John Lewis And His Rock n' Roll Trio

"Flat-Top Cat / She's Long Gone"

Migraine Bop 019 - Vinyl 45

(Limited to 500 copies)

It's always a good to hear some new self written rockin' recordings by the crazy Welshman John Lewis which some of you lot out there may know as the lead singer of the absolutely fantastic Rimshots!  On his hot slab of wax you'll be treated with a brilliant tribute to Mac Curtis (R.I.P.) called "Flat Top Cat", an outstanding uptempo rocker with great lyrics.  Guess Mac would have loved that one!  "She's Long Gone" is an equally great Rocker so in fact you'll get two A-Sides for your hard earned money, what more to ask?

​DJ Wildgoner

​The latest offering by one the of the true Legends of Rock n' Roll from Latvia, who played our music when it was still forbidden by the Communist party and Latvia was a part of the USSR.  Great authentic sound on this album, recorded at the Lightning Recorders studio in good ole' Berlin.  I have to admit that in my opinion this is Pete's best album by now, great sound, great musicians and 14 of the 15 tracks are self written, mainly by Pete and Anna.  On this album you'll hear a bigger spectrum of our muisc like slap bass rockers, a bit of teenage Rock n' Roll stuff, some jivin' sounds in a late 50's Teenage Rock n' Roll style.  A very entertaining album!  "Don't Be Shy" reminds me a bit of good ole' Swedish rockin' cat Mr. Phil Trigwell!  Check out stuff like the previously mentioned "Don't Be Shy", "Red Corvette", "Hot Rod Rocket", "Come Back To Me", "You Will Be My Hotrod" or the boom-chicka-boom sound of "One Shot".  If you like proper 50's Rock n' Roll mixed with a bit of rockabilly and Country check it out, you won't be disappointed!

DJ Wildgoner

Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers

"Enjoy The Ride"

​Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5767 - CD

 ​I bet some of you lot out there did not know that there is a lively Hepcat scene in Australia.   Mr. Chatterbox made another good choice in booking these kats who bring you some of the most authentic 50's Rockabilly and wild Rock n' Roll you'll find on this planet.  Most of the tracks on this killer album are self written and you'll have to check out the lyrics, which often are creepy and amazing!  I have to admit I do absolutely love this band, do I sound like a middle-aged-teenage-fan??  The Rave lot went wild when they rocked the main stage and lots of CD's were sold after the show.  Like I said, the sound of the recordings are period perfect and after the Rave this was one of the CD's I played over and over again in our little cottage in Devon, where we stayed for a couple of weeks.  Check out "Damn Their Hides", "Warm And Close", "The Jackal", "She Demon" or their boppin' verison of "You Bring Out The Wolf In Me"!  Like their first album "Going Straight (To The Electric Chair)", this is an absolute killer album by one of my favorite bands from Australia.  If you dig bands like the Crawdads or the Tex Speed Combo, you simply can't afford not to buy this album, I love it!!

DJ Wildgoner

Lil' Mo and The Unholy Four


​Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5764

​Many of you kats n' kittens out there will know Lil' Mo from his excellent Doo Whop outfit, The Dynaflos.  For his excellent solo debut he had chosen many well known Rock n' Roll and Rockabilly classics and gave them his very special Lil' Mo treatment.  Did it work?  Bloody hell, yes!!  This guy went down a storm when he appeared at the Rockabilly Rave's main stage.  The crowd absolutely loved this crazy guy!  Killer tracks like "Save It" (Mel Robbins) or Jimmy Dells  " I've Got A Dollar" are already played at the European record hops, his version of the Hot Boogie Chillun's "Chillun Walk", Conway Twitty's of the old Irish (Not English!) folk anthem " Danny Boy" or the Charlie Rich jiver "Rebound" are top notch.  If you feel low down and want to get into a party mood and you'll desperately search for a soundtrack to bring you into a rockin' mood, put this album into your CD player and have a ball!  Killer album, no weak track in sight.

​DJ Wildgoner

Scotty Baker

"I'm Calling It"

​Presstone Records PCD34 - CD

This is the long awaited follow up by Australia's very own premier Rockabilly/Rockin' Country singer, Mr. Scotty Baker.  Lots of people at last years Rockabilly Rave wondered why this unknown cat from down under was billed as a headliner in the official Rave program, boy were they wrong!  You don't find such a talent very often and Mr. Jerry Chatterbox was absolutely right to re-book this hep kat for the main stage at this years Rave, again as a headliner.  Like the first CD, this album is full of absolute killer wild rockers, proper authentic Rock n' Roll, rockin' Country and a bit of Bakersfield sound.  This time a saxaphone was added for some of the tracks and this works very well.  His quality as a songwriter is absolutely amazing, comes from his heart and can easily be compared with the late great Johnny Cash (some people will hate me for that statement).  This is a real killer album, check out songs like "Knockout", "Pop The Question", "Katerina", "Move To The City", "Cadillac Girls" or the wonderful and beautiful "I'm Calling It".  There's not a single weak track on this album.  This guy has a five star quality!  Absolutely amazing album from down under, check it out and play it over and over again!

​DJ Wildgoner

Record Reviews August 2014

​East Coast Rockabilly Central

Pike Cavalero

"My Misery / Black Hearts Club"

Migraine Bop 017- Vinyl

​(limited to 500 copies)

Great doublesider taken from his current album called "Toro" on the Spanish Sleazy Records Label.  "My Misery" is a great Jiver, this time with a bit more Country Roots in his Rockabilly sound.  The song reminds me a bit of "The Race Is On" by the late great George Jones!  Kool little dittie that will pack the dance floors for sure.  Flipside shows Pike in his boppin' mood with "Black Hearts Club", also a top notch track!  I guess this piece of wax will be a sure fire hit with all the DJ's, highly recommended!

Guess I must get his album very soon......

DJ Wildgoner

TT Syndicate

"Abu Dhabi Twist / Sloppy Drunk"

Migraine Bop 018 - Vinyl 45

​(limited to 500 copies)

I guess this must be the third 45 by this 60's style R&B outfit from Portugal.  They are always good for a surprise and so you'll get the dance floor filling jiver "Abu Dhabi Twist" on the Topside and a heavy Blues/ Garage 60's Rocker on the Flipside.  "Abu Dhabi Twist" reminds me a bit of the albums from the "Las Vegas Grind" compilations which came out somewhere in the late 80's and "Sloppy Drunk" isn't a million miles away from the stuff that Bunker Hill recorded with the mighty Linkster.  If you dig a bit of 60's R&B this is the 45 to go for.

DJ Wildgoner

Great first offering by a band who went down a storm when they played the downstairs club at this year's Rave.  This very talented band hails from Estonia and it's great to see so many excellent bands from the eastern part of Europe.  Mary Ann and her Tri-Tones do have an authentic Rockabilly and late 50's Rock n' Roll sound.  The singer is not only pretty but also has a very good and trained voice which can handle wild rockers but also beautiful ballads!  The backing band is also ace with the kat on guitar playing some amazing guitar licks at their Rave set.  I also like the fact that they stay on the authentic Rockabilly and Rock n' Roll side of our music because nowadays it seems to be a must for female Rockabilly vocalists to throw in some Lavern Baker or Ruth Brown.  Ain't there enough girls doin' this properly?  The three songs on this debut EP are self written and I really like them.  Catchy lyrics, great sound and a very good introduction to the music of Mary Ann and her Tri-Tones.  At the moment this very talented lot is looking for a record label to release their first full length album.  So if one of you label bosses out there is interested to sign a very talented band to add to your stable of stars feel free to contact them under .  Great band that will do very well in the near future!

​DJ Wildgoner

Mary Ann & The Tri-Tones

"Honey Baby / Kitten Walk / Bye Bye My Baby"

3 Track CD EP

Marc & The Wild Ones

"She Put A Spell On Me"

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5786 

​(CD also available in vinyl!!!)

There was a time when the rockin' kats n' kittens went absolutely nuts for an album compilation called "Desperate Rock n' Roll", filled with lots of obscure late 50's to early 60's Rock n' Roll and wild Blues Boppin' stuff.  Music like this was new to the scene and made available by some die-hard collectors and rockin' fanatics.  This is the kind of stuff you will hear on this fantastic album, their second one by the way.  These young kats took the European scene by storm when they appeared a few years back.  13 tracks are self written, their version of Larry Donn's (R.I.P.) "Honey Bun" is also top notch.  On this album you'll find wild rockers, savage Rockabilly, dance floor filling Blues Boppers as well as a killer instrumental to bring you lot out there in the perfect mood to party!!  Superb songs with a fantastic sound recorded at the Black Shack Recordings studio in lovely Calw (one of the very best studios in Europe when you are aiming for an authentic sound by the way!!)  Check out "Be Boppin' Baby", the wild and frantic rockin' Jiver "I Love My Baby", the koool stroller "Little Ann", the sleazy and hypnotic "Voodoo Woman" or the Jivin' instrumental "Doggin At The Black Shack".  Killer album by one of the very best Hepcat bands in Europe!!

​DJ Wildgoner

Hank's Jalopy Demons

"Music On The Beat Up"

​Flipster Records CD