Not quite yet, there was one more performance to go and boy was it a doozy.  The Allstar Jamboree, if you missed this, I feel sorry for you.  This performance rolled on and had several surprise performances.  Three of the most noteable were not even booked for the Shake-Up but were there as spectators.  The stage lit up when Almon Silver Tooth Loos started jamming with his Cajun style Rockabilly.  Another shocker was Joanne of Rocket J & The 88's and Noel of Canada's Howlin' Houndogs.  These were just the surprises as many of the performers from the weekend got up and jammed some more.  None of us wanted the party to end.  It rolled with electrifying performances from all in the Allstar Jamboree.  It culminated with Bloodshot Bill playing Miss Amy's 1956 Gibson as he leaped off the stage into the crowd and played on the floor.  

The last act of the night was none other than New England's own Jittery Jack.  Coined the "Boston Wildman", this British transplant put on one heck of a show.  He really laid down some outstanding Rockabilly and late 50's Rock n' Roll sounds.  This was one of the best performances of the weekend.  However, it must all come to an end right?

​The third band of the evening were the Millwinders from Canada.  They were excellent and had quite an interesting blending of sounds.  They have a Rockabilly sound with Rock n' Roll, a bit of Rhythm n' Blues with some classic 50's Country thrown in.  

Next up was Johnny Carlevale and The Rollin' Pins.  But wait, who is that?  Why that is none other than New England Rock n' Roll legend Brehon Herlihy.  Johnny brought Brehon on to sing a few with them.  Brehon was actually doing Rock n' Roll way back in the late 1950's with a Doo Wop influence.  This was quite a treat.  The sounds produced in this set were very authentic Rockabilly and late 50's Rock n' Roll.   

Starting off the music on Sunday was Lynette and the Longshots.  They had a very proper Country Rockabilly sound.   ​

Sunday opened up with an indoor pool party at the Host Hotel.   Relaxing and chilling with DJ Bloodshot and DJ Trash Only.  This is a well landscaped and manicured paradise with balcony rooms overlooking it.  Note to self, year three bring your bath suit.  This was awesome and would be no matter what the weather.  This weekend, I swear that Beck Rustic had a direct line to the weather gods.  The weather was fantastic, not a cloud in the blue sky.  It was perfect temperatures and beautiful fall foliage all around.  Back to topic, it was quite nice lounging and hanging out around the pool.  And of course, the kittens were showing off their authentic bathing suits.  There was a bar set up in a little gazebo at the front overlooking the DJ table and pool.  

Last up for the night was Big Sandy & The Fly Rite Boys!  I can best describe this phenomenal performance's style as a melting pot of Rockabilly, early Soul, Doo Wop, Rock n' Roll, Hillbilly and Western Swing.   They have their own sound that can not be formed into only one category.  It was outstanding and they really got the crowd behind them.  This weekender continued to stay at the top of it's game from start to finish.  With still another big day to go, Sunday would prove to be no slouch!​

Next up was Cash O'Riley.  This cat is a one man band dynamo!  He really killed it with his Rockabilly sound influenced by Blues & Country.  

The fourth band of the night were the Bellfuries.  Their sound is a very unique blend of Rock n' Roll, Rockabilly and a lot of other stuff thrown into it.  They have mastered it and sounded awesome.  ​

The New England Shake Up 

Part 2

This was such an awesome weekender.  The DJs at this event were top notch and they kept the dance floor jumping during the record hops.  The DJs were DJ Trash Only, DJ Bloodshot, DJ Easy Ed, Johnny "The Colonel" Maguire, Del Villarreal, The Dutchman, DJ Mattie Moore and DJ James.  Del was this year's MC and will be the MC for year 3.  There are multiple places in Sturbridge to find a decent meal and many of these places are within walking distance to the show.  Others do offer delivery.  I however HIGHLY recommend BT's Smokehouse, their food was out of this world.  Order ahead and pick up, that place stayed packed and for good reason.  I would like to give a shout out and HUGE THANK YOU to Rusty Rockaphonic for lending many of the photos in this write up.  This was a fantastic weekender and my room is booked for year 3 at the Sturbridge Host.  The Host is almost booked out for year three already, so book soon if you plan to attend.  I look forward to seeing you at year three.  From East Coast Rockabilly Central, Thank You Beck Rustic for putting on one heck of a show!!!