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While lookin' at the cover of this hot little 45 some of you cheeky rascals out there might think "Oh, is this a Northern Soul 45?" No my friends, it's not.  First of all it's too well known for the Northern Soul crowd and second, it's a very good rockin' 45 in the style of the Georgia Peach, Mr. Little Richard.  Oh yes, Mr. Otis "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay".  Mr. Redding also had his roots in black Rock n' Roll like so many of the Soul singers from the 1960's.  This record came out on many labels like "King", "Orbit", "Bethlehem" and also, in the late 60's, on the German Polydor Record label.  
"Shout Bama Lama" sounds like Bunker Hill meets Little Richard in the early 60's, top track for me is "Fat Girl" which is an absolutely amazing hot stroller.  I know this 45 came out recently as an "Orbit" repro but the original is not so hard to find for a good price so try your luck kats n' kittens!

DJ Wildgoner

Otis Redding

"Shout Bama Lama / Fat Girl"

​German Polydor Nr. 59 179- Vinyl 45

"Blast From The Past"

This is the new one from this US three piece band.  The whole album was recorded live to analogue technique without any modern gadgets.  With this in mind, I thought that it could have a true 50's sound but this is not the case.  Don't get me wrong, it's a proper Rockabilly album and all of those who love the sound of the Blasters, Stray Cats or even the early Paladins will love their sound and style.  For myself it's a bit too modern but I guess that a lot of folks out there will dig this trio.  It's updated American Rockabilly but with no trace of Punk or modern day Psychobilly.  Interesting fact is that the Planet Rocker's Mark Winchester helps out on double bass on two of the tracks.  Check out their homepage on .  You can also find the boys on Facebook:

​DJ Wildgoner

Brian Baker & The Memphis Knights

"Rollerskate Baby"

10 Track CD album (Download available from

Okay folks, not exactly hot off the press as this killer album already came out in 2011!  Why the hell a review I hear ya' ask.  Oh, it's simple:  The Swiss boys are one of the hottest bands around when it comes to authentic Rockabilly and proper late 1950's Desperate Rock n' Roll and some of you lucky fellows over there in the States will see the boys tearin' up the stage at the coming Rockabilly Rave!  On the circuit for many years now, the band does provide a killer wild late 50's sound which the French Hepcats and Rockers describe as "White Rock".  Check out songs like the Johnny Burnette Trio style Bopper " Tax Payin' Blues", the wild instro sound of "Smoke, Chrome & Fire" or the top notch Rockabilly sound of "Plastic Bag".  When they are covering classics like "Uh-Oh", " Wear Out The Soles Of My Shoes", "Cottonpickin'", "I Got A Hole In My Pocket" or Bill Flagg's "Guitar Rock", you can be sure that their versions are always first class.  Do yourself a favor and get some of their stuff at your trusted record dealer.  They are one of my favorites for many years now and I'm sure you will dig them too!

​DJ Wildgoner

The Noisy Boys

"Out Of Gas?"

Crazy Times Records

​CTR CD 115

The second Mac Curtis CD on Part Records bring you more of the songs Mac recorded for Ronnie Weiser's label back in the 70's.  The complete Rollin Rock LP 016 ("Rock Me") plus a few 45 tracks, EP and compilation tracks.  As many of you know Mac was one THE idols in the English Rockabilly Revival of the 1970's and his trademark flat top haircut with the greased long sides was copied by the thousands.  As you can imagine I particularly like the wilder and more rockin' tracks on this compilation like "Ducktail" , "Turn Away From Me", "Grandaddy's Rockin'", "You Oughta See Grandma Rock" , "How Come It" , "How Long Will It Take", "If I Had Me A Woman", "Slip Slip Slipin' In" and the absolutely fantastic "Johnny Carroll Rock"!  For sure many of us cats do have the vinyl versions of the included songs already in their collection but I guess there are many out there who haven't.  Great booklet with liner notes by John Lewis, Mario Cobo, Junior Marvel, Pal Barrett, Kevin Fenell, Rock-Ola Jordi and this German guy with the name of DJ Wildgoner.​

​DJ Wildgoner

Mac Curtis

The Rollin' Rock Recordings Volume 2

Part Records PART-CD 692-002

This is already the third output by this new Austrian band.  They are delivering a style which will suit all you Hillbilly / Western Swing and Cowboy Jazz devotees out there.  The singer is not only very pretty but also has a very strong and powerful voice.  I had the pleasure of seeing the band a few weeks ago and I really liked their very authentic sound.  They had their debut 45 and album out on Rhythm Bomb, hopefully we will review that stuff in the month to come.  On this hot little dittie you'll get two self penned numbers: "Boom Boom" is a very catchy track but as I am not too much into the whole Swing Music thing by actual bands this one is not totally my taste.  I dig the Flipside "Garbage" a lot more, a fine uptempo Hillbilly number, also very catchy and one of the best songs they recorded so far.  This 45 is again strictly limited so better check your local record dealer before they are all gone.  My copy is a lovely green wax by the way.....

​DJ Wildgoner

Fia Sco & The Majestics

"Boom Boom / Garbage"

​Squoodge Records - 45 rpm vinyl record

Second 45 from the Doel clan, one of the UK's finest bands when it comes to authentic rockin' Hillbilly with a touch of Western Swing, Cowboy Jazz and of course, Rockabilly!  "Scream 'n' Bop" coincidences with the Screamin' weekender ( and is a killer Rockabilly Bopster, guess their wildest slice of pure Rockabilly so far.  Flipside is also a very kool one, this time in the style of the Western Swing/ Cowboy Jazz.  For sure a great 45 which will get lots of airplay from the DJ's.  Any of you guys and dolls out there goin' to the Rave will be able to see the Doel Brothers in action, they are playin' a set Thursday night and also backing Aussie Hepcat Scotty Baker!  What a treat....

​DJ Wildgoner

Doel Brothers

"Scream 'n' Bop/ I Left My wife In Las Vegas"

​El Toro Records ET 15.034- Vinyl 45

Great Gosh A Mighty what a killer!!!!!!  This hot little dittie is the first 45 Scotty recorded for Reb Kennedy's Wild Records and it's absolutely amazing.  Many of you lot out there will know what a great songwriter / performer he is and this 45 tops it all:  "Cheater" is a pure wild boppin' rocker with a frontman totally out of control, aggressive screamed out vocals, killer backing band and truly a Hepcat's delight.  "Secret Mistress" also is a dancefloor filler with it's hot strollin' beat and kool & sexy lyrics.  When Scotty did "Cheater" on his last year's Rave show I knew that this 45 will be a must have and boy was I right.  I LOVE this record, buy or die!!!

DJ Wildgoner

Scotty Baker

"Cheater / Secret Mistress"

​Wild Records Vinyl 45

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