TT Syndicate

"Movin' And A Groovin'/ Venom Dream Queen"  

​Migraine Bop 015

Bill Fadden & The Rhythmbusters

"Glenville Railroad Tracks/The Payback"

Migraine Bop 016

Oh boy, this is an absolute belter by one of my favorite UK bands at the moment!  What, you've never heard 'bout these guys, are ya' livin' on Mars??  After a mind blowing album and another great 45 on your favorite German vinyl label it was high time to feed the hungry hepcats with these two killer tracks, the wonderful boppin' "Glenville Railroad Tracks" and the wild jivin' sound of "The Payback", the last one reminds me a bit of the wild stuff recorded by the legendary Hi-Winders.  "Oh, I would love to have that 45" I hear you say.  So why not hurry down to your local record shop (when you're lucky) or order it from your favorite record dealer, you won't be disappointed.  Killer 45, can't wait to see them again at the Migraine Bash.

​DJ Wildgoner

Frantic Rockers

"Savage Beat"

Rhythm Bomb Records (CD without number)

Debut album from this Rockin' Blues combo from the United States.  Since the 80's the rockin' and boppin' Blues is very popular on the European rockin' scene and there are lots of bands like Dollar Bill (okay, in this case a one-man-band), the Excellos, Boll Weavil Blues Band or the Blue Flames.  many of the bands try to recreate the early boppin' Blues sound of Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, or Howlin' Wolf but the Frantic Rockers take it a bit further.  Their sound is more updated without straying too far away.  If you like your rockin' Blues on the wild side, do check them out!  For me the sounds is a bit too modern but I'm very single minded when it comes to my music.  Anyway, a good debut album from a band that will surely be headlining some of the big festivals in the near future.

DJ Wildgoner

The Side-Wynders

"Let's Go Sparkin' With"

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5788

This is already the second album by the very kool U.S. Rockabilly, Rockin' Hillbilly band.  As I loved their first album I was really looking forward to their new recordings.  This is not your average U.S. Rockabilly outfit with massive greasy pomps and tattoos all over.  These boys are deeply rooted in the rockin' Hillbilly side of Rockabilly.  Do you like the stuff cut by the likes of Rusty & Doug (Kershaw) or Jimmy and Johnny??  Yes???  You also go for an authentic and period perfect sound when it comes to new bands??  Another Yes??  Then you better drive your old jalopy to the next proper record store and ask the dealer to order you a copy.  In my humble opinion, this is an absolute killer album which tops their first one, hard to believe.  My favorite track??  Guess it has to be the moody "The Blues Don't Care", what a killer.  5 Star album.  I love it!!

DJ Wildgoner

Various Artists

"It's the Yeehaaw Songbook"

Rhythm Bomb Records  RBR 5775

​By the way you are reading this I guess you'll already know, that the newest baby on the U.S. Rockin' scene, the East Coast Rockabilly Central, has it's headquarters in Lexington, Va.  Ever wondered what was going on in Virginia in the 50's apart from the likes of Gene Vincent  (my all time hero)  and the Mighty "Linkster" Link Wray or the sadly missed Janis Martin?  Here you'll get real value for your money, 2 cds packed with 61 killer tracks of Rockabilly, Rock N' Roll and Boppin' Hillbilly from Virginia.  You'll find record hop favorites like Janis Martin, Doug Powell, of course Mr. Gene Vincent, Clint Miller, Link Wray, The Rock-A-Teens or Phil Gray and The Go Boys.  The booklet which comes with the set is really outstanding, something you normally would only get from companies by the likes of Bear Family or Ace Records.  Indepth liner notes looking into each and every artist with very, very rare photos I haven't seen anywhere else, what a killer set!  If you are not a vinyl only type of person go get it, you won't regret.  It's a UK release from the year 2009 but you can find it very easily on the U.S. Amazon site.

​DJ Wildgoner


"The History Of Rockabilly In The Commonwealth."

JSP Records JSP6201 2 CD set with booklet.

​ East Coast Rockabilly Central

This is the second release from this R' n B' Band from Portugal.  Some of you cats may have caught them performing at last years Rhythm Riot or may already have their first 45.  "Movin' And A Groovin'" has a very catchy Ray Collins type of beat and will do well with the Jumpin' Jive crowd.  At the moment, it's already played by some of the top Rock' n Roll DJ's in their weekly shows.  The flipside , which I prefer, has a strong mid 60's Elvis style to it, will surely hit some stroller sets at the big weekenders.  But if you like the late 50's New Breed R' n B' with a little bit of Jump and Soul this is the 45 to go for!

DJ Wildgoner

Marc & The Wild Ones

"I Love My Baby"

Witchcraft Records WCI 112 (45 vinyl)

Witchcraft Records did it again, another sure fire double sider that fills every dance floor immediately.  Felix Schuetze (better known as DJ Lucky Shooter) made a very clever choice to put this two killer on one slab of good ole' wax.  Marc and the Wild Ones are without a shadow of a doubt one of the very best German bands, when it comes  to the wild late 50's style of Rock' n Roll.  Think of the old " Desperate Rock' n Roll" albums from the later 80's and you are halfway there.  "I Love My Baby" is a wild 100 mph Jiver that will leave you breathless on the dance floor and the Boppin' Blues sound of " Please Don't Go" will pack said floor with cohorts of boppin' kats!   Absolute Killer 45 that every serious DJ should own, 5 star release!!!

​DJ Wildgoner

Gone Hepsville

"Lotsa Rhythm"

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5770

Oh boy, I haven't heard a modern band doin' the good ole' Northern Band Rock' n Roll style since the early 90's.  This was the time when the British band Big Six brought back this style of rockin' to the more Rockabilly orientated Hepcats.  Does anyone remember their fab cover of the old Glam Rock number " 20th Century Boy" done in a proper Johnny Burnette Trio style??  Gone Hepsville are also from the Czech Republic, seems that there is a very good and healthy scene there at the moment.  I always like to hear young bands performing their own material instead of covering the obvious material like in this case Haley, Cavello or Bell.  All of the 18 tracks are self written originals and recorded at the world famous Lightning Recorders Studio in Berlin, Germany.  A very catchy album, great song writing, an authentic sound and some real killer tracks on this one.  When I was still in my teens there were bands like the Bel-Aires, the Dynamite Band or the great Stargazers belting out this brand of Rock' n Roll on nearly every big event.  Guess it's high time for Gone Hepsville to give the cats some proper Northern Band Rock' n Roll.  My favorite tracks?  Check out "Lotsa Rhythm", "She Won't Shut Up", "I'm Gone Hepsville", "True Fine Mama That Loves Me" and the beautiful "Surrendered".

DJ Wildgoner

Ruby Ann

"Running Wild"

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5752

​Third solo album by this rockin' gal from Portugal.  Lots of different styles on this one, from rockin' belters like her version of Fabians "Got The Feeling", Dean Hawleys cross-over stroller "Bossman", the rockin' Jiver "Half Past Crazy", the rockin' Hillbilly style of "Always Gone" or the beautiful ballad "Run Wild".  Recorded with some of the best U.S. musicians like Beau Sample, Eddie Clendening, Alex Hall or Joel Patterson you know what to expect.  In my opinion it's a good and solid album but nothing that gets me into a party mood, some tracks are more for listening than going wild on the dance floor.

DJ Wildgoner

This 24 tracker was done in cooperation with the German "Yeehaaw" Rock 'n Roll mag and the Roll Cat Roll shop, which has it's headquarters in the Northern part of Germany.  It's a good look into the Rockin' scene at the moment, with all it's different styles but most of the songs on this compilation do have an authentic 50's sound.  Check out European scene favorites like the mighty Marc & The Wild Ones, Jake Calypso, Cherry Casino, Ruby Ann, Jamie Faulkner, Dale Rocka, Kig D. (R.I.P. Sven!), Nelson Carrera, Mississippi Queen, B & The Bops, Mike Penny, Ray Allen or the swinging sound of the Inteli-Gents.  Great cd for traveling by car, nothing you'll have to skip in a hurry!

​DJ Wildgoner