Two absolute killers by the Big "O" recorded for Sun Records, can it get any better? I'm not quite sure the German Columbia label decided to re-issue these two hot rockers as late as 1964 when Rockabilly music had long faded away from the charts and all those teenagers were going crazy for British Merseybeat and Blues. Maybe it's the fact that Roy had massive hits in Germany during the 1960's on the London Records label. He even made some recordings in German and Columbia saw the opportunity to make some quick cash in putting some of his early Sun recordings back on the market. The German Rock'n'Roll fans were happy with that fact and there were even more proper Rockabilly records issued in that decade.

​DJ Wildgoner

​Roy Orbison

"Problem Child / Mean Little Mama"

Columbia Records C 22 859  45 Vinyl

​This is the re-release of Rusty Pinto's first album recorded in 2003. This one is becoming scarce so i think it's a good idea to give the kats'n'kittens another chance to get this Rockabilly masterpiece! 17 superb songs, all killer & no filler! Eleven of the 17 tracks are written by the band and are all first class Rockabilly songs with an authentic 1950's sound. Check out top notchers like "Where Can She Be", "Mean Mean Daddy", "Bop Pretty Baby" (not the Crazy Cavan track by the way), "The Creature" or the "Crazy Bad Boy Blues". For sure one of the very best bands from down under and already a bit of modern day Rockabilly history!

​DJ Wildgoner

Rusty And The Dragstrip Trio

"Playing For You"

​Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5790

​12 rockin' Hillbilly tracks recorded in true mono in Sugar Rays Vintage Recording Studio (I love the sound by the way!). The Rhythm River Trio is based in London and plays their own brand of rockin' Hillbilly as a drumless trio. There's a good mix of very traditional Honky Tonk / Hillbilly like "Honky Tonk Blues" or "Wild Side Of Life" and some more rockin' stuff like "Teardrops From My Eyes" and "Gone And Left Me Blues". Their versions of Jimmy Patton's "Love Come Back To Me" and the Cochran Brothers "Rockin' & Flyin'" are great, "Bear Cat" received a bit of Country Blues treatment, kool! For me one of the highlights on this superb album is the last track on the album, the wonderful Western Swing styled ballad "I'll Go My Way" complete with those jazzy Cowboy guitar licks!

​DJ Wildgoner

​Rhythm River Trio

"Just Honky Tonkin Around"

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5774

​Jittery Jack 

​"Gonna Have A Time With"

Rhythm Bomb / Annabelle Records

​RBR 5795

​Roy Kay Trio

"Mad & Blue"

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5793

This French Hepcat has been around for many decades now and from time to time he is recording some truly first class rockin' stuff.  Ralph Braband of Rhythm Bomb joined forces with Dirk "Tessy" Teske of Tessy Records for the release of this hot little ditty.  Does anyone remember the fantastic Phil Trigwell album on Tessy?  Here, we do have a really high quality Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll album that is true to the authentic 50's sound.  Sometimes, his voice reminds me a bit of Gene Vincent in his Columbia days, I really like this!  You'll find some great rockers like "But She's Not You", "Cold Heart Baby" or "Who's Gonna Love Me Now" on this album but he can also put the love light on with the beautiful Buck Owen's ballad "Crying Time".  Ten songs on this 15 tracker are written by the man himself.   All great stuff, sometimes with a bit of late 50's Country thrown in.  This of course makes it a very interesting listening with all of the different styles done to perfection.  First class album, highly recommended!  

DJ Wildgoner

Nelson Carrera

"Love Is A Trap!"

Rhythm Bomb/Tessy Records

​RBR 5773

  ​October 2014 Record Review

​East Coast Rockabilly Central

  Blast From The Past

​This is the European re-release of the second album by Lil' Mo and his Doo Wop outfit the Dynaflos. 

Great mix between uptempo group Jivers and beautiful ballads. "Ding Dong Baby" already packed some of the European dance floors when it came out on Mo Hollywood Records and I guess now more and more DJ's will pick up this excellent Doo Wop jiver. Also their version of "Long Tall Girl" will do very well as this one is a killer Doo Wop stroller (Original by the Carnations, check it out!). I also like their version of the Searchers killer jiver "Wow Wow Baby" plus the wonderful ballads "Bells Of Rosa Rita" and "This Time". Hopefully there will be more and more bands in the future that will be doing this "Forgotten Third of Rock'n'Roll". 

​DJ Wildgoner

​Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos

"In 2nd Gear"

​Mo Hollywood Records / Rhythm Bomb Records

Absolute killer album by the man who was a founding member of the sadly missed Raging Teens and who went down a storm when he appeared at this years Rockabilly Rave! If the wilder sound of the 1950's is your cup of tea you have to get this! There are loads of dance floor fillers like the jivin' "Tell Your Story Walking" or the killer stroller "Something Wicked This Way Comes" on this fantasic album! Lots of different rockin' styles on this one, Miss Amy's killer guitar is ace! Bass Player Shorty Poole was a founding member of the legendary Dave'n'Deke Combo and all the other musicians who played on this album are also top notch. Most of the tracks are written by this ex Swindon (UK) lad, the cover of Benny Joys' "Little Red Book" is killer. Never heard any of his trax?? Check out this show by UK's top disc jockey Steve Stack-Of-Wax:  and you can hear the Boston Hepcat in full action live in the studio! This is one of the albums every Hepcat should own, 2 tracks will be on a red hot 45 very soon! How about a vinyl version of the album by the way???

​DJ Wildgoner

​Brand new 12 track album by Roy Kay and the boys, this time again as a trio without drums. If you are looking for some wild 50's Rockabilly you will be disappointed. The style of this album leans to the Rockin' Country style of the early 1950's. The sound is very authentic, the songwriting is great, but I guess that this concept album with songs about lost love, blue moods and heartaches is not everybody's cup of tea. I have to admit that I really do miss some killer tracks which are aimed straight at the dance floor! The 2004 recorded "Travel Bound" was a killer Bopper which packed the floor, also their last 45 "She Shakes" did very well but I can't see any of these tracks taking the record hops by storm. Like I said, great for listening to on a lazy afternoon but most of the songs simply don't rock enough.

​DJ Wildgoner