get my Autograph.  I felt like a Rock star and told myself to soak it all in.  I will never forget how kind everyone was.  It made me feel so special.  

What was your funniest memory at a concert?

In 1989, I went to see the band General Public.  I got my giant can of Aqua-nette hairspray confiscated.  They thought I could use it as a weapon.  Come to think of it, I probably could have.  .....

Is there anything that you would like to add about yourself or your band?

I wake up very thankful that I am able to travel the world making people happy with music.  Life is good!

Last but not least, what makes this band tick?

The Foxx!!!!

​Band Bio Info

Amber Foxx started her band with her husband and Upright Bass Player Bobby Cavener in Southern California back in 2002.  They had a steady once a week show at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, Ca.  Then at Viva Las Vegas 2003, Amber felt fortunate to be included in the Modern Stars of Rockabilly set with Charlie Thompson, Vicky Tafaya and Big Sandy.

Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague was included on Drums for some of the songs from her 2nd CD "HiFi Party" and Amber and Chris kept running into each other out and about.  At a fill in show Amber and Chris stated singing harmony together.  They realized that harmony like that is a rare thing so Amber asked Chris to be a permanent addition.  You can see Chris singing and playing Guitar for "The Outta Sites" and "Chris 'Sugarballs' Sprague & the 18 Wheelers" or drums for "Los Straightjackets" and "Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics".  

Amber was introduced to local guitar whiz Tommy Harkenrider as someone who is versatile enough to handle a set as varied as Amber's.  Tommy's talented take on blues and roots music have him students from France to Australia.  He can also be seen backing up anyone from local blues belters to musical great.  To keep up on where Tommy is playing or to request lessons,

Amber Foxx has recorded 2 CD's "Restless and Wild" (out of press) and "HiFi Party" and 2 EPs.  CDs and EPs are available on Amber's CD & EP page.  She is also included on the West Coast Ramble DVD Vol.3 and the "Havin' A Ball" DVD documenting the Rockabilly Rave from 2008.  

​Amber Foxx