Dusty Chance & The Allnighters


Wild Records 2 CD set

(limited edition)

Without a doubt Dusty Chance is one of the best pure Rockabilly artists on Reb Kennedy's Wild Record label.  For all you kats and kittens who missed Dusty's "Savage" album when it first came out, here is the second chance for you lot!  13 tracks of top notch primitive and authentic 1950's Rockabilly at it's very best!  As a bonus the kind folks of Wild Records have thrown in another CD with 14 killer demos and outtakes by Dusty and the boys and all for the price of a single CD!  If you've never heard of Dusty Chance and don't have his songs in your collection do yourself a favor and get this stunning 2 CD set, it's killer!  The song "Savage" will please all the millions of Fabian fans by the way.........

Oh boy, what a kool 23 tracker with artists like the fabulous Ryan Cain (then with the Chaotics), Hillbilly Dave, Jerry King, Roc Larue, Pat Cupp, Billy Adams, Amber Lee, Garnet Hearts and many other well-known artists from the rockin' scene.  All songs do have one thing in common: The guitar was played by Dave Moore, founder of the sadly missed Wild Hare Records label.  Over the years many artists made fabulous recordings in Dave's New Hope recording studio in West Virginia before dave's life changed and he moved to Sweden.  If you've never heard about Wild Hare Records or do have their recordings I'm sure you will find many first class Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll and Country/Hillbilly songs on this hot CD!  Some of my favorites?  Dave himself with "I Do What I Want When I Want" and the Blues Bop of "Anna Irene", Jerry King's "Long Haul Trucker", Amber Lee with "Uptown", Buck Stevens with "Be Bop Gal" plus the haunting ballad "I Pretend" by Sun Rockabilly legend Vernon Taylor.  A great CD that gives ya' a brilliant overview of Dave's work over the years.​

Guitar For Hire

"A Rockabilly Journey"

Star Records/Sweden

​TSR 3140-CD

Allright.....first to mention that the overall sound of the band is not exactly to my taste, it's modern day Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll, the catchy "May Day" for example brings Irish artist Imelda May to my mind.  BUT....having said that, there are some very kooooool tracks on this album which are done in a late 50's and early 60's Bluesy Rock 'n' Roll style, not too far away from the sounds Wild Records delivers.  "When I'm With You" for example is one of these catchy numbers that also could do well at the hepcat circuit.  "Bumble Bee", the old Lavern Baker classic, stays true to the early 60's style of rockin' R&B.  A great version by the way with cool Rockabilly guitar licks.  "Won't Be Told" is a great  Blues Bopper complete with harp playing.  Their version of "Saved" is absolute killer, wild and demented Gospel Blues Bop at it's very best.  I have to admit that I really do like some of the songs on the album.  Some absolute killer tracks here, even for a more single minded hepcat like me.  Check it out!

Screamin' Rebel Angels

​"Hitch Hike"  CD

January '15 Record Reviews​

East Coast Rockabilly Central​

This is the 14 track debut by a hot new band from Washington, DC.  These guys deliver a 1950's style Rockabilly/Rock 'n' Roll and Country sound, they even give ya' a bit of Blues with "Down In The Alley" and "It's Love (24 Hours A Day)".  Their sound is a bit more polished, it is not the raw and very authentic sound most of the European Rockabilly bands are going for.  Five tracks were written by the band, "Wait A Minute, Baby", "Conscience To The Wind" are my favorites here.  Not quite sure why the guys covered Marc Bolan's "Jeepsters", the Polecats tried their luck with this one in the early 80's (and yes, you've guessed it, I don't like that number....)  Anyway, a good debut album from a band to look out for in the future.  Why don't you check their website at www.fourstarcombo.com and find out more about the boys, maybe they are playing in a town near you!

Four  Star Combo

"Wait A Minute Baby"

​Man-O-Man Records 001-CD

Bloodshot Bill

"So Blue"


Jittery Jack

"Gone Plum Crazy"

​Wild Records CD

Holy Moly, good ole' Tommy Roe really recorded something special way back in 1964 when proper Rock 'n' Roll wasn't so easy to find anymore.  His version of the Chuck Berry tune rocks like hell and it never fails to pack the dancefloor!!  Check it out on youtube:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fCEOTxf1Tw but forget about the flipside called "Be A Good Little Girl", not rockin' at all, 60's Teen Beat.......

​DJ Wildgoner

Tommy Roe​


​ABC Paramount 45-10543

​Blast From The Past

Killer album from Bloodshot Bill, the original Rockabilly Bad Boy!  And boy, there are so many recordings around by this guy I'll bet in 20 years from now there will be a 40 CD box set with all his early works on Bear Family Records!  14 hot rockin' tracks done in a period perfect sound are waiting to be played in your authentic bakelite CD player:  some wild killer Rockabillies done in a raw and primitive mid 50's style, other's are more in a relaxed Country Rockabilly style, the overall sound reminds me of labels like Sarg or Meteor.  The tracks were recorded at SIN Studios in Montreal, QC and they really did an excellent job in delivering the period perfect sound that is needed to capture the primitive rawness of our music.  In my opinion a killer album, I love it.  Check out this krazy kat on www.bloodshotbill.com and buy some of his stuff, you won't regret!

​This hot little dittie came out a few years ago and was the first solo album by Jittery Jack after the Raging Teens split up.  If you've bought his latest offering on Rhythm Bomb you also must get this one, I tell ya'.  Twelve tracks of top notch authentic Rockabilly and late 50's style Rock 'n' Roll from the wild side.  Like on his recent album the stunning guitar work was supplied by Miss Amy Griffin, she also was with the Raging Teens by the way.  You won't find a single weak track here, there are excellent strollers and jivers!  Great authentic hepcat style rockin' by one of the best bands on the current US circuit!