TT Syndicate
"Seven Veils / Baby Baby Baby“
Migraine Records

Migraine Bop 026 - 45

"East Coast Rockabilly Central"

​Here we have the latest offering from this top Rockabilly / Rockin´ Blues band from Calw, Southern Germany. It´s truly a great album with different styles like proper 50's style Rockabilly, rockin´ & boppin Blues plus late 1950's style Rock´n´Roll. Some of the tracks will remind you of Marlene and her Rhythm Shakers; singer Annie Leopardo has a brilliant voice which fits both wild Rockers and smooth ballads. Mr. Marc Valentine (of Marc and the Wild Ones fame) is the guest singer on the wild rockin´ Jiver “You Got Me Rockin´” (you also can find this track on our beloved youtube). There´s another very nice duet track called “In The Night”, this time Mr. Johnny Trouble joined Annie for this Johnny Cash styled track. The title track “Ice Cold Whiskey” reminds me very much of “I Want Candy” recorded by the Strangeloves in the mid 60's (check out their original version of the Jerry Lee smasher “I´m On Fire”, youtube will help). It´s a great Bo Diddley inspired track and rocks like hell. “Pazza Di Te” is a great and wild Italian jiver that will do well at the record hops. Their cover versions of Bill Morrison's ”Set Me Free” and Joyce Green's ”Black Caddilac” are brilliantly done and their ultra wild version of “Rock´n´Roll Tonight” by Hazel Adkins is truly one of the highlights on this album: Wild lo-fi sound, wild slide guitar and vocals plus the wild harp of the fantastic Mr. Dynamite White! It´s a killer album with lots of variety goin´on, they are one of my favourite bands from Southern Germany! 

DJ Wildgoner


​Another record hop hit for Migraine Records, without a shadow of a doubt! “Coola Boola Bop” is one of those authentic sounding Rockabilly Boppers which are strictly aimed for the dance floor and the cohorts of boppin´ kats ´n´ kittens. On the flipside you´ll find a very good version of the James Mask's Hillbilly Bopper “Beer Drinkin´Daddy”. All in all a killer debut 45 by this sharp dressed hepcat from Portugal. Remember fellow felines, this record is limited to 500 copies so better be quick because Migraine Records always sell out very fast.

DJ Wildgoner 

Dick Dale
“Secret Surfin´Spot & Surfin´And A-Swingin´”
Capitol Records 45-50044

​Yes my friends, this time we have a nice slab of surfin´Rock´n´Roll from the early 60's. This record was the soundtrack to one of the many beach movies from the period, this one was called “Beach Party”- Okay, most of the music in these films wasn´t too rockin´ but some tracks really were outstanding for the time they were released. “Secret Surfin´Spot” is an excellent Rock´n´Roll jiver, a few DJ´s already have this one in their set list when it comes to wild early 60's Rock´n´Roll. Good thing about this 45 that it is easy to find and does not set you back a king's ransom. Flipside “Surfin´And A-Swingin'" isn't bad either, also a good uptempo rocker, but topside´s boss!! DJ Wildgoner




Jazzman / Popcorn Records

​February 17' Reviews

​Brand new 45 by the Aussie guitar wizard Pat Capocci and his band. This shiny piece of wax is also the second release on Ruby records. Ruby Ann and Tom Ingram are the masterminds behind Ruby Records and again the quality of the pressing is top notch, also great cover artwork. “Coming In Hot” is a fantastic and wild Rock´n´Roll Jiver that will do very, very well with the DJ´s worldwide. Flipside is also in the highest league, this time the Blues Boppin´crowd will be in for a treat! You absolutely can´t go wrong with this hot little dittie so grab a copy before they are all gone.

DJ Wildgoner

​This one´s a great re-issue 45 with two songs, which were released on two different 45s on the Columbia Records label. The original 45s are hard to find because of the fact that besides the rockin´scene these tracks are also very popular on the Popcorn and Northern Soul scene. “Red Lips” is a truly fantastic stroller that packs the dancefloor on the rockin´scene for quite some time now and despite the orchestral backing it´s simply a killer track (again, find it on youtube). “Mr. Oracle Of Love” reminds me a bit of “Sway” by the King of Kool himself, Mr. Dean Martin. Marty was only 18 years old when he recorded the tracks and his voice range was amazing. Northern Soul, Popcorn, Dean Martin?? What is this guy talking about? Okay, this review may sound strange to some of you but check out “Red Lips” and soon this record will be on your wantlist, I bet my bottom dollar…..

DJ Wildgoner


​Booze Bombs Ice Cold Whiskey

Part Records 378.012 LP

​Hot from the press comes the latest offering by Portuguese outfit TT Syndicate. The style of the band is a mix of late 50's and early 60's R&B and black Rock´n´Roll and a bit of Exotica. Listening to the brilliant stroller “Seven Veils” makes me think of Betty Page dancing in a nightclub in Teheran in 1962 and the wild rockin´ jiver “Baby, Baby, Baby” brings artists like Little Ike, Joe Tex, Kid Thomas or Barrence Whitfield back to my mind. Both tracks are also aimed for the dance floor and this hot little piece of wax is (in my opinion) their best offering so far and limited to 700 copies. Anyone of you rockin´ lot out there fancy a trip to lovely Stuttgart end of December? Then you can see the boys in action at this years´ “Let´s Get Wild” festival.

DJ Wildgoner


​"Blast From The Past"


Portuguese Pedro
"Coola Boola Bop / Beer Drinkin´Daddy”
Migraine Records

Migraine Bop 025 – 45


​Pat Capocci
“Coming In Hot / Burn It Down Baby”
Ruby Records RR45 – 102