‚Äč       In our Rock'N'Roll History Series we are introducing

       well known and not so well known artists.  Some

       went on to become legends of the scene.  Others didn't quite get as far, but they all had one thing in common.....they each brought something to the future and shape of the music.  They each in turn contributed something unique to themselves.  These articles will attempt to show you a glimpse into their everyday life and the struggles to follow their dream.  DJ Wildgoner and Jason will bring you a new edition occasionially with a different artist.  Be it thru luck that they caught a break or thru tragedy that it ended too soon, we will bring them to front and center with some never before seen photos and info provided by those closest to them.  Hope you enjoy the strolls thru the moments of Rock n' Roll History!                


Rock 'N' Roll History

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