What is this all about I hear you say.  Each month, I will introduce you to a nice and rockin' 45 from the 50's up to the early 60's.  All have something in common:  They will be doing great on the dance floor, may it be a hot Bopper, Jiver or Stroller and all will be in a very affordable price range!  Check out web sites like GEMM, Musicstack, CDandLP and I'm sure that you will find some treats there.

Blast From The Past

The Playboys

​"Make Me Dance Little Ant/Bluebird"

Witchcraft Records WCI- 110

Yes kats, the Playboys are back with a bang!!  Having been one of the best British wild Rock n' Roll bands of the 90's, they prove that they can still belt out wild and desperate Rock n' Roll like they used to decades ago!  Here, you are treated with a wild version of the classic Joe Hughes Rocker, "Make Me Dance Little Ant". (a 100 mile per hour jiver by the way).  Also, a very moody Stroller by the name of "Bluebird" on the flipside.  So many bands changed their styles over the years and decades but with the Playboys, you can be sure that you'll always bet what you expect.    One of my all time favorite bands for sure.   Also check out their killer CD on Rhythm Bomb!!!

​DJ Wildgoner

Marcel Bontempi

"Dig A Hole"

Sleazy Records SR65-Vinyl 45

Have you ever wondered what's happening in the European scene at the moment and what's a must have for a serious wax playing DJ??  Here it is, it's good ole' Marcel Bontempi (from the Montesas fame) laying down one hell of a good Bopper on the Topside.  At the moment, you can hear it at every good record hop.  It's one heck of a killer which is based on the old folk song "Darlin' Cora" ( or sometimes known as "Little Lulie").  Flipside is also doin' well, especially with the girls because this time it was converted into a hot stroller.  This is a real kool double sider from a very talented musician.  It is for sure one of the best 45's by a modern band in 2013.

​DJ Wildgoner

Twisted Rod

"Bring It On Home"

​Rhythm Bomb Records

Late 50's Desperate Rock n' Roll, authentic Rockabilly and Blues Bop from the lovely city of Prague, Czech Republic.  These young kats are wild man!!!  This sound takes me back to the good ole' days when Continental Restyling mag was a must read for every serious hepcat and the Tail Records bands rocked like crazy.  This is a very wild 15 tracker with only three cover songs, one also was covered by Rollin' Rock legend Jimmie Lee Maslon. (It's up to you to figure out which track I'm talking about..)  I really dig the band, it's a shame that I haven't heard about them before.  With a truly killer album like this, I'm sure that these kats will soon be a sure-fire hit at all of the weekenders.  Period perfect sound, recorded at the Black Shack Recording Studio in Calw, Germany.  Bop, Jive and Stroll the Rockabilly Hepcat way, buy, buy, buy!!!

​DJ Wildgoner

Lew Phillips

"He's Wild"

​Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5782

Holy Moley, Great Balls of Fire, what a talent!!!!  Do you regret that you've never seen Buddy Holly perform during his lifetime?  This young hepcat from Joliette in Quebec, Canada is the nearest thing to Buddy since the likes of the early Bobby Vee or the Bobby Fuller Four.  After laying down a very kool 45 for Reb Kennedy's Wild Records, Ralph Braband from Rhythm Bomb Records immediately signed this kat and recorded his very first album: 15 sizzling tracks all penned by himself, influenced by the likes of Buddy and the Big "O".  Do you love the good ole' Norman Petty Productions?  Then you surely have to check out this album.  It's so damn good!!  Can't wait to see this young hepcat perform at the Rave in June.  Fantastic album by this very talented youngster!

​DJ Wildgoner

 East Coast Rockabilly Central

The Strange Loves

"I'm On Fire/Love Love"

​Swan Records 45

Oh boy, what a killer!  Don't be fooled by the pictures of the band which you'll find on the internet.  These beatniks can belt out pure Rock n' Roll!  "I'm On Fire" is of course the Jerry Lee Lewis rocker that he recorded for the Smash label, but I have to admit that this version is even hotter, it's bloody wild!!  Only downside is the Flipside, a poppy song which was more aimed at the early 60's teenager market influenced by the British Beat invasion.  Killer topside and of course worth the money.

Happy hunting kats, till next month!

​DJ Wildgoner