​After four days of Rockabilly heaven it was time for the last band, one of my all-time favorites, The Rimshots from Wales. With the original line-up their show was absolutely fantastic and without any doubt one of the highlights of this years Rave. 


Rockabilly Rave Part 2

The last DJ in the main hall was Simon Flintstone and he did a real killer set, the perfect end for a  perfect weekender.  For those who were still hungry for the boppin' beat, the party went on downstairs till the early hours of Monday.

What a fantastic weekender: top notch bands, loads of faintastic DJ's and a very friendly atmosphere in Rockabilly Land (as it was once called by the lovely Amber Foxx).  When it comes to Rockabilly, the Rave is simply the best weekender in the world!!

​DJ Wildgoner

​This surely was a tough cat to follow but Australia's Hank's Jalopy Demons managed to keep the Rockabillies in Hepcat heaven with their hard hitting and authentic Rockabilly sound.  Check out their new fantastic album!  Charlie Thompson is without a doubt one of the best voices on todays rockin' scene and he treated the crowd to the finest hillbilly and authentic Rockabilly.