Here's a solid killer by Mr. Marcel Bontempi: Not early 60's Beat or Rockabilly this time, here you'll get a proper dose of old fashioned Western Swing and Hillbilly and the sound is authentic as it can be. Yes, some of you lot out there may have already guessed: They took a couple of classic Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly ​recordings and transfered them a few years back to the late 40's and very early 50's. Genius??? Yes, this may be the right description for this band which is filling the clubs in Germany at the moment. I've seen the band twice in the last few weeks and they were absolutely amazing. This beautifully done record is very limited (150 copies in green wax and 350 pressed in black) so you better be quick on this one. There will be an album out in the next few months (hopefully), so stay tuned! 

​DJ Wildgoner

Dr. Bontempis Snake Oil Company 

"Dixie Fried / Who Do You Love"

​Squooge Records SR 17-114

Here we got the third longplayer by these Italian Hawaiian Rockers. They do play at many of the European festivals and always deliver a great stage show. This album contains some of the best recordings from their previous albums and also some brand new songs with guests like Pep Torres or King Kukulele (well known character from the Rockabilly Rave!) I'm not too sure about the guitar on "Let's Go To Hawaii", it's too modern for my taste but some of you more open minded kats'n'kittens will love this great rockin' jiver. There are lots of good rockin' tracks and the whole album delivers a perfect background for your next Hawaii or Tikki themed party. Think I may have a Mai Tai now ....

​DJ Wildgoner

I Belli Di Waikiki

"Sailormen Are Coming To Town"

Part Records PART CD 649.005

This is the second CD by this Croation R&B band, the first album was cut with a different girl on the vocals. As some of you might already know, this Jump & Jive is normally not my pint of snakebite but there are always a few bands around which can convince a Rockabilly minded hepcat like me. Billie and the Kids deliver an excellent and period perfect early to mid 1950's rockin' R&B sound, the voice of Billie is excellent and sounds very black. Listening to the first few tracks on this album you'll hear that these guys and the gal really know and love their R&B from the heart and are not just riding on the gravy train. Ten of the 17 tracks were written by the doghouse bass player and these are also perfect examples of their brand of authentic Rhythm & Blues from the golden days. The mastering of the whole album is outstanding and without any doubt this is one of the best rockin' R&B bands of the current scene!!! This album is highly recommended, top notch rockin' entertainment.

DJ Wildgoner 

Billy & The Kids

"Jukebox Daddy"

Rhythym Bomb Records RBR 5757

Brand new tracks by the lovely Miss Amber Foxx. Good old Hillbilly harmony favorite "Everlovin'" receives a proper Jumpin'Jive treatment complete with a rollin' piano, Chris Spraque joins in for vocals on the Jivin'Country Boogie of "False Hearted Girl". Amber does a really great version of the old time classic "Jezebel", also covered by the likes of the Everly Brothers, Curtis Lee, Gene Vincent or good old Marty Wilde. Really dig her take of Flipsville, very different to the original version cut by Stormy Gayle. Great little record but I have to admit that I prefer the last two tracks just by the fact that I'm not so much of a Jump'n'Jive kinda guy.

​DJ Wildgoner

November 2014 Record Reviews

Lookin' for a wild rockin' jiver that will fill the dancefloor for sure? Then look no further and try to find this little dittie which turns up on the selling platform very frequently. Never heard of it? Shame on you but I guess YouTube will help (and hep) ya'! What about the flipside? Unfortunately not rockin', more in a poppy Teenage Country mood like good ole' Marty Robbins, but not a bad song by any means (I am actually beginning to like it ...). Get yourself a decent copy kat'n'kittens!

​DJ Wildgoner

Johnny And Jonie (Mosby)

"Kee-Ro-Ryin / Just Before Dawn"

​Challenge Records 59001 - 45 Vinyl

Blast From The Past

This little dittie is also the third album from this German Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly band. The majority of the songs were written by singer and lead guitar player "Swob". He is also the guy behind the legendary Rock'n'Roll Cafe "Swobsters" in Ulm (Southern Germany) and was one of the organizers of the "Big Rhythm Rumble" Rock'n'Roll Weekender. The band plays a mix of classic 50's Rock'n'Roll, Jive Rockabilly and Country. Some of the more jivin' tracks like "(Still) Young And Pretty", "When You're In Love" or "Sad And Blue" bring back memories of German bands like the Cambles or the Speedos from the mid to late 1980s. Not each and every song is to my taste but this is a really solid album with some real kool tracks on it. Check out songs like "Do The Bop", "Words For Singin'" or "It's Hot", you won't be dissapointed.

​DJ Wildgoner

The Bombs

"Don't Wait Too Long"

​Part Records PART CD 681.002

European re-release of the bands third album. These cats are not sticking to the very obvious songs cut by the masters of the White Group Sound like the Passions, Mystics or Dion and the Belmonts. They venture out in proper Northern Band Rock'n'Roll with songs like "Rock You Out" or pay tribute to Billy Ward and the Dominoes with "Pedal Pushin' Papa". "Lil Mo Bop" is a proper late 50's Rock'n'Roll Jiver (and not a Bopper as the title suggests). But you also find loads of great Doo Wops, both Jivers and Ballads. Check out "Hard Time", "Hey, Hey, Hey" (not the song cut by the Georgia Peach Little Richard), "Tonight", the wonderful "Story Of My Romance", "Over The Rainbow" or the uptemp version of the Earl Lewis & The Channels classic "The Closer You Are". Great album, worth adding to your Doo Wop collection.

​DJ Wildgoner

Lil' Mo And The Dynaflos

"3rd Time's a Charm"

​Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5762

​Amber Foxx

"Everlovin'" Four Track CD EP

(also available in the much prefered vinyl format)


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