​" Mad House Jump Reviews"

Here at East Coast Rockabilly Central, we're always looking out for the most Rockin' music. Be it Rockabilly, Blues, Western Swing...etc.  If you are hoping for that Pop crap, push off...you'll find none of that rubbish here.  After all, us Rockabillies love nothing more than drinking snake bites and dancing the night away to real ROCKIN' music.  Rockabilly is compromised of a lot of different elements but that's not one of them.  As long as it fits within' the mid century sound.  Here you'll find even more reviews that are updated occasionally by our friends from the Fanzine Mad House Jump.  This Fanzine has been going strong for over 20 years now and we'll be sharing it with you, at least the reviews as they are updated. This page is a work in progress so hang in there and try to keep up!!!  

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