Sean Coleman & The Quasars are a New York rockin' outfit with a difference.  They don't take  their influences from the Rockabilly side of our music but from the likes of Bunker Hill, Little Richard up to the Sonics.  This is their debut on vinyl, also available as a download from CD Baby (with the bonus track "Chicken") .  On this EP you'll get some frantic black Rock 'n' Roll and a nice pre-Soul midtempo number, all written by the band.  I'm not quite sure about the arrangement of "Ruckus Juice", a bit too modern for my taste.  Anyway, the singer has a great voice, kinda like the late great Nick Curran or Mr. Barrence Whitfield.  As far as I know they have already recorded their debut album for Wild Records.  Certainly a band to look out for, check em' out:    DJ Wildgoner

Sean Coleman & The Quasars

"I'm A Man"

Nebula Records - Nebula 001

​3 Track Vinyl EP

More Delta Bombers for you kats n' kittens out there: this is their second album for Wild Records and this one is much more Blues / early 60's influenced than the previous one.  Listening to the title track of the album it's not rocket science to find out that Howlin' Wolf has a very big influence on singer Chris Moinichen, he also pays tribute to this great artist with a great version of "Smokestack Lightning".  Some of the tracks like "Get Lost" have more of an early 60's bluesy Garage Rock 'n' Roll style, same for "The Burden", "Get Some" and "Hole In My Head", others are pure black Blues Rockers.  As I already have mentioned, this album is very different to the first one, most of the Rockabilly / late 50's Rock 'n' Roll influences are gone now but they are on their way to sounding like no other band on Wild Records.

​DJ Wildgoner

The Delta Bombers


​Wild Records CD

Absolutely stunning debut album by this pretty young lady from Reno, Nevada. Despite the fact that she is labeled as a Rockabilly artist her music is deeply rooted in traditional 40's and 50's Country and Western, Western Swing, Cowboy Jazz, Country Boogie, a bit of Blues and pre-Rockabilly.  A thing that grabs you first when playing this album is her beautiful voice and the fact that she puts her heart and soul into each of the 15 self-written songs!  You'll find haunting ballads, mid and up tempo numbers that make you think of legends like Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells.  Other songs remind me of artists like Wayne Hancock, early Marti Brom, the sadly missed Zazou Cowboys, Lynette Morgan, or Eric Laufer's (R.I.P) Two Timin' Three.  If you are only into wild Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll this may not be the right record for you but let me tell you that you are missin' a truly fan-tas-tic album!  She was nominated for the Ameripolitan Music Award and her future in the music bizz shines brightly.  Liner notes are by Big Sandy who is as equally impressed as myself.  A killer album, I love it!  Check her out on facebook: .

DJ Wildgoner

Kay Marie

"Kay Marie"

​LJ-002 CD

Brand new offering by the king of Neo-Rockabilly, Mr. Levi Dexter.  This album was recorded with the Japanese band The Gretsch Brothers and suits his more modern style of Rockabilly music very much.  The album was mastered by Capitol Records at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood and has a crystal clear and full sound as expected.  You'll find many of Levi's favorites from his Teddyboy days back in good ole' England like the Crazy Cavan anthem "Teddyboy Rock 'n' Roll", "Oakie Boogie" (Original by Hank Swatley, also covered by Cavan), "Seven Nights To Rock" (from Moon Mullican, also done by English Rocker Dave Edmunds), Johnny Kidd's classic "Shakin' All Over" or even Billy Fury's wonderful cover version of "Wondrous Place" (Levi's version leans more towards the Cherokee's version by the way).  Eager Levi fans will be pleased to find a new version of his classic rocker "All Thru The Night" by the way.  A great album for all dedicated Levi followers (there are legions) and lovers of the Neo-Rockabilly sound.  I really dig the relaxed rockin' sound of their take on the Cochran Brother's "Tired And Sleepy"!  You can order it directly from Bernie Dexter's online shop:

DJ Wildgoner

Levi Dexter & The Gretsch Brothers

"All Thru The Nite"

​Vinyl LP

As promised in one of my last ramblings, we will take a look at the first two albums by the fabulous Delta Bombers.  Here we do have their fab debut album, which came out quite some years ago.  Here the line up includes famous Omar Romero on rhythm guitar and the album is filled with 14 sizzlin' tracks (12 self-penned numbers).  Their style in their early days was a bit different to their current sound , a bit more late 50's / early 60's Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly and similar to the recordings of Omar & The Stringpoppers.  Of course you can clearly hear that they already had a big Blues influence for which they are now so famous in our scene.  If you never heard their early works check out killer rockers like "Voodoo In You", "You're Love", "Gotta Get Out", "Run And Hide", "Tin Can Boogie", "Howlin'", "She's Fine" and "Cute Blonde Baby".  This was a killer debut that should be in everyone's collection.

​DJ Wildgoner

Delta Bombers


​Wild Records CD

This is the latest offering by Maryland's own Flea Bops.  Husband and wife team drummer Lance and slap bass player Wendy are also the masterminds behind Vinylux Records.  ( .  Lance has also been with the legendary Rockabilly band Go Cat Go whose lead singer Darren Lee Spears was tragically killed 22 years ago.  As many of you know the Flea Bops got an authentic 50's sound and here you'll get two great cover versions of the Willie Dixon classic "My Babe" plus a bluesy version of "Cracker Jack" (also done by the likes of Janis Martin and Joe Clay).  "Rattlesnake Kiss" is a kool midtempo Rocker with a bit of "Burnette" feel to it.  Wendy's doin' great on the title track "Gotta Bop".  "Jake's Juice" is a fine midtempo Bopper, "Everybody Wants To Steal My Girl" is also a kool rocker with a bit of early Rockabilly feel to it.  A great 10 inch record which is still available in their shop along with other goodies ( .   

​DJ Wildgoner

Flea Bops

"Gotta Bop"

​6 track Vinyl 10 inch EP

This is a re-issue of the top selling debut album by Marlene Perez and the boys.  As the original CD is not so easy to find anymore (sold out on the Wild Records web site) it's a good idea to re-issue this killer album again.  Most of you lot out there will have this top notch album of wild and sometimes bluesy late 50's Desperate Rock 'n' Roll in their collection but with this version you'll get 5 killer demo tracks which you have not heard before.  The accoustic version of the Moonlighter's classic "Broken Heart" is top and you really have to listen to her version of the Solomon Burke black Rock 'n' Roll classic "Be Bop Grandma" and the Dazzlers anthem of "Something Baby", killer stuff!!!!!!!  There also is an alternative take of Marlene's fab rocker "What You Do To Me" and "Real Rockin' Daddy".  So if you've missed their debut album a couple of years ago, bbetter hurry up and get it as soon as ya' can.  I would have preferred to have the unissued stuff on a nice (maybe colored wax) 10" by the way as I do have the original "Flipsville" album.   You can't have everything I guess.....DJ Wildgoner

The Rhythm Shakers

"Flipsville!"  plus....

​Wild Records CD

Here we have the first album by one of the truly unique musicians of today's Rockin' scene.  Many of you folks will already know him as the lead singer from the German Beatsters Montesas and some of you may even have a couple of his rockin' 45s and EPs at home.  Here you'll get 14 highly entertaining tracks which have already came out on labels like Migraine, Sleazy, Stag-O-Lee, Witchcraft and Squoodge including the Dance floor fillers "Dig A Hole", "Race With The Devil", "Shag Rag" and "Spiderman" plus a few alternative versions and brand new tracks by the wizard of rhythm.  His stuff always sells like hot cakes so don't wait too long to get this hot platter before they're all gone.  The album comes with great artwork done by the maestro himself plus a 3 track EP, including his brand dance floor fillers "I Am So Lonely" and "Lovesick Stroll​" genius!!!  Order your copy today from the Stag-O-Lee Shop!  (

​DJ Wildgoner

​Marcel Bontempi (The Wizard of Rhythm)

Witches, Spiders, Frogs and Holes

Stag-O-Lee Records Vinyl LP

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