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How did you get into the Rockabilly music scene?

J.G.- I'm not really good at being in one scene really but I do love American Rock 'n' Roll and where it comes from.  I am in love with our culture, people and music and that goes double for early to mid century style.  When I love something, I find ways to support it.  That is what brought me into booking and promoting shows.

What gave you the idea for the Nashville Boogie?

J.G.- I had been thinking of the concept for a few years now.  I felt like we needed something in this region to tell the mid century sound from the Southern perspective.  Rockabilly pretty much comes from this region as well as most of the Blues and Country.  It is only natural to tell that story.  It all came together for me when I was leaving the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender in 2014.  I thought up all the specifics of where the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender should be and what I wanted to do with it.

You are known for Muddy Roots, what are the differences and similarities to the Boogie?

J.G.- Muddy Roots is what started it all for me.  I actually host 3 versions of the Muddy Roots Music Festival.  Muddy Roots Spring Weekender which is a small underground event in Indiana where we don't announce the lineup until the folks show up.  You can expect Country, Blues, Folk type stuff.  Muddy Roots Europe is our next event held in Belgium at the Cowboy Up Saloon annually.  This is a smaller version of our Tennessee festival which is the daddy of them all.  Located in the middle of nowhere Cookeville, Tn where we can be left alone to enjoy our music.  This event is purposely designed to muddy up the lines of all genres and focuses on independent artists and legendary legacy acts.  You'll see Bluegrass, Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Folk and everything in between.  All three are camping festivals and all three have limited tickets for sale.

  The Nashville Boogie is the polished version of what we do.  Just as bands back in the day toured the countryside from town to town to play fairs with the hopes of coming to the big city to stages like the Grand Ole Opry, we hoped to do the same.  We made it to the Opryland Hotel Resort which is a massive 2,881 room property built like a bio dome.  It is upscale but they give our attendees a $100 discount on the rooms.  It is air conditioned and weather proof.  We even have an indoor car show.  We also won't limit tickets to this event.  We will let it grow as big as it can without compromising brand.

Is there a possibility for international bands in the future?

J.G.- Always!  I book many international bands each year for all events.  Bloodshot Bill is coming from Canada for the Nashville Boogie.  

Do you forsee a 50/50 mix of Country/Roots and Rockabilly music?

J.G.- I see much more of a mix than that but I will keep a majority of it close to a 1940's - 1950's Country Western and Vintage Rock sound.  

Have you had any major challenges while organizing this event?

J.G.- I do it all by myself so that can be a bitch.  I reinvest all money made and do most of the work myself or with the help of volunteers and friends.  A paid staff would be nice.  The bigger bitch is money.  We don't have big sponsors to pay for stuff.  The Boogie will get some but we designed the other events not to be marketable.  You can't put a banner on our Muddy Roots stage, it is simply not for sale.

Where do you see the Nashville Boogie in the future?

J.G.- It's going to take the hell off.  I've designed it that way.

How did you come up with the Wine on the Rails?

J.G.-The Nashville Wine On The Rails is another event I host where we folks can ride a restored 1950's train to a winery while sampling wine and listening to period correct music from folks like Woody Pines.  Vintage attire is strongly encouraged but not mandatory.  The train is owned by the Tennessee Central Railway Museum.  They host the trip quarterly.  My wife and I rode the train once and got to put on our favorite travel suit and dress.  We were the only folks on the train that way.  Everyone was asking us why we were dressed up.  We thought that was what you did back in the day when you were heading out on a train excursion.  It was decided then that we would charter the train and add music to it.  Now it is an international attraction.

Who are your favorite bands?

J.G.- This changes hourly.  This week it is The Cactus Blossoms, Dana Sipos, Pachuco Jose, Tool and Eagles of Death Metal.

Do you have any favorite songs?

J.G.- Too many of them.

What weekenders and shows do you like and or plan to attend?

J.G.- I try to go to as many as I can.  This year I have gone to Viva Las Vegas, Heavy Rebel Weekender, Jazz Age Preservation Ball, Uncle Dave Macon Days & The Voodoo Hoodoo.

Given the enormity of and the thought put into the car show, it begs to question: Do you have a classic car and if so, what kind?

J.G.- Every time I go to buy a car I decide to book a band instead.  Although I'd like to change that in 2016.  I do however have an old Shasta canned ham camper that I love.

If not, what would you like to have?

J.G.- An early Cadillac, Lincoln or T-Bird.  Something along those late 50's to early 60's models.

Now, for the all important question...Miller, Pabst Blue Ribbon or Budwieser?

J.G.- I prefer local brews or Old English.

Is there anything that you would like to add about yourself or the Nashville Boogie or both?

J.G.- I'd like folks to know about the Muddy Roots & Roots Union record labels.  I put out music on CD and vinyl for both every month.  The styles range from Bluegrass to Punk Rock.  You can find a 7" split of Wanda Jackson with Headcat which is Lemmy from Motorhead's Rockabilly band.  We also released a single by The Sonics from their new album on a 7" a year ago split with Mudhoney.  Up next is Woody Pines new self titled album coming out in May.  He recorded the Nashville Boogie song for us which we pressed on the postcards and mailed them to promote the weekender.  All our events and records are at www.muddyrootsrecords.com

In closing, I hope to see many of you in Nashville.  This promises to be a great weekender and a lot of fun.  Keep an eye out for our write up about the first Nashville Boogie Weekender.

​Jason B.


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Jason & Katie Galaz

    This will be no ordinary east coast event.  The hotel is a work of art and is pretty much a city within itself.  There will be a bit of something here for everyone if you are into mid century roots music.  You can look forward to hearing Blues, Rockabilly, Country Western and a bit of Hillbilly and anything else that would classify as roots. The car show has already grown so large that it can no longer be contained within the building itself.  It has now been given space outside as well.  Apart from classic cars, you will also be treated to the vintage beauties in the Pinup contest.   Without further adieu, on to the interview........

        For those of you who don't know who Jason Galaz is, let me clue you in.  Jason Galaz is not only a true music lover but is also the mastermind behind Muddy Roots and the newest weekender on the block... "The Nashville Boogie".   I have been talking back and forth with this real cool cat for some time now and watching as this event has been taking shape.  Jason is one hard working guy as he takes on the enormous responsibility of doing all of this on his own.  I have had the pleasure of conducting an interview with him and I am more than eager to share this with you.  This event is taking place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort Hotel in Nashville, Tn.  This is going to be one massive event and looks to have an outstanding line up for the first year.  ​​

​Jason Galaz​