14 new belters from Marlene and the boys!  Without any doubt one of the best female fronted bands on today's rockin' scene and a firm favorite on the weekenders for some years now.  This album is a fantastic follow-up to their killer debut "Flipsville" 5 years ago.  Here you'll get 14 killer tracks of their heavily Blues influenced brand of late 50's and early 60's desperate Rock 'n' Roll sound with some Rockabilly thrown in.  Only three very well done covers on this album, one by Ray Pate and his Rhythm Rockets ("The Slide"), the kool Blues Rocker "I'm Satisfied" (Otis Rush) and "Traveling Free" by an artist who never existed with the made up name of Jerry J. Nixon.  Loads and loads of killer tracks to fill the dance floors worldwide.  An absolute top notch album if you dig your wild 'n' desperate Rock 'n' Roll on the bluesy side!  Any chance of having a vinyl version by the way??

DJ Wildgoner

The Rhythm Shakers


​Wild Records

This is the debut album of the Toronto based Millwinders.  No strangers to the rockin' scene, some of them played in several rockin' bands over the last few decades.  I would not call them an authentic Rockabilly band by any means, they do have a wider spectrum like Blues, Rhythm & Blues, lots of Country and even a bit of Bluegrass.  The sound is more up to date than 1950's and I think they are doing very well in the U.S. and Canadian scenes, they played at many Rockabilly and Blues festivals recently.  If you are looking for bands with an authentic Rockabilly sound, the Millwinders maynot be the right choice for you.  If you are an open mindind kat or kitten, you'll find some really good trax on this album.  I really dig the Patsy Cline styled songs done by the slap bass playing gal Sarah and their version of " My Heart Is Achin' For You"!  Check it out if you fancy some good traditional Country and Rhythm & Blues with a bit of Rockabilly thrown in.

​DJ Wildgoner

The Millwinders

"Ladies And Gentleman"

​Millwinder Records

The New York cats at their absolute finest!  As far as I know they had an album out many moons ago and this great mini album is their latest offering and I really love it!  Wild late 1950's Rock 'n' Roll mixed with proper Rockabilly and a great song dedicated to our favorite SUN Records country artist, Mr. Johnny Cash.  The songwriting is excellent, the songs are catchy and some of them will fill the dance floor easily!  Is there something to improve? Yes, I really would love to have a vinyl copy!  This EP is an absolute killer, you will play it again and again.  Buy or Die!​

​DJ Wildgoner

Rhythm Bound

"Let's Go!"

​5 Track CD EP

As far as I know this album (given to us at the fantastic New England Shake-Up) was the 2012 debut of this very talented authentic Rockabilly/ late 50's Rock 'n' Roll band from San Diego, California.  All but one of the 16 tracks were written by the band, great!  It's always great to hear a bunch of young hepcats taking the effort to write their own stuff instead of going for the obvious Sun Rockabilly stuff.  Some of the songs are aimed directly to the dance floor, so here you'll find some killer Jivers and Boppers.  What's the use of writing some brilliant material when it is not played by the Dj's at the record hops?  it's a great album with lots of variety, well done!  If you dig the new breed of Rockabilly Hepcats like the Desperados or Mark and The Wild Ones this must be on your shopping list!  Few days ago I heard their follow up EP recorded for Sleazy Records and this sounds even better!  These boys will have a great future on the rockin' scene, hopefully someone will bring them over to good ole' Europe very soon!

​DJ Wildgoner

​Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio

​"One Last Chance"

Holy Moly, for sure not the newest release but boy what a great one!  The last time that Ryan Cain's name turned up on my shopping list was when he recorded for Wild Hare Records as Ryan Cain & The Chaotics and I remember also diggin' that one a lot!  So what kinda style is it I hear you ask.  I would call it a perfect blend of authentic 50's Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly, with some Western Swing and 1950's Country songs thrown in.  The killer Burnette style Rocker " Yes Indeedy" was even used on the TV series "Supernatural"!  These guys got taste I have to admit.  I guess that this little dittie will be one of those bloddy albums that will stay in my mid-50's bakelite CD player for a very, very long time.  Ryan has got an amazing voice, a bit like one of my other favorite U.S. singers of nowadays, Mr. Jerry King (especially the wonderful "What Happened To Me" comes very close).  A truly amazing album with loads of first class self-written material, I love it!

​DJ Wildgoner

Ryan Cain and The Ables

"My Pistol Rides Shotgun"

​Record Reviews December 2014

​East Coast Rockabilly Central

This 45 has to be one of the best double sider killers in Rock 'n' Roll history.  The Ex-Blue Cap belts out his two ultra-hot strollers and is joined by the big pompadoured wildman himself, Mr. Esquerita!  This hot slab of wax was the first record of the NRC label, pressed by RCA and came out in the early part of 1958.  Both sides are played on the record hops worldwide and will easily fill the dance floor with hot strollin' kittens.  Without any doubt it's the best 45 Mr. Peek recorded:  Wild and savage Rock 'n' Roll at his very best.  This one shouldn't be hard to find in decent condition, happy hunting kats and kittens!

​DJ Wildgoner

Paul Peek

"Sweet Skinny Jenny/ The Rockaround"

​NRC 001 - Vinyl 45

Blast From The Past​

Oh boy, what a killer.  Wild late 50's style Rock 'n' Roll with an anuthentic sound which brings back the sound of Ricky Coine and Scotty McKay, he even covered their classic rockers "Evening Time" and "Rollin' Pin Mim"!  The album by this hot rockin' Boston Hepcat came out in 2008 but as you know we are only around for 8 months now, so it's a natural thing to give this killer CD a review as it was given to us at the New England Shake-Up.  Boston seems to be a good place for the wild 50's Rock 'n' Roll over the last 2 decades with guys like Jittery Jack, his first band the Ragin' teens (split up) and also the sadly missed Boston Racketeers.  This hot little dittie with many self-written songs rocks from start to finish in a frantic (and sometimes strollin')  pace and will also go down well with the new generation of U.S. cats digging the wild and authentic hepcat beat.  Johnny's also got another band with a different style of rockin' which we will explore in another issue of our montly online ramblings.  

​DJ Wildgoner

Madhouse Jump Fanzine mastermind Mr. Olaf Haspel treats us with this hot little dittie by a guy from London.  Many of you lot out there who went to the Hemsby Weekenders in the 90's will recognize this kool cat, Danny McVey.  I have not seen him for many years now and this, his first record, comes as a real surprise to me.  A most excellent rockin' Bopper, acoustic but very powerful, just a Hepcat and his guitar.  this very kool one-sided 45 should do very well on the dance floor.  Better be ultra-quick as there are only 150 copies around!  Check it out:


DJ Wildgoner

Danny McVey

"Crazy To The Bone"

​O-Ha Records (one sided vinyl 45)

Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins

"That's Life"

​Ropin' Records RR01