This hot little dittie was Warner "Mr. Rock-A-Chica" Mack's third 45 recorded for Decca in 1958.  Okay, the "Topside" is a nice Teen Country ballad and not really useable from the DJ point of view BUT "Fallin' In Love" makes a killer stroller and was also made available in the 80's on one of the legendary "Decca Rare Rockabilly" albums (number 4 to be precise).  It will pack the dancefloor with strollin' kitties and it's very easy to find.  Happy hunting till next time.

​DJ Wildgoner

Warner Mack

"That's My Heart's Desire/ Fallin' In Love"

​Decca 9-30587 Vinyl 45

Blast From The Past

Highway 54 are a 4 piece band from the Netherlands and have been around for quite some time now, they were named after a song from Wayne "The Train" Hancock by the way.  They have already recorded a couple of albums for Tombstone Records and this is their debut on the brand new Boom Chicka Boom Records label from Hamburg (St. Pauli) , Germany.  The 20 tracks were recorded between 2003 and 2011.  They do a proper 50's Rockabilly style with some Country, Blues and even a bit of Surf thrown in.  Most of the songs were written by the band with only a few classics thrown in, they really rocked up "Rock Ola Ruby" for example.  Check out some of the self written numbers like "Lipstick Dan", "One More Tequila", "A Sinner's Prayer", "The Perfect ​Stranger" or the "Hootchie Cootchie Ramblin' Man" to get yourself a good overview of the bands' work and sound.  Great album with lots of different styles and maybe a bit more hard hitting than most of the very authentic bands on today's scene.  Here you can get yourself a copy:

Highway 54

"Ready, Steady, Roll!"

Boom Chicka Boom Records

​BCBCD 14001

Debut album by this young kat from the UK and his (not-so-young) band.  All of the 17 tracks on this hot little platter were written by the band and are a solid mix of classic Rock 'n' Roll, Jive, Rockabilly and even a few nice teen ballads.  This youngster is making a lot of waves at the UK rockin' scene at the moment so it was a wise decision from Mr. Jerry Chatabox to sign them to perform at this years Rockabilly Rave as an opening act on Thursday.   You'll find some first class songs on this album which are suited for both the Rockabilly scene and the more dance oriented Rock 'n' Roll /Jive club, the sound reminds me a bit of another UK band called Jump Cat Jump.  Despite being not so keen on some of the Jive numbers I really dig the hard hitting rockers like "Stroll Earthquake", the ultra kool Rock 'n' Roll jiver "Be There When I Call" or the Sun inspired "Charlene Baby".  A first class debut which will suit many of the different tastes on the Rockin' scene.  Looking forward to seeing the band at the Rave!

DJ Wildgoner

Lew Lewis & The Twilight Trio

"Red Hot Baby"

​Western Star Records WSRC 081 -CD

Maryann and her Tri-Tones are from Tallinn, Estonia, and really amazed many of us Kats 'n' Kittens when they rocked the downstairs club stage at last year's Rockabilly Rave.  Maryann is not only very pretty but also has an excellent voice and the band is top notch, just check out the lead guitar player's guitar skills!  Great to see that the band only recorded self penned numbers instead of playing safe and covering some Wanda, Janis or Brenda!  All the tunes are first class and you'll hear traces of Laura Lee Perkins and Sparkle Moore in their period perfect 1950's sound.  The whole album was recorded  at Lightning Recorders in Berlin but does not have that typical "Berlin Sound".  Like I said Maryann has an excellent trained voice so she easily can belt out wild Rockers like "Honey Baby", "I'm Moving Up", "Supersonic Gal" or "We're Gonna Rock 'n Roll Tonight" but also haunting ballads like "Angel Of The Desert" or the killer stroller "If I Could I Would" .  I love that album and I have played it already many times so do yourself a favor and get a copy today!  I really hope to see this very talented band on the European Rockin' circuit very soon.  You can contact the band on Facebook ( or by e-mail (  Killer album!!!

DJ Wildgoner 

Maryann & The Tri-Tones

"Supersonic Gal"

TCD1501 (recorded in Mono)

Bebo and the boys have already recorded a kool 45 for Reb Kennedy's label and this is their debut album.  They hail from El Monte, Southern California and are led by Bebo Garcia.  They do have a swampy Blues-A-Billy sound and you can hear traces of Omar and The Stringpoppers in their songs.  As I also dig Omar and his band a lot, it's not a bad thing at all!  Bebo and the boys do have many ideas of their own and I really like the "Secret Agent Man" inspired guitar break on the first class stroller "On A String".  Their "Sloppy Bop" is already filling the dancefloors, very kool lyrics for all you drunksters out there!  "Havin' A Ball" is not another version of the Country Dudes classic by the way but also a top notch rocker.  "The Darkness" brings "Blue Moon Baby" to my mind, a classy number.  Fans of the early 60's Rockin' sound will love the stroller "Knockout".  After listening to the album a few times I have to say that there isn't one single track on it that I do not like  (and I can be very picky...).  A great debut album  from Bebo and his band, lookin' forward to seein' them on a European weekender (the Rave would be ideal...). 

​DJ Wildgoner

Bebo & The Good Time Boys

"Let The Fun Begin"

​Wild Records CD

The third album by one of the best bands from the Wild Records stable of stars.  If you never heard about them, lemme' tell ya that this is not your average Rockabilly band.  Their sound is deeply rooted in the sound of Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters as the first track "Grinnin'/No Shoes" already proves: heaviest, authentic screamed out Blues that would have made them stars on Chess Records back in the golden days.  Don't worry, there is enough of uptempo stuff to keep you rockin' kats happy, check out "Lock The Doors", "Marie Leveau" (which would fit perfectly for the Sirocco Bros. by the way), "Mississippi Bayou" (with it's Bo Diddley-ish sound), the acoustic drinkin' anthem "Drink Up", the heavy Blues Bop Beat of "You Gotta Lose" (which some of you will know as "Trouble On The Road") or "Death Comes Creepin'".  "No Evil" brings the bluesy side of the legendary UK band The Slingshots to my mind.  Not too keen on CCR's "Run Through The Jungle" (bit too modern for my taste)  but love the strollin' sound of "Voodoo In You".  Most unusual track might be "44" with it's brass and accordion backing, maybe something Screamin' Jay Hawkins would have loved to record.  I guess the band must also have a soft spot for the sound of Carlos and his Bandidos ' cause "Come Home" sounds exactly like one of their songs!  All in all a truly amazing album, I love it!  There's a brand new live album that should be out by now.  In one of my next columns we will also take a closer look at their two previous albums, so watch that space!

​DJ Wildgoner

The Delta Bombers

"The Delta Bombers"

​Wild Records CD

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