​ I totally missed Woody Pines while dealing with my headache. I was back in time to catch Larry Collins.....yeah, that little guy playing the double necked guitar in the late 50's band the Collins Kids. He has grown quite a bit but he was still playing a double necked guitar and was still putting on a hell of a performance.

Next up, the Paladins....oh dear lord there are no words for this legendary bands' antics. Everything from jumping around on stage, breaking a bass and borrowing another one to finish. These guys really layed it down as they are known for. Another bonus to this one was that they were joined on stage by one of their music idols Rosie Flores. This night kept getting better. The Paladins had a longer time slot but the night was still running behind.

Next up was for me the biggest surprise of the weekend. The B Stars....man let me tell you that I am a Rocker thru and thru and not really into the yodeling cowboy style authentic country. I was to put it simple amazed and stunned by this groups performance. I did not expect that but I ended up with no less than 3 albums from them by the end of the night.

Finally!!!!! This was one of the main reasons that I personally was drawn to Nashville.......the Rhythm Shakers!!!! I had ran into Marlene and Victor earlier in the night and got some photos and chatted a bit but was literally on pins and needles waiting to see them live. Marlene in person is actually quite shy and soft spoken but OMG when she flips that switch on stage. It's like a Jeckyl and Hyde, she has an unsurpassed stage presence. I once described her voice as the growl of an angel. She has phenomenal power and scope and she has mastered it. Wild Records has a very strong stable of talent at their beckoned call but I'm hear to say that the Rhythm Shakers are definitely one of the strongest. The Rhythm Shakers are a fantastic band and their skill as musicians is outstanding. I know for a fact that Victor is skilled on the keyboard as well as the bass.

After the show, we hung out with the band and also Art Adams and a few others for a while. After we made our rounds and caught up with everyone, we hit the sack. Not sure if there were djs or not as the show was way over due to the earlier events of the day. We didn't go to the church service on Sunday or the Johnny Cash Museum. Sunday, we checked out at 11am and since I had already payed to park for the day went back in to check out the hotel in more detail. We spent about 2 hours walking around and taking photos. The hotel is a real classy resort. The murals on the walls, the hospitality, the indoor atrium with village and stream. To put it short and sweet, it is breath taking. We met a lot of new friends over the weekend and were able to socialize a bit. The drink prices are quite exhuberant but.....keep in mind, you have a refrigerator in your room. Coolers are meant to roll. There is also a shopping mall next door with a liquor store. Overall, this was a fantastic weekender and I know for a fact that Jason Galaz is already using survey results to work out the kinks from year one. I personally thought that the line up was way too close together. I think that this could have been resolved by having a dj in between each set for say 30 minutes or so. People want to dance as well as listen to the bands. This would allow time to have short breaks for drinks, restrooms...etc. The continuous music and having music simultaneously going in 3 different locations made it hard to catch all of the bands. It forced us to make some hard choices on what we wanted to see as you can't be in multiple places at the same time. I am confident that Jason will work out the bugs for year two. One thing that this cat does well is adapt to excel and improve. This is definitely a weekender to attend and I look for it to only get better as time goes on. Looking forward to year two!!!!!

​Nashville Boogie Continued