The Chancellors   

​        "Jenny Jenny/ My Girl"

          ​Elite Special F 4021

The first time I heard about this band was way back in the 80's when I bought an album compiling the Rockin' tracks from Elite Records in Switzerland.  There was nothing outstanding on this album, just 3-4 good tracks, one by a group called the Chancellors. Their 45 came out in 1963 and was the Flipside of thir version of "Jenny Jenny" which for my taste is spoiled by the bloody organ in the background.  The Flipside "My Girl" is a real killer rocker in the good old "Dance Franny Dance" style of the early 60's, when some of the later to become Rock and Beat bands cut some outstanding Rock n' Roll recordings.  Here in good ole' Europe "My Girl" packs the floors of many top record hops and I would advise ya' strongly to add that one to your collection as soon as possible.

DJ Wildgoner

Blast From The Past

Michael Hurtt and his  band brings you another winner here:  All 4 tracks are from their highly recommended second album on Allons Records called "Struck With The Blues."  They have created their own style, the "Lonesome Sound",  blending their authentic Rockabilly style with Country, Honky Tonk and Hillbilly Blues.  They were one of the best bands at this years "Let's Get Wild" New Year's Eve party in Stuttgart, southern Germany, and made many new fans there.  The four tracks on this hot 45 are just great and the moody and haunting "Struck With The Blues" describes their very own style just perfectly.  "Searching for shadows" plus "You Don't Have To Tell Me that The Night Is Long" are also top notch.  The same goes for their version of the old bill Browning favorite "Breaking Hearts".  A great EP on good old wax by one of the leading US bands on the current rockin' scene.

DJ Wildgoner

Michael Hurtt and his Haunted Hearts

"Searching For Shadows"

Witchcraft International Records

Vinyl EP WCI-111

The Booze Bombs

"Out Of Time"

​Part Records - CD 678-009

This is the brand new release by one of best rockin' and boppin bands on the German circuit.  They are based in Calw, in the middle of the Blackwood Forest, I guess that you already noticed the (not so) typical cuckoo clock on the cover of this hot little dittie.  These kats and one very koool kitten take their influences from 1950's Rockabilly, Rockin' Blues andthe desperate sound of the late 50's and early 60's Rock n' Roll.  Think of Marlene and her Rhythm Shakers and you are nearly there.  Most of the songs on this 13 tracker are self penned, all killer no filler!  This band is going from strong to stronger and in my opinion this is their best album thus far.  Lots of songs will do well at the record hops worldwide!  Check out stuff like "Rooster In The Henhouse", "If You're Gonna Shake It" or their version of the hasil Adkins Rocker "I want Some Lovin'" .  this is Heopcat Rock n' Bop at its best, recorded at the absolutely fantastic Black Shack Recording Studios!"  Sounds good but I really hate CDs!  I hear some of you say....Did I mention that this killer album is also available on the much favored vinyl format?  Where can I get that Cuckoo clock by the way........

DJ Wildgoner 

​"The Best of Ripsaw Records Vol. 4"

​Part Records CD 650.016

​Already the fourth album (as you've probably already guessed hence the name of the album) in a series bringing the output of the US Ripsaw label back to the Public.  As some of you may know, Ripsaw was not strictly a rockin' label, it also released Country, Blue Grass , Honky Tonk and other music roots genres.  Some of the artists like Tex Rubinowitz and Billy Hancock were big in the late 70's/ early 80's Rockabilly revival and their songs were licensed to the French Big Beat label (remember their legendary 10 inches?) .   I really liked their recordings, as they were some of the first US kats who tried to do an authentic 50's sound which was seldom heard in these days.  This 20 tracker brings you some more rare tracks like the Crazy Cavan tribute "Cavan Likes To Rock" (YES! I still dig Cavan by the way!!) or Billy Hancock's take on the Johnny Kidd rocker "Please Don't Touch".  Also some fine Hillbilly tracks on this comp and of course three tracks by the US Rockabilly sweetheart Marti Brom!  Not all tracks are to my taste but I did not find too much stuff that I'd have to skip in a hurry.  Great and very well written booklet, check it out!

​DJ Wildgoner

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