Joanatan Richard And His Beatful Boys

“Hey Everybody”

Ipojuke Records 33 EP IEP – 1501  4 track Vinyl EP


Rookie Finn

"It Ain´t About“

O-Ha Records 336 – one sided vinyl 45


And another fantastic bopper on Olaf Haspel´s O-Ha Record! Bloody hell, these Swiss kats rock like hell and remind me very much of Charlie Hightone, one of my favorite artists at the moment. Will it be another massive club hit on this little but excellent label?? “You can bet your bottom dollar” could be the phrase used by Mr. Jack Scott (but I´m not sure if he would like it, maybe a bit too wild….). Great stuff, get it at the record shops mentioned above!!!!

DJ Wildgoner

​Lew Lewis and the Twilight Trio

“Just Dance”

Western Star Records WSRCEP09 – Vinyl EP

​Jack Rabbit Slim

"Rockin´ With“

Western star Records WSRC MLP 04 – 10 inch yellow vinyl


Jack Rabbit Slim

"Next Time / Blood Sweat ´n´ Fears”

Western Star Records WSRC 7002

Ronnie Hawkins

"Southern Love / Hey Boba Lou“

Sleazy Records SR 84 – 45

​"East Coast Rockabilly Central"

​Top notch wax (and a great picture sleeve) from Sleazy Records! I guess most of you die hard rockin´ lot will be familiar with the name of Ronnie Hawkins. He is a living legend and gave us frantic Rockers like “Forty Days”, “Wild Little Willie” or “Horace”, just to name a few. Both “Southern Love” and “Hey Boba Lou” are much in demand strollers, previously only available on his Roulette Records album. Both songs sound absolutely brilliant and will fill the dancefloor with strollin´chicks if you mix ´em in your set properly. A great re-release, I hoped for this one for a long time.

DJ Wildgoner

​"Record Reviews Summer 2016"

Another two tracks from John Lewis's last album, a killer from start to finish by the way. Here we get his top jivin´ version of the Hank Williams song “Please Don´t Let Me Love You” plus the Doo Wop influenced rocker “Sanity” (backing harmonies by the legendary Jets!!). Absolutely  fantastic stuff for you DJ´s and collectors out there. I was really looking forward to seeing the Jets at the Rockabilly Rave by the way.  They were fantastic!!

DJ Wildgoner


First thing that comes to mind when you look at this EP is “What a stunning picture sleeve!”. Oh yes, it looks like the old glossy laminated EP´s from late 50's, absolutely killer. There is also an inlay with further info about this band from Brazil. The recordings were done in beautiful Mono and the band plays a very big range of rockin´music: On this EP you´ll find a Gospel influenced rocker (“Hey Everybody”), a bit of trad. Country  and Western (“I´m Not Here Just For Business”), the Neo-Swing influenced “God Gave Me The Music”) and authentic Rockabilly with “1,2,3,4..Once More”. The liner notes were written by Mr. Rollin´Rock himself, Ronnie Weiser!! There seems to be a lively rockin´scene in Brazil, check ´em out on facebook:

DJ Wildgoner

Lew Lewis and his bunch of mates (one is his Pa by the way) are one of the finest rockin´ bands in England. The debut album was great (you´ll find the review on your favorite rockin´ US website) but these new recording are absolute killer and will be a hit with the DJ´s  and fans around the world. “If You Gonna Love Me” and “What Might Have Been” (check out the great clip on youtube) are two killer Rock´n´Roll and Rockabilly Jivers while “(She Makes Me Feel) I Wanna Fly” with its Burnette Trio style guitar will fill the dancefloor with sharp dressed boppin´ kats. If you dig the good ole´ boppin´ Blues sound, then check out “Blow Your Mind”, you will love this! An absolute belter of an EP, the liner notes are by top rockin´ DJ Bill Guntrip. Get it kats´n´kittens, you won´t be disappointed!

DJ Wildgoner

​John Lewis

“Please Don´t Let Me Love You / Sanity”

Migraine Records Bop 024 – Vinyl 45


​The Royals Flush

“Moonshine Truck”

O-Ha Records 335 – one sided vinyl 45

Here we've got the long awaited debut from Sharna-Mae and her boys.  Sharna-Mae is, by the way,  the daughter of Hicksville Bomber Dave Brown so you know this band has to be good! On this 12 tracker you´ll find many different rockin´ styles such as  Rockabilly, proper 50´s style Rock´n´Roll, rockin´ Hillbilly or jivin´ Country Rockers and ballads. The album starts with the frantic “Hot Rod Girl” before moving into a relaxed Stroll rhythm with “Watching You”. “Suicide Girl” with its darker lyrics reminds me a bit of something that Carlos Bandido could have written and the title track “Love Drunk” is a great up-tempo guitar Rocker. “You Light The Candles” and “Little Bit Scared” are two nice Country ballads, they are also doin´ an ace job on “Jackson” but in my opinion this classic was covered too often in the years after Johnny´s death. “Bombshell Blonde” (male lead on this one) rocks brilliantly in an early Country Boogie / Western Bop style whilst “High School Party” is a pure Rock´n´Roll jiver. They are doin´ a great job on Mickey & Sylvia´s “No Good Lover”, “Sugar In The Tank” is a kool tongue-in-cheek rocker with a Blues Bop scheme. The last song on this hot little shiny is the great jivin´ Country Rocker “Double Time” which will surely be a hit with some of the rockin´ DJ´s, great one!! An impressive debut from a very young band with a bright future on the rockin´scene, they were a must-see at the Rave and they did not disappoint!!

DJ Wildgoner

Okay, fellow kats´n´kittens, after their last album “Won´t Stay Down” I almost decided to call it a day on this UK band, their sleazy Rockabilly sound was totally lost and their music was much too modern for my (more old-fashioned) taste. But good news came in the form of this absolute mind-blowing  piece of yellow wax. With the newly recruited Paul Gaskin (ex Rapids and Dave Phillips and the Hot Rod Gang) their style goes straight back to their Sleazeabilly roots which the Hepcats love so much. “Next Time” is a fantastic Bopper in the Johnny Burnette Trio tradition and “Run What Ya´Brang” gives you a classic Cliff Gallup style hotrod themed rocker. JRS never was a pure Rockabilly band, so “XXX” adds a  heavy dose of early Sonics sound to the strollin´ rhythm of the song. “The Devil Made You” is a great Blues Bopper and far away from the boring stuff that is played in the Blues Bop sets by some of the DJ´s.  Both, “Blood, Sweat and Fears” and the instrumental “Gotham” are two wild rockin´ jivers, for sure not the right stuff for all you Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie fanatics who turn up at rockin´ events and asking for their music to be played by the rockin´DJ´s! This record surely is a winner and in my opinion one of their best albums so far. The kings of Sleaze-A-Billy are back and I love it!

DJ Wildgoner


Raw and rough, straight in your face, bluesy Rockabilly Madness!! An absolute top notch boppin´ record hop filler from this krazy London kat, his debut by the way. This guy has a voice and a style that Hasil Adkins and Sirocco Brothers fans will love, I guarantee. Strictly limited 150 copies worldwide, a very fast sell-out success but to this day still available at record shops like No Hit Records or Bim Bam Records, check out their website if you still need a copy!

DJ Wildgoner


For all you rockin´ DJ´s and collectors out there, a 45 is available with two great songs (one Bopper, one Jiver) of the above mentioned mini album. Both, the 10 inch and the 45, are strictly limited so better ask your favorite record dealer if they can get you a copy. Did I mention that you could check out all of the songs on youtube?

DJ Wildgoner


Sharna-Mae and the Mayhems

"Love Drunk”

​Western Star CD