"Gene Gambler & The Shufflers"

Band Name:   Gene Gambler& the Shufflers
Location:         Cardiff / Swansea South Wales Uk

Band Members:
Front man/ Rhythm Guitar :       David ( Gene Gambler ) Williams,
Drums/ Backing Vocals:               Mark Kemlo
Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals:      Robert Nedin
Double Bass/ Backing Vocals:     Tony Biggs
Piano/ Harmonica/ Vocals:          Billy Lee Williams
Booking Contact:
Mark Kemlo:        
mkemlo@hotmail.co.uk  / facebook: Mark Kemlo.... 
                           Tel: +44(0)2920319443 / mobile: +44(0)7976295938
Alternative address:     
genegambler@hotmail.com /  facebook: Gene Gambler
Merchandise purchase info:       Contact Mark on above email address for details....

How would you describe your style of music?
Rockin plain and simple...whether it's Rock n Roll / Rock a Billy / Blues...it's all Rockin..

How did you get into this style of music?:
David: Grew up listening to the records that his father Trevor Williams played as a DJ...Trevor was a well respected DJ around Wales who had an extensive collection of vinyl .
David would spend hours sat in the front room at home with his Father listening to all the records he had bought,,,Sun Records featured highly in his collection, in fact David's father was know as Trevor ' Sun Sounds ' Williams Due to his penchant for spinning Sun Records at his Hop's...
Mark: As a young kid around age 6, I saw the film Rock Around The Clock, this had a profound effect on me, hearing the music in the film turned me onto Rock n Roll,,
When my birthday came round my Mother asked me what I wanted to buy with my Birthday money that I had received...I said ..." I want to buy a Bill Haley and the Comets Record "... She took me shopping and I came home with Two LP's of Bill Haley and his Comets....From then on I would keep looking and listening for more Rockin music...Then I found like minded friends into the music and then started to play the drums, and join a band...
Robert: Grew up listening to his parents records, became an Elvis fan and as soon as he had left School and started work he saved up to make the trip to Memphis to see Gracelands..
Tony: As a teenager Tony heard Rock n Roll on the Radio, when he started work the older guys at his works lent him some records to listen to, which then expanded his knowledge and fueled his thirst for more of the same, he then started to collect vinyl and now has a handsome collection of music covering various genres of the music from Country /Hillbilly / Rock n Roll, Rock a billy / Blues,..Latterly Tony has published books on the music using photo's and memorabilia from his personal collection...
Billy Lee: Is the son of David  ( Gene Gambler ). He has still a teenager and has grown up listening to the music his father and Grandfather have been playing,,,so has absorbed all the styles of the music from Rock a Billy to Blues,.
As a very young kid he showed an aptitude for playing the drums, then he took to the piano, and then followed with the harmonica. he started guesting with the band as a very young lad and at around twelve years of age started to play more regularly and is now a fully integrated member.

How did you come up with your band name?:
Each member of the band wrote down a name, all the names were put into a hat, shaken up and a name was drawn out of the hat...

What is the background of your band member?:
David: Before the formation of Gene Gambler & the Shufflers David had never been in a band.He was asked if he would like to sing by Mark and Rob who were looking to form another band.
Mark: Prior to the forming Gene Gambler & the Shufflers Mark was one of the founder Members of The Rimshots.. with the Rimshots members starting to pursue other projects, Mark got together with Robert ( also a founder member of The Rimshots ), and discussed the formation of a new band. they approached David for the job of fronting the band.
So Mark, Rob and David together with their first bass player Martin Ace ( formerly of Man Band )the first incarnation of Gene Gambler & the Shufflers was formed. 
Robert: Rob's first band in Swansea was called The Bus Boys, he went on to play with another band called Five flights Up, until early to mid 1980's became along with Mark one of the founder members of The Rimshots.
Mark, Rob and the first bass player and also founder member Alan Mayers along with Paul Berman the first singer founded The Rimshots. a short while later adding John Lewis to the line up. 
Tony: Tony has a long history with bass playing, having been a member of Torment, and Bristol Rock n Roll Band The Firebirds. Tony was recruited into The Rimshots following Alan leaving the band and continued to play for many years...
Following Gene Gamblers second Bass Player Martin Ford leaving the band Tony was asked to join, and so the current line up was sealed, albeit Billy was still a very young lad at that time so wouldn't be featured till much later.
Billy Lee: As a very young lad Billy was given a kids drum kit as a present, his father took it along to a gig that the band were playing, ( a friends wedding party ), the little drum kit was set up on the floor in front of the stage area in front of the band.  towards the later end of the two sets that the band performed that night young Billy guested on a few songs... so good was he that Mark put down his sticks and folded his arms to prove to the audience that it was just Billy playing the drums,,,He never missed a beat..!
He then started to learn piano, ( self taught ), and the band started to have him get up towards the end of their sets to play key board to a few songs, and before long he became a fully fledged member of the band, adding Harmonica to his arsenal of instruments..

Who are they as individuals?:
Foremost a great bunch of friends, also mostly family members since Billy is David's son, and Robert is brother in law to David, making him of coarse Billy's uncle.
Mark and Tony are not related to either themselves or the rest of the band...

Where can people purchase your music and or merchandise?:
Either direct from the band at any of their gigs, or form record dealers that attend the festival and clubs. or by contacting the band: mkemlo@hotmail.co.uk / genegambler@hotmail.com

How long has the band been together?:
Since around year 2000, 15 years

What do you like most about the Rockabilly scene?:
It's one great big family, no matter where you find yourself in the world, you may come across someone who is into the music and you have a kindred spirit, you will always have friends wherever you go...

Who are your music idols, who influences your music?:
This is a big list too many to mention, and many and varied,,, Bill Haley, Elvis, Hank Williams, Howlin Wolf, Gene Krupa Buddy Rich, Earl Palmer, Cliff Gallup, Scotty Moore, Connie Guybo.....Yada Yada Yada !!!
What future events do you have planned?:
To continue to promote the band as much as possible, playing both locally , and further afield, at festivals...The Atomic June 2016 also backing Marcel Bontempi..

Do your band members have day jobs or do they earn their dime as professional musicians?:
Day jobs

If Day jobs, what type of work do they do?:
David:      Self employed painter and decorator
Mark:       Works for a local building maintenance and handy man services/ Electrician.
Rob:          Postman
Tony:        Works in the printing trade
Billy Lee:  School 

Do you or any of your band members collect records?:
David: Has a pretty extensive collection having done some DJing himself, but also following the sad loos of his father a couple of years ago he now has inherited all of his fathers collection.
Tony: Has been an avid record collector for many years and has a pretty extensive collection,

If so, what do you/ they collect?:
David:  Sun Rock n Roll Rock a Billy, Rhythm n Blues, Doowop,
Tony: You name it he collects it, from country/ western swing to rhythm n blues, to Rockabilly and rock n roll...Get him started on the vinyl and he's away, Label by label....