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How would you describe your style of music?

We have many different styles that we try to integrate into Rockabilly.  For example, the entire band has a varied taste in music from Cumbia all the way to the Cramps, so we use many different rhythms in our music.  We promote ourselves mostly to a Rockabilly audience, so it is predominately Blues, 50's Rock n' Roll with hints of soul and of course traditional Rockabilly.  Our main goal is to move people and make them dance.

How did you get into this style of music?

As a young teenager I was into late 50's - early 60's Doo Wop/ Soul.  I spent a lot of time listening to Los Angeles disc jockey Art Laboe.  He played a lot of love songs on his radio show from the 50's - the 70's.  As I got older, I discovered Sun Records and became an instant fan of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and of course Elvis.

I remember the first time I heard Johnny Cash at age 15.  I was captivated by how simple and raw his songs were.  I was hooked!  I later discovered Wild Records and I knew Rockabilly music is what I wanted to play.


How did you come up with your band name?

When I started at Wild Records, I came in as a bass player.  I did not have a band.  I was very fortunate to have Omar Romero and his band to help me get a jump start and back me up for the first year that I was at Wild.  It was however Omar Romero of Omar and The Stringpoppers who came up with the name The Good Time Boys.  I really liked the name and felt pretty cool having one of my musical inspirations give his input.

What is the background of your band members?

Noah Martinez is the youngest of the group and has been playing guitar pretty much all of his life.

Derek Medina has been in bands since his late teens but he finally found a home with The Good Time Boys.

Alexis Demeza has been playing drums since his teens and has also played with several bands in Los Angeles.

Noah, Derek and Alexis used to be part of a group named the Hi Tone Boppers.  After the group had a falling out, they were in search of a band.  So naturally they hooked up and realized that they had something.  The rest is history!

Where can people purchase your music and or merchandise?

You can check out the Wild Records site at .

Or shoot an email to

How long has your band been together?

We had our first show on Halloween October 31, 2013.  So it's been a little over a year.

What do you like the most about the Rockabilly scene?

I love the common interest that we all share which is music and having a good time.  

We love to dance, we love to drink and we all love to hang out with pretty girls.  The Rockabilly scene is swarming with pretty ladies but most of all I love how universal it is.  Rockabilly is in every corner of the world!

Who are your music idols, who influences your music?

As a band, we all share similar idols.  We are all fans of Wild Records, the people who came before us and our current label mates.  (Dusty Chance and The Allnighters, Omar and The Stringpoppers, Chuy and The Bobcats, Luis and The Wildfires....)  But.... the biggest influence in our music is our friends, family and fans.  If you listen closely to our lyrics, they're all about going out and partying with our people!

What future events do you have planned?

As of right now we are booked to play in Holland at the Drive In Barn festival in August.  We are all very excited because it will be our first tour as a unit.  We look forward to recording and being able to travel the world sharing it with our audience!

Do your band members have day jobs or do they make their dime as professional musicians?

Derek works at a hospital assisting in the operating room, Alexis works at a mattress warehouse crunching numbers, Noah is a college student.  Bebo recently was dismissed from a pest control job, now he does music full time.

Do you or any of your band members collect records?

We all buy/ collect records but by no means are we avid record collectors!

What was your funniest memory at a concert?

This one time at Spike's Bar in Rosemead, California, we were all crowded around talking to a group of girls and one of these girls asked Derek our bass player if he had a girlfriend.  He wasn't interested so he said he had a girlfriend.  Literally minutes after that conversation,  Bebo introduced him on stage ..."On the Doghouse Derek Medina!!! and ladies...he is single!"

When out of the crowd, you hear that same girl scream  "BUT YOU SAID YOU WERE TAKEN!!! You Bastard!!!!"  It was pretty epic and we still have a nice laugh about it to this day.

Is there anything that you would like to add about yourself or your band?

We are all ambitious in the band and we hope to be able to take our music to you in your hometown!

Last but not least, what makes this band tick?

​The main thing is trust, we fight like brothers, and call each other out when one of us does something that we don't agree with.  However, we all respect each other.  We also have the same goal to have fun with our music and not take ourselves too seriously.  

Bebo and The Good Time Boys are a young gang of Rock n' Rollers based out of El Monte, Ca.  They have 3 releases on The Wild Records label.  "Let The Fun Begin" (full length album) , Wild Party vol2. (vinyl compilation) 2' 45's.  They are part of the new wave of acts on the Rockin' scene.  On a mission to make you shake your rear and stomp your feet!  

Band Members:

Bebo Garcia- vocals/rhythm guitar

Noah Martinez- lead guitar

Derek Medina- doghouse bass

Alexis De meza- drums

You can follow us on Instagram @beboandtheboys, on Facebook: Bebo Wild Records and see our record label

Bebo and The Good Time Boys