As far as I know this is the second album by Pearls Mahone.  I have to admit that I'd never heard any output by this red hot girl before. Her sound is a clever mix of hard hitting 1950's style Rockabilly / Rock´n´Roll, a bit of jazzy 30's/ 40's Swing, some Hillbilly & Western Swing. The sound on this album (which is also available as a proper vinyl album, check her homepage!) is very good and authentic, no modern gadgets here. You´ll get some very strong re-works of old time  classics like “All Of Me”, “ Old Time Religion“ , “I Had Someone Else Before I Had You”, “St. James Infirmary”and “Oklahoma Hills”, also some strong rockers like “Saint & Sinner” , “Blow Your Top” and “Hard Luck”. “Go To Sleep Little Baby” is a 44 seconds a-capella track and the ballad “Long Way Home” (my least favorite number, sorry…) closes this album.  All in all a VERY enjoyable album, well done!

DJ Wildgoner

​Also from 2014 is the latest album by top R&B formation Cherry Casino & The Gamblers from the Hepcat City Berlin. At the moment there are many R&B / Jive bands out there and to be honest, I only dig a handful. Most of these bands are too jazzy or bluesy for me. I´m also not a big fan of four  to five minute tracks, this is simply not my style. These boys are totally different: The rockin´n´rollin´ style of 1950s R&B brightly shines through and the songs are totally catchy (and do not bore me to death). There is a great variety of styles on this hot platter (which is also around as a proper vinyl album): “Let´s Have A Crazy Ball” puts you in a good dancing mood, the same goes for “A Kiss From You”. “Breakfast” is a more bluesy midtempo number, very catchy.  I really dig the nice ballad “Don´t Let Them Know”, “Big Wolf” rocks along very nicely and should be another favorite with the dancing crowd. “Hi-No-Love” is a great jiver with kool lyrics and “I´ll Find A New Love” is one of my favorite tracks because it has this Roddy Jackson sound to it (I love his records and he can still cut the rug nowadays!!). “Dream Boy” has very funny lyrics, “Kiss Me” and “Happy Daddy” are two great jivin´ songs.  “Happy Daddy” has a very nice swingin´n´strollin´ sound to it and the album closes with one of my favorites, the hard hitting stroller “Where Can I Put The Junk”.  A top notch album of very authentic and catchy jivin´ Rock´n´Roll and mid 1950's R&B. Without a shadow of a doubt they are one of the best bands of the genre and all of their output is in a very high league and highly recommended. Well done boys!

DJ Wildgoner


​East Coast Rockabilly Central

Pearls Mahone

“Echoes From The Prarie” - CD


​You dig pure and authentic Rockabilly? You like that stripped down heavy rockin´& boppin beat without any gadgets??  Then you have to get this album, you will love it.  Many of you rockin´ folks out there will know the Houserockers, fronted by Rob Glazebrook (who is also the singer with the Playboys).  Here you´ll get pure Rockabilly at its very best: Check out their versions of “Blue Moon Baby”, Lou Millet´s “Slippin´In” or “Wee Willie Brown” and you will know what I mean. They did a great job in keeping the authenticity but adding their own style, it sounds like some of the old White Label albums from the days gone by!  Four songs were written by Rob: “Tell Me Why” makes a very good stroller, “My Baby´s Got Two Left Feet” has got that early Hillbilly influenced Rockabilly sound to it. “Nuthin´I can do” brings Starday Records to my mind (can´t tell you precisely why) and the bluesy “Give Your Heart To Me” has an almost  jazzy feel to it. There are loads of tracks to get you into a party mood like “Blue Swinging Mama” (there was even a great version of this song done by Mr. Shakin´Stevens!!), “She´s Mine” or  their killer version of “Trapped Love”.  A great album which ends with two versions of “Susie Q” and “Slippin´In” complete with crackling noises of an old vinyl or acetate record.  Killer album from a band that never fails to deliver the kool rockin´ Bop Beat!  DJ Wildgoner


The Sabres


Rhythm Bomb Records  RBR 2815 - CD



​The debut album from this Austrian band already came out last year and I received it at this year's Rockabilly Rave. When you look at the cover you´ll see at first sight that this is not a Rockabilly band, they deliver some fine rockin´ Hillbilly, Cowboys Jazz and Western Swing. The female lead singer, Fia Sco, has a good voice for this kind of stuff and the band makes you think of Hillbilly acts like the Carlisles or Maddox Brothers and Sister Rose (they even covered their “Donkey Song” by the way….). There are a lot of great cover songs like Tennessee Ernie Ford´s “Hey Mr. Cottonpicker”, Glen Barber´s “Ice Cold Water”, Sid King´s “Sag Drag And Fall”, Dick Glasser´s “Catty Town” or Freddie Hart´s “Snatch It And Grab It”.  Jerry Reed´s “Mr. Whizz” was successfully transformed into “Misses Whizz” and four tracks were written by bass player Don De Vil who is also responsible for the great cover and booklet artwork. These self-written songs fit perfectly into the sound and style of the band and also have a very authentic feel and sound to them. The whole album was recorded in one of the best European studios: The Black Shack Recording Studios in lovely Calw (Southern Germany, Black Forest area).  I saw the band in August this year and really like their sound and style. Really looking forward to the next album that will be recorded later this year. Great band, great record!

DJ Wildgoner


​What, you never heard of Don Maddox?? Shame on you lot!! He was a member of “Americas Most Colorful Hillbilly Band” Maddox Brothers and Rose in the 1930's and 1950's and this band can be easily described as an ancestor to the Rockabilly artists in the 1950's.  Fred Maddox used that slap bass technique as early as 1937 so the band´s sound was very punchy, lively and cheerful. Fiddle player Don is the only remaining person of the group and there are talks of inducting him into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Some say yes, some say no but for me it is not a real question.  The Maddox family paved the way for the wave of Rockabilly artists to come, so the debate is over!!  Don is about 93 years of age now so I hope you are not looking for a wild Rockabilly album. What you´ll get are 12 beautiful tracks of proper old time Country and Hillbilly music as it was done in the 1920´to the early part of the 1950´s.  If you have a chance to see Don performing, go for it! This man is a legend and I love the Maddox Brothers and Rose stuff!!

  DJ Wildgoner


​The Rip ´Em Ups


Rhythm Bomb Records CD (without number)

​October 15' Record Reviews

​​Brand new album by one of the leading German Hepcat bands. These guys are around for quite a few years now and the line-up changes from time to time.  Here you´ll get 12 kool tracks, mostly written by lead singer Andy Warner.  Cover tracks are “Messin´ With the Kid” (Junior Wells) and the Waylon Jennings Country Rocker “Sally Was A good Ole Girl”.  Lots of you kats ´n ´kittens out there surely will know that Spo-Dee-O-Dee has a very own sound so expect great rockin´ Jivers like “Jeannie Come A Running”, rockin´ Blues with “Messin´ With The Kid” (great!), fab  Rockers like “I Told A Lie” and “Why Don´t You Set Me Free” (written by the legendary Lloyd Tripp) and a  kool instro (“Los Calimuchos”, no idea what that means by the way…). ”Black Skirt, Pink Shirt” is one of those “cat clothes” tracks, a great one! (named “Black Slacks Pink Shirt” on the CD by the way). “Let´s Walk, Walk, Walk” has a great swinging Country feel to it while “Hey Pretty Mama” again is a great rockin´ midtempo jiver that will do well with DJ´s. “Sweet Woman” is not the Ed Bruce number but another kool jivin´track while “Drinkin´ Wine” has a pure Rockabilly sound and reminds me of a song from the late 1940´s , I think there was a version of that song done by Johnny Burnette and his Rock´n´Roll Trio!!  Wasn´t even a German band named after it? I have to find out……….  Oh, did I mention that there is a vinyl version???

DJ Wildgoner


„Drinkin´ Wine“

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5746 - CD


​This is one of the projects by US guitar wizard Chris Casello. Many of you will know Chris as the guitar player for Rockabilly legend Johnny Powers. Here you´ll get an album of late 50's to early 60's instros.  A bit of Surf, some Exotica, some Link Wray & Dick Dale, even  a bit of Easy Listening and proper Rock´n´Roll. I ´m not too keen on some of the tracks I have to admit especially the ones with an organ or a hefty 60's Beat. “Chin Tiki Swing” stands out, this is a real nice swingin´ Hawaian style number played with a doghouse bass! I really dig the Link Wray / Dick Dale styled numbers and if you love your instrumentals check these boys out, you won´t be disappointed!

DJ Wildgoner


​Cherry Casino


Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5771 - C

​Fia Sco & The Majestics

“You´re My Sugar”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5753 - CD



​Another of these wild Mexican bands but this time not on Wild Records. As far as I know this is their debut album and a few years back there was a 4 track vinyl EP (which got lost somewhere in my ever increasing record collection). They are not a Rockabilly band by any means, their style is the late 50's, early 60's desperate garage Rock´n´Roll sound. A bit of rockin´ Blues and a bit of surf is added to the cocktail. “I Wanna Love You” is a real good starter for this fast and heavily rockin´ album. “Spitfire” has more of a sixties sound to it, also “The Game” draws its influence heavily from the early Sonics. The title track “Killswitch”, an instrumental, rocks like hell and makes a frantic jiver,  the same can be said for “In ´ N´ Out Shut”. There are many vocal tracks in that frantic style like “Baby Doll”, “You Don´t Care Baby”, “Don´t Run Away”, “Frantic” (not the British Rock´n´Roll songs with the same name done by Dickie Pride or Freddie Fingers Lee). Their sound reminds me of bands like Lil´Louis & The Wild Teens, the Playboys (they also have a sax player in their line-up) or the Japanese Rizlaz.  I really dig the Spanish version of Ritchie Valens “Oh, My Head”, this time it´s done in a stroll tempo. The excotic “Wild Savage Woman” will make a kool stroller and the early 60's Rocker “Bailamos Rock´n´Roll” brings this fast and wild album to a perfect end. All in all a killer album but you have to like the late 50's and early 60's wild Rock´n´Roll sound. If you do (I do by the way!) check them out, you won´t regret it!! 

 DJ Wildgoner

​The Houserockers

“Blue Swinging Mama”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5819 – CD


​K.C- ´Don´ Maddox

“Fiddling Into History”