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​Hi Kats and Kittens, 

  I'm DJ Wildgoner from Southern Germany.  I entered the world of Rockabilly in 1981, after having heard Ronnie Self belting out "Bop-A-Lina" on the radio.  There was lots of Rockabilly on the radio and television in those days and I really liked Teddyboy bands like Crazy Cavan & The Rythym Rockers, Sandy Ford and His Flying Saucers and the Riot Rockers.  I wasn't too keen on the updated Neo-Rockabilly sound of the Stray Cats or the whole Psychobilly thing.  Over the years my musical taste changed from the Revival sound of the Teddyboys to the authentic 'rockin' sound of the Hepcat bands.  The Hepcat scene really took off in Europe in the early 90's with magazines like the sadly missed Continental Restyling or record labels like Tail Records.  I'm behind the turntables on a regular basis and also write for German magazines like "Dynamite-The World Of Rock' n Roll", the great " Mad House Jump" or the newest baby on the Rockin' scene "Cherry Pick".  Have fun reading, hope you like it.  

DJ Wildgoner

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