​My name is Elizabeth and there is nothing I enjoy more than dressing up in my favorite vintage, going to music & car shows, and enjoying the beauty of a long ago, but not forgotten , beautiful era.  I first started taking pictures about two years ago, all in fun, but doing it nonetheless. The impeccable Ms.Betty P, has been my number one influence from style and charisma. Who doesn't love that bombshell?  I've been in multiple swimsuit competitions, pin up contests, and published in BOMBS Magazine.  Aside from pinup, I work with children, which is my biggest passion, and often get asked questions by students and parents about my unique style and I love to share my knowledge about the rockabilly culture.  Always looking forward to discover new vintage, music, and opportunities to showcase my love for Pinup....

"Elizabeth Becerril"

​Photo by Erika Nelly

Photo by Erika Nelly

​"Miss February 2016"

​Photo by JMV Foto

​Photo by Oblong Box Shop (Denaille Von Fitch)

Photo by Mitzi & Co.

​Photo by Pedro Rodriguez Art

Photo by Pedro Rodriguez Art

Photo by Pedro Rodriguez Art