​It´s always great to see some new output from this Spanish Hepcat because you  know that you will receive top notch wax for your hard earned bucks. This time you´ll get two real gone tracks sung in Spanish. The topside “Ahora que lo tienes” is a great guitar rocker with frantic vocals, a kool one! “Mi nena pequeña“ was recorded with the help of “Del Prince”, a famous Spanish Doo Wop group. I guess many of you lot out there will know this track, because the original version was done by the Cleftones. Yes, my friends, “Little Girl Of Mine” is the track I´m talking about. But instead of the Cleftones version Pike used the later one by the Electras (which came out in 1966) for an inspiration. It´s a great 45 and worth to put in your collection!

DJ Wildgoner

​Black Patti

“No Milk No Sugar”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5805 – CD



 Okay folks, this is one that does not turn up on every corner. (but it´s not expensive either). Red and his band came from  New Zealand and in the late 50's and early 60's they recorded some rockin´ stuff for Audion and Zodiac. This hot little dittie is their best effort in my opinion because “DJ Blues” is a hell of a faster stroller. (But don´t play it in a middle of a stroll set or the girls will kill ya´.  It starts out slow before going into a full throttle stroll rhythm.  The flip isn´t too bad either, it´s a kool version of Tony Bellus risqué song “Robbin´ The Cradle”.  I like that version better I have to admit…Go get it or at least check it out on youtube.

DJ Wildgoner

Hey kats´n ´kittens, this is the second album from the Prague Hepcats  and what a killer it is!! I´ve seen these kats live several times and I have to admit that they are within the cream of the crop of the current rockin´ Hepcat scene! “Boozin´and Boppin´” makes an excellent starter for this album and sets the expectations really high for the rest to follow. The second track “Come on” makes a killer “desperate” Jiver, absolutely fantastic in my opinion! “Baby You And Me Are Through” is a kool bluesy Rocker, reminds me a bit of the Wild Records sound, top notch! You´ll find lots of self-written stuff on this hot 13 tracker but check out their versions of “Thunder & Lightning”, ”Rock & Roll Guitar” or “Trapped Love”(KILLER!!). These boys know how to put their own stamp on these classics without losing the feeling for the songs. ”Rattle Shakin´Mama” (own composition) is a first class stroller and really screams out to be on a 45, it´s a dance floor filler (I just found out it will be, available in April!) “Early Morning Blues” is another fabulous up-tempo Rocker with great guitar breaks. This album has a fantastic sound, it was recorded at the Black Shack Recording studio in lovely Calw (Black Forest, Germany) by the way. The catchy, mid-tempo “Let Me Stay All Night” has a strong R&B influence and comes complete with a rollin´ piano while the instrumental  “Tempest”  rocks in a  wild late 50's / early  60's style. “Ol´ Barn Stomp” is a great mid-tempo ´swinging´ Rockabilly number (strange description, I know folks, but check it out for yourself). “Why Did You Leave Me” makes a great mid-tempo Blues Rocker and the wild Blues Bopper “Get On The Train” (flipside of the new 45 mentioned above ) makes a perfect ending for this very strong offering from Twisted Rod. A superb album from the Czech Hepcats, very well done boys!!     DJ Wildgoner


​Yes folks, the kings of Teddyboy Rock´n´Roll are back with a brand new offering! Cavan was the first Rockabilly band I'd  seen on the telly back in 81' and I still like their sound and style of rockin´. They never became commercial in the 80's when every major label was signing a  Rockabilly / Teddyboy band and turned their sound into something completely different to please the record buying market (just check out some of the later tracks by Matchbox, Whirlwind or the Polecats and you´ll know what I´m talking about). They do have their own style and they stay true to it! This brand new album starts with a great cover of Mickey Gilley´s rocker “My Baby´s Been Cheating Again” followed by “Rattlesnake Daddy”. They even did another Mickey Gilley Rocker, the equally good “Drive-In Movie”! “Don´t Blame It On Me”, “Something Wrong With You”, “ What Will I Tell My Heart” , “Wo Ho-Ho-Ho” and “La La La” truly  shows their love for the sound of Mr. Fats Domino! “Smokey Joe´s” again is pure Cavan sound while “Drapes ´n´Drainpipes” is a fab early 60's style Teddyboy instro stroller, should do well in the Ted scene. ”Zing Zing” is a very well done cover of the Art Neville Rocker, you don´t hear that track very often nowadays by the way. The mid-tempo “Hush Your Mouth” was originally done by Bobby Marchan with Huey “Piano” Smith and His Band for Ace Records. Their version of Phil Flowers “No Kissing At The Hop” is a great one! As you can plainly see when looking at the tracks this CD is more Rock´n´Roll oriented than most of their previous albums but if you dig that belted out Teddyboy Rock´n´Roll check out “Little Miss Missguided”, their version of Jimmy Haggett´s “How Do You Do Me” or my own favorite number on this album “You Done Me Wrong, Domino”!  Lots of black Rock´n´Roll / Piano Rock´n´Roll influence on this album, different but good as always, you can´t go wrong with Cavan!

DJ Wildgoner​

​"Record Reviews February 16' "

​Sara Dee and the Foxhunters

“Have you heard the Gossip?“

Flipsville ‎– FVR240 - 8 track vinyl 10 inch

​“We Got Rhythm “

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5858 – 5 CD Box Set

​This is the debut of a brand new rockin´4-piece  band from Portugal. The members are no strangers to the rockin´ scene and played in other Rockabilly / Rock´n´Roll and Blues outfits before, maybe the best known of them are the famous Texabilly Rockets. Their influences range from authentic Rockabilly to Country, Blues and even some swingin´Jazz. So what we got here I hear you ask? The first track “Waitin´For You” makes a great and kool Bopper, “My Hot Rockin´Mama” is also first class, complete with screams and a wild guitar! “She Do The Bop” is not as wild but also should do well with the DJs (who use CD´s of course, nothing wrong about it!).  ”Lonesome Sinner Blues” has a bit of a jazzy feeling, complete with a trumpet and a rolling bass line. The mid-tempo Rocker  ”Let´s Howl At The Moon” takes the style back to Rockabilly, the same for “You Lose”.  “Hey Senorita” has a sleazy nightclub style to it, would work purr-fect  at a strip-club I guess. What better to follow that burlesque number with than their version of the Benny Joy classic “Miss Bobby Sox”? It´s a good version but in my opinion covered  a bit too often. If I am not wrong the Portuguese boys are the first rockin´ band to cover the Western classic “Gunfight At O.K. Corra l”, not a bad offering! They did a great job in covering the Mike Waggoner  & The Bops “Baby, Baby”.  “Can You Feel The Motor Running” stays on the up-tempo side of rockin´ music. The acoustic  sounding “Even The Blues Don´t Want To Get Along With Me” has a strong 1940's Western Swing feel to it.  It´s a fine 12 track album with different rockin´ styles and an authentic sound.  If you are open minded to other rockin´ styles apart from wild Rockabilly then check´em out!  Did I mention that they are playing at the Rave, really looking forward to their gig!    DJ Wildgoner

​A.J. & The Rockin´ Trio

“Howlin´At The Moon”

Rhythm Bomb Records CD Pre-View (No CD Cover yet!)

"Blast From The Past"

​Crazy Cavan ´N` The Rhythm Rockers

“The Real Deal”

Crazy Rhythm Records CRCD16


​Pike Cavalero

“Ahora que lo tienes / Mi nena pequeña „

Sleazy Records 7 inch vinyl 45

​"East Coast Rockabilly Central"

​Most of the output from the top rockin´ German label Rhythm Bomb Records is Rockabilly, Rock´n´Roll or related.  In my opinion it´s not a bad thing for a label (or an artist) to look back to the decades before  Rock´n´Roll  / Rockabilly was invented.  Peter Crow C  (vocals, guitar and harp) and  Ferdi “Jelly Roll” Kraemer (vocals , guitar and mandolin) formed Black Patti in 2011 and they do play a very authentic pre-war Country Blues which you will not find on every corner. They are both from Munich; Germany (one is from Holledau, north of  Munich to be precise).  I´m not an expert on this kind of music, of course I know some early stuff by artists like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson or similar.  The sound of the recordings are amazing, you feel that the harmony between these two artists is spot on.  Lot´s of great up-tempo stuff and some haunting ballads on this amazing and very different release.  No traces of 60's / 70's Hippie Blues /Blues Rock here, this is the real stuff in the style it was played between the two world wars.  It´s also available on vinyl because this format is doing the style of the music more  justice in  my humble opinion, check it out for yourself. (http://black-patti.de/).   DJ Wildgoner


​Blast From The Past

Red Hewitt & The Buccanneers

“DJ Blues / Robbin´The Cradle”

Audion Records A4

​First of all, you won´t find this set on the Rhythm Bomb Records website anymore. It´s a limited edition but you should be able to find a copy on the world wide web without any problem. So what we got here. It´s a KILLER overview on the whole  Rhythm Bomb Records cataloque, so here you´ll find the cream of the current rockin´scene like the Lonesome Drifters (new album hopefully out very soon!), Carolina & The Rhythm Rockets, Marc & The Wild Ones,  Ruby Ann, Bird Doggin´ Daddies, Shadowmen, Twisted Rod, Roundup Boys, Spo-Dee-O–Dee, Mad Men, B and the Bops, Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes, Lil´ Mo & The Dynaflos, Lily Moe, Broadkasters, Playboys ,Rip ´Em Ups, Kieron McDonald and many more. As you already know, most of the bands on Rhythm Bomb Records do play an authentic style of Rockabilly, Rock´n´Roll, R&B, Hillbilly or Western Swing (okay, there also is some Surf and Instro Rock´n´Roll). On the other hand you got some more modern sounds, which I´m not too keen on. So four of the five CD´s include same tracks which are not to my taste at all, (you can figure out for yourself when listening to the box set &;-) ), CD number 4 is dedicated only to the authentic sound (“Rock Bop Baby”). All in all, a very good overview on the current rockin´ scene and the Rhythm Bomb Records stable of stars. Highly recommended to all of you kats´n´kitttens who do not  already own a massive stock of recordings from this fine rockin´ label, you´ll find many of my favorite bands there!!.   DJ Wildgoner

​Twisted Rod

“Boozin´ And Boppin´”

Rhythm Bomb Records  CD Pre-View 

​This amazing young band with great female vocals comes from Gothenburg, Sweden. As far as I know this is their debut and it´s a stunning one. Their style is very authentic, think about some early rocked up Hillbilly, a bit of  wild Rock´n´Roll and some classic Rockabilly and you got it. The swinging Country Boogie sound of “Datin' ” for example could be taken straight out of one of those Hillbilly Boogie compilations from the late 80's, same for ”What Shall I Do” and the great “Truck Drivin' Jenny”.  There is a great blend of excellent self-written numbers and very well done covers.  Just check out their version of Billy Brown´s “Have You Heard The Gossip” or Sparkle Moore´s killer rocker “Rock-A-Bop”.  I guess Faron Young would have been very proud of their cover of “Honey Stop”. Their version of the Moonlighters “Rockin´ On My Guitar” is absolute KILLER!! I also dig the last song, “Ain´t Got A Worry” with its excellent mid 50's Country sound complete with a rollin´ piano. I guess it´s not rocket science to say that this band will have a very big and bright future on the rockin´scene and that they soon will be a household name at the big festivals worldwide. EXCELLENT, I LOVE IT!!!!!       DJ Wildgoner