Band name:
Savage breed
Long Beach Ca. USA
Band members:
Gabriel Martinez
Jason Moreno
Tim Lopez
Ricardo Luna
Booking contact:
Merchandise purchase info:
You can message us via facebook or contact

How would you describe your style of music?
Raw energy, with a distinct sound. Thinking out of the box kind of music.

How did you get into this style of music?
It all started when we heard the song "You Gotta Move" by Santos, and
it blew our minds. We wanted to play that song.. So we started playing
music with the most limited experience and technique. Also our dear
friend Carlos Gomez was nice enough to write the whole song in tabs so
we can learn it and play it the right way, and from there it took off.
That nice gesture got us going.

How did you come up with your band name?
Well the "Savage" part was pretty simple to us, being influenced by
the bands in the scene and seeing how savage they were and wanting to
be just like them, we picked up savage pretty easily. The breed part
of our name came from people in our hometown of Long Beach saying we
were a new sort of breed of Rockabilly so to say. We just sort of
combined the two and we got "Savage Breed".

What is the background of your band members?
Well all but one of us grew up in Long Beach. Tim who is our drummer,
grew up in a pretty tough part of Carson, California which is the
bordering town right next to us. Myself and also Richie grew up in
pretty tough neighborhoods of our hometown as well, and with Jason as
our youngest member we used our experiences to sort of get him away
from all the nonsense we wanted to stay away from. We wanted to make
our families proud and music was the perfect way to do it.  It was all
wanting to be a part of something that actually mattered.

Who are they as individuals?
As individuals Richie can be a hot head, very opinionated but sincere,
where Jason is the one who is brutally honest, but the reason they are
like this is to make sure no matter what the music sounds on point.
Other than that, a great group of guys who love to stay out of trouble
and have a great time. Tim is somewhat of a gentle giant, very modest
and chill.  Just dont get him mad haha.  Myself, I am just someone who
loves to go with the flow and coach the guys. A cornerman kinda.

Where can people purchase your music and or merchandise?
For T-Shirts you can get a hold of us on our instagram or facebook
page. I believe we still have some left, different color tees will be
out soon! As for music, we have a vinyl compilation out with other
wild bands that can be purchased on and the
vinyl is called Wild Party Vol.2.  As for our personal cd.......still
loading haha. When it does come out also at ,
dont forget to pick up other Wild artist merchandise while you're
there! A lot of great stuff to check out!

How long has your band been together?
Since 2011, with lineup changes but all for the best and it's all
worked out amazingly.

What do you like the most about the Rockabilly scene?
How grounded it can be. It can be our own little world, where everyone
can just dance and enjoy some kickass Rock N' Roll! Young and old, its
a great group of people in a great scene.

Who are your music idols, who influences your music?
Although what got this band started with a Santos song, our two
biggest influences were Carl and the Rhythm All-Stars and the
Hi-Strung Ramblers. But also, we gotta give credit to killer bands
like Santos, The Delta Bombers, The Desperados, String Poppers, Paul
Ansell, Carlos and The Bandidos. Outside scene influences who do have
a lot to do with the way we write our music: Hanni El Khatib, Foo
Fighters, Bass Drum Of Death, Metallica, The Black Keys, Black Sabbath
(Sabbra Cadabra) thats a killer track. CCR (obviously) Queen, R.L
Burnside, Mississippi John Hurt and the list goes on and on!!

What future events do you have planned?
Well Rockalavera the music festival in Mexico in early May, Viva Las
Vegas in April, some pending shows once the cd gets released. We would
love to go to France, it would be killer but we're grateful for every
opportunity we get and never take it for granted.

Do your band members have day jobs or do they make their dime as
professional musicians?
We would love to make a living off of music!! But no haha. As of now
we all work day jobs, some of us work two jobs.

If day jobs, what type of work do they do?
Richie is a licensed barber, works out of 1246 Barbershop in Long Beach.
Tim works in the dental field, with clay creating teeth sculptures.
Jason is the youngster working two jobs. Cleaning and washing cars in
the morning, then working at a local music store in the afternoon
Gabe is that dude cleaning pools while the husbands are at work,
consoling lonley wives in need of attention (watch out with him).

What is your most memorable experience at a concert?
Hands down, it had to be us playing in Mexico City 2015. The crowd was
insane, the reception was incredible. There was a moment in the show
where we saw and heard everyone singing along to our songs. A humbling
experience and one we will never forget.

What was your funniest memory at a concert?
In Vegas playing a show with Will and the Hi-Rollers, we were flashed
and none of us were looking up to see when it happened!! Richie caught
it just in time and when he looked to us we weren't paying attention!
Such a bummer, but the fact that it happened, AWESOME! Also when Gabe
got hammered and drank beer off the stage in the middle of our set!
Sanitary? No. Savage? YES!!

Is there anything that you would like to add about yourself or your band?
About us and the band no. We would like to take this time to talk
about other bands and people we feel are doing amazing right now. Keep
an eye out for Josh Hi-Fi Sorheim, also The Suedes. Amazing Rock N' Roll bands
doing big things and just continue to impress the whole scene. The big
bad BONAVENTURES from Long Beach, a great garage rock band!! Danger
Mob Productions doing house party/venue shows! Brando for keeping the
scene alive, and all his crazy rumble cat family. Two very important
people left last year. Carl Da Silva, that savage man he inspired us
so much and we will never forget him. Carlos Gomez if it weren't for
you we wouldn't even be here right now. We love you and miss you, thank
you for all the support and we hope to be making you proud up there. Aside
from music, there are two people we would like to acknowledge. Annie
Gomez, keep kickin' butt, you're a trooper, and your little girls are
very lucky to have a strong mama like you, just keep on movin! Jesse
Gomez we love you brother, and remember thats how it'll stay. You got
a group of brothers here that will never go away.

Last but not least, what makes this band tick?
Each other haha


"Savage Breed"