Dale Rocka And The Volcanoes

"(Jump Into) The Midnight Ball"

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5779-CD


Killer debut album from this Italian Hepcat!  Debut album I hear ya' ask?  Yes, they have been around for many years now and have recorded a handful of kool 45's but this really is their first full length album.  Let me tell ya, it was worth waiting for!  All but two of the 14 songs are self written, their version of the Mills Brothers/Ames Brothers " Rag Mop" rocks along at a frantic pace.  If you've seen them before or even own some of their 45's, you know that they deliver a very kool and authentic 50's Rockabilly sound, sometimes with traces of the good ole Northern Band Rock 'n' Roll sound.  When you are DJ-ing with CD's, I am sure that you'll find a lot of dance floor fillers like their version of "Willa Mae" or the killer Jiver "Remember Last Night" with it's frantic late 50's sound.  Without a doubt, an amazing Rockabilly/ Rock 'n' Roll album which testifies that they are within the cream of the crop of the European Rockabilly Hepcat scene.  Did I mention that this album is also available in the much preferred vinyl 10" format?  Go get it!

​DJ Wildgoner

John Lewis & His Trio


ACR 004- CD

(get it at www.therealjohnlewis.com)

Brand new album from the crazy cat, who fronted the Rimshots for many years and also is the mastermind behind Johnny Bach and His Moonshine Boozers.  You'll never know what to expect and so here we are treated to songs like pure Rockers like "Flat Top Cat", "She's Long Gone", the Doo Wop sound of "Sanity" (with the famous Jets doin' the background harmonies), the wonderful jivin' "Please Don't Let Me Love You" (Hank Williams), the great "6 Months Gone" (for all those trendies appearing on the rockin' scene recently but staying only for very short time) or the Welsh traditional "Sosban Fach" (Welsh for "Little Saucepan") played in a traditional style, then changes to a Grady Martin "Burnette" style before it turns into an early 60's Surf instrumental complete with organ.  (Okay, I do hate this instrument!)  Sounds crazy??  It is, I can promise ya'!  To be honest, this is not your typical average Rockabilly album.  It's far more than that but always stays on the traditional side and it is very entertaining, the songwriting is as always outstanding!  You can also check out some of his songs at a great radio show done by my mate, the top UK rockin' DJ Steve-Stack-Of-Wax (http://www.mixcloud.com/stevestackofwax/) .  Top notch album by John!

​DJ Wildgoner

King D. and The Royals Of Rhythm

Yeehaw Records YR 7-100

​4 track Vinyl EP

Here's another great EP for your beloved turntable!  The German Hepcat fanzine thought it's high time to give you kats 'n' kittens some rockin' vinyl and so here it is:  King D And The Royals Of Rhythm are from Austria and they made some big impact on the European Hepcat scene a few years ago.  then their ace guitar player, Sven, died and all come to a stop.  This record shows them at their absolute rockin' best!  Check out the Hillbilly stroll sound of "Smockin' & Pickin'" which will remind you of good ole Hank Williams and the early Wayne Hancock, absolute killer!  "Sweet Lovin'" is a great midtempo Jiver, "Crack My Whip" a killer bopper and "My Own Way" also rocks in a first class style.  this is an absolutely amazing piece of wax, you can check it out on Youtube.   You better be quick if you want one because only 500 copies are around.  Ordering info at:   info@yeehaw.de

​DJ Wildgoner

Marcel Bontempi

"The Headless Horseman"

Squoodge Records SR17.110

4 track Vinyl EP

Oh boy, another killer by Mr. Bontempi!  As you already might know, he's the guy who gave us the killer Bopper "Dig A Hole" and also fronts the German Beatsters "Montesas".  This little piece of black wax will make the perfect soundtrack for your next Halloween party, I promise!  The songs are about Satan, Witches, the living Death and the Headless Horseman (remember " Sleepy Hollow"?)  What kind of style is it, is it Psychobilly?  No bloody hell, proper 50's and early 60's B-Movie sound is waiting to be played on your trusty hi-fi record player!  Suoodge Records really did an excellent job with this one:  very nice and spooky packaging and proper heavy wax.  It's limited as always so better be quick and check out their website www.squoodge.de if you'd like to treat yourself with this kool platter.  Marcel soon will have another record out, this time with his new band, "Dr. Bontempi's Snakeoil Company".  Interested?  You'll better watch for this one, it will be killer!!

​DJ Wildgoner

Wheels Fargo and The Nightingale

"At The Hayride"

​Parts Records CD 679-004

This band comes from sunny Italy and this is already their third album recorded for Andy Widder's Part Records Label.  Do you like the Carlisles or the Maddox Brothers and their sister Rose??  Then I'll guess you'll love this album because that's exactly the sound you'll get here!!  There aren't too many bands around which are playing this very traditional early 50's Country Boogie and uptempo Hillbilly sound.  I wasn't too keen on their very first album because I thought the sound could be more authentic then it came out on the album but this little ditty here is absolute perfect, well done!!!  So what more to say??  Buy that one from Amazon.com, love it, treasure it and have a good old Hillbilly Barndance!  An amazing five star release, for sure one of the very best ever to come out on Part Records!!

​DJ Wildgoner

The Brillian Tears

"Club Of Broken Hearts"

Teensville Records TV 1008


When I started my rockin' life back in the early 80's many of my friends also listened to the Doo Wop recordings by artists like Dion & The Belmonts, the Passions, the Elegants or Billy & The Essentials.  This Doo Wop style is known as Neo Doo Wop or as (the much prefered term) the "White Group Sound".  The American re-issue label Crystal Ball Records with it's founder Ed Engel did put out dozens and dozens of great albums in the early 80's which many of my mates bought besides records of Charlie Feathers, Johnny Burnette or Gene Vincent.  This most excellent Doo Wop group consists of members of the Crystalaires (Ralf zur Linde), The Earth Angels (Jordi Majo), The Roomates (Steve Webb), the Jive-O-Matics (Anja Bien) and the Iteli-Gents (background harmonies on some tracks) backed by some of the best musicians from the European Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll scene!  Most of the songs were written by Frank Buttgereit (from the Crystalairs and Belangels fame!)  and do have an authentic early 60's sound and feel.  A very catchy and well produced album packed with some soon-to-be Doo Wop classics like "Club Of Broken Hearts", "See The Moonlight", "Blonde Angel", "Moment Of Sadness", "Tracy" and the wonderful a-capella version of "Please Write".  Most excellent Doo Wop album, I love it!!!

​DJ Wildgoner

Here's a bit of Rockabilly History Kats' n Kittens:  If you think that the US Rockabilly Revival started with those strayin' cats....think again.  Haven't there been guys like Robert Gordon in the later part of the 70's or even kids like Jimmie Lee Maslon in the very early 70's to look back to the days of red hot Rockabilly?  Jimmie started cuttin' Rockabilly and Rock n' Roll for Ronnie Weisers' Rollin' Rock label at the age of 15 in 1972 after Ronnie met this kid at a record collectors swap meet and was amazed about his tast in music.  His first recordings were the self written "Your Wildcat Ways" and an amazing cover of Bill Allen's "Please Give Me Something", both versions you'll find on this 26 tracker.   He recorded several 45's and albums for Rollin' Rock Records and here you'll get most of his recordings done in the 70's and early 80's.  Okay, most of his recordings don't have the very authentic sound we are used to nowadays but in the 70's, the sound was amazing.  He even toured Finland in 1981 and played in front of thousands of screaming teenagers aged 12-16!  If you like to hear how the US Rockabilly Revival really started, give it a listen.  You won't be disappointed, top notch booklet by the way!!

​DJ Wildgoner

Jimmie Lee Maslon

"My Wildcat Ways"

Part Records CD 6109.001

(Check www.amazon.com for this album)

Brand new recordings from this top UK Country cat.  His style could be described as a blend of traditional Country & Hillbilly, authentic Rockabilly and Western Swing with some Hank III influence thrown in.  Sounds interesting, doesn't it?  His new recordings will surely please all out there who have already seen him performing live or have checked out his great debut album (also on Rhythm Bomb) .  Top songs for me are his kool rocker "Real Hot Mama", the duet harmony of "Please Don't Love Me" or the very traditional 50's Country sound of "Don't Go Dyin' On Me Honey".  Top little album if you also like yourself a little bit of traditional Country and Hillbilly.

​DJ Wildgoner

Jamie "Bubba J" Faulkner

"6 Track CD Promo EP"

Rhythm Bomb Records



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