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​This hot little ditty already came out in 2010 and was given to us a few month ago.  As far as I know the boys made their debut on Dave Moore´s Wild Hare Records label and this is their second offering.  I really liked their debut album so there are high hopes for this one.  On this album the line-up is slightly different from their debut album but the sound is still very much their own!  The songwriting is excellent and does not only include the obvious themes like girls, booze and hot rods.  There is only one cover version here, a great take on Jimmy Piper´s “Bonfire”!  All in all 14 tracks of high class authentic Rockabilly, obscure late 50's Rock´n´Roll, Mexican Rhythms and even a bit of Country and Blues.  There are eleven tracks plus 3 different rough alternative takes of “Bonfire”, “Thistle In Your Garden” and “Every Good Love Story”.  The Garnet Hearts do have their very own style which sets them apart from other bands, you always hear that it´s a Garnet Hearts song. A truly high class album with lots and lots of great tacks from a very unique band.  In my opinion they are one of the best acts on the current US rockin´ scene, I really hope that there will be a new album out very soon (maybe this time on vinyl???). Great one, love it!!     DJ Wildgoner


​The Garnet Hearts


Another Mile Records – CD


Another great overview on the catalog of Rhythm Bomb Records.  31 tracks here, some of you may have received this album as a present at last year´s Rockabilly Rave.  It´s always nice when a weekender starts with a freebie and there are many tracks to please a Hepcat like me.  Some killer tracks by artists like Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets (one of my favorite German acts!), the very kool Twisted Rod from lovely Praque, the Playboys, the new Spanish sensation the Kabooms, the Margraves, Levi Dexter,  Dale Rocka and the Volcanos, Ruby Ann (with her great version of Deane Hawley´s “Bossman”), Cherry Casino, Roy Kay Trio, Fia Sco & The Majestics, the Shadowmen, Marc & The Wild Ones (looking forward to their comeback after the short break!), Hanks Jalopy Demons, The Rip ´Em Ups,  Spo-Dee-O-Dee, or even the Northern band style of Gone Hepsville.  Some bands / tracks are a bit too modern for me (or are simply not my taste) but overall it´s a very good compilation that will add nicely to anyone´s collection. DJ Wildgoner


​Perfect For Parties Volume 3

“various artists”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5820

​This album already came out in 2014 on the Australian Flipster Records label.  It wasn´t so easy to get in Europe and America so the nice Mr. Ralph Braband decided to give us an easier to obtain version.  I have to admit I prefer the cover art of this one here but the tracks are exactly the same.  As I already have mentioned in my last review I absolutely love their sound, the songs on the album are teriffic!  This album was without a shadow of a doubt one of the best Rockabilly albums  in 2014.  You´ll find the full review in our  review section for August 2014 http://www.eastcoastrockabillycentral.com/record-reviews-august-2014.html .  If you did not get yourself a copy of the original album, get this one.  I really, really hope for a vinyl version of this killer diller album, how about that Ralph??

DJ Wildgoner ​

Hanks Jalopy Demons

“Music On The Up Beat”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5808 – CD

​This album is the latest offering from the Aussie Hepcat Rusty Pinto.  This time he is backed by CC Jerome and his Savoys.  Some of you older lot out there will know Jerome from his work with bands like the Bellhops all those years back.  I guess I´ve mentioned in a previous review that Rustys´ voice sounds much different here than on his previous bluesy Rockabilly albums recorded for labels like Press-Tone and Wild Records.  Anyway, their version of the classic “Mary Lou” is a great starter for this 10 track album because it´s a topster with a slightly different arrangement as the original.  The same could be said for “Just One More Time” and John Fred´s “Shirley”. Apart from the 60's sounding guitar break (just my personal opinion), “Deacon Jones´ Wife” is a really kool midtempo song!  You´ll also find a jiving version of Rusty´s hit from his album “Press-Tone Rockabilly Volume 4”, “Am I” again will be a pleaser for the jiving crowd out there. Something very different is his very nice version of the Janis Martin classic “One More Year To Go” complete with a mellow sax.  Their version of “Woke Up This Morning” will surely be loved by the many B.B. King fans (R.I.P) and “Flirty Mae”, a frantic uptempo Rocker, is one of my favorite trax on this album.  If you don´t compare this album to his previous Rockabilly recordings and love the jumpin´ jiving R&B stuff you will dig this one!   DJ Wildgoner


​Rusty Pinto

“One More Time”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5813 – CD


​As the news came out that the Doel Brothers are booked for the upcoming Nashville Boogie Weekender what´s better to check out their latest album on El Tor Records, shall we?? I guess many of you lot already have some of their previous top notch recordings on lovely wax and CD and their latest offering again is in the highest league of proper rockin´ Hillbilly, early Rockabilly and very fine Western Swing. No bloody modern gadgets here, a fine and period perfect sound for all you Hepcats ´n ´Kittens who also dig the roots of Rockabilly. There´s a fine rockin´ starter here called “Wild Wild Woman”, a proper rockin´ duet in the style of Jimmy and Johnny´, “Troubles” also rocks along in a midtempo pace, while “Liquid Lover” goes back to the later part of the 40's (great lyrics by the way). “Who Needs You” will please all the fans of comps like “Grandaddy´s Rockin” or the new “Corn Fed” compilation album. Did I mention that all the songs were written by the band?? “Does It Feel Good” is a rockin´ Western Swing number that could do well with the jiving crowd.  There are more treats for you on this album, there isn´t a single weak track in sight. Guess you can easily figure out that I dig this band a lot.  As I said, not a pure Rockabilly band by any means but one of the finest on the circuit when it comes to the white roots of our music.  A high class offering from the boys which is also available on the much prefered vinyl format.  Make sure to check the Doels out at the Nashville Boogie Weekender where they also will be the backing band for that Aussie genius Mr. Scotty Baker!     DJ Wildgoner


​The Doel Brothers

“Travellin´ Heavy With..”

El Toro records ETCD 6067 – CD


​The Hepcats from Zagreb, Croatia, are back on Rhythm Bomb  Records with a great new album.  Their style is a blend of authentic Rockabilly and wild late 50's Rock´n Roll. This time the boys ventured out a bit further as they also added two great instrumentals “Spitzmaus” (German word for a shrew by the way) and “City Chicken” plus  a very Johnny Cash  ´ Columbia-style´  sounding “The Man From The Other Side”.  As far as I know there is only one cover version, this time it´s “I´ll Keep Lovin´ You” done by the Variatones on Fire records. Their version is called “I´ll Just Keep On Loving You” and has a bit more speed than the original.  Lots of great uptempo stuff here like “Breathin´ Down My Neck” (fast version), “Rockin´ Rhythm Mama”, the frantic “Weekend” (makes 100 mph jiver by the way), “Tangled Boogie”, the previously mentioned cover of the Variatones song and the late 50's style instro “Wrangle”.  The ´bonus´ track “Hot To Trot” is an absolute killer that will leave the crowd screaming for more when they play this one at their live gigs!  I also really dig the strollin´version of “Breathin´ Down My Neck”. This really is a superb album that will put you in a party mood, so better get it before it´s gone!    DJ Wildgoner


​B and the Bops

“All Tangled Up”

Rhythm Bomb Records RBR5768 – CD


​Brand new album by Berlin´s finest Rock´n´Roll band.  No, l would not call them a Rockabilly band, their sound is rooted in the more obscure, non-commercial teenage rockin´ stuff from the 57 – 59 era.  Listening to a High school / Teenage Rock´n´Roll  compilation album from the later part of the 50's,  picking out the best songs (not an easy task sometimes) and adding only a bit of authentic Rockabilly and then you´ll have  the sound of the Round Up Boys.  I guess I don´t have to mention that these boys  (Michael Kirscht on vocals, Ike Stoye on the rhythm guitar, Axel Praefcke on the drums and Carsten Harbeck on the bass ) are top notch musicians, you´ll see them playing all over the world with their different bands and also backing other top musicians. On this new album you´ll find 15 great tracks, the only cover is their version of Peppermint Harris´ killer track “Angel Child”, done in a “white sounding” version.  This is by no means your average Rock´n´Roll album with songs  sounding similar to stuff you´ve heard  a thousand times before, instead you´ll get some very catchy melodies plus kool and sometimes funny lyrics.  You´ll find some serious record hop spinners on this album, these are a few of my favorite tracks:  “”House Party”, “Let´s Pitch A Little Whoo”, “Come Back to Me”, “I Just Can´t Get No Love”, “Kiss Me Now”, the funny Country Bop sound of “Guinea Pig Mama” and “Baby This Time”. A great album from a very talented band that never fails to deliver.  Brilliant cover design in the style of the old German Polydor records by the way. The  booklet is worth looking at because singer Michael is showing us some of  his fancy dance steps.  Boy,  I´m amazed !    DJ Wildgoner


Round Up Boys

"Hits For Teen-Agers“

Rhythm Bomb Records RVR 5814 – CD


From time to time something totally different comes along.  This four piece band is based in lovely Glasgow, Scotland, and is surely not your typical Rockabilly band. They don´t look too  rockin´ at first sight but boy, what talented cats they are!  Their music is a great mix of 50's Rock´n´Roll, proper Rockabilly, 50's Pop, a bit of Country, late 50's Exotica, even some swingin´ Jazz, Doo Wop and Gospel!  They have developed a style that is very much their own and they are already very famous in England playing a few hundred gigs a year. So what to expect from their debut album?  A killer jivin´ version of  the Cuff Links ballad “Guided Missiles”, an Exotica version of Trini Lopez´ “Sinner Not A Saint” plus  a rockin´ Beat version of Larry Williams “Slow Down”. Bo Diddley´s “Cadillac” receives a bit of a Country treatment whilst staying true to it´s jungle rhythms, Roy Orbison´s “Devil Doll” has  been cleverly sped up while Holly´s “Well Allright” and the Drifters´ “Fools Fall In Love” stay close to their original arrangements. “Sheik Of Araby” and “Who Walks In" (When I Walk Out) shows us the more jazzy sound, guess Les Paul fans especially will dig the first one!  Roy Hamilton´s “Don´t Let Go” gets a 50´s Rockabilly treatment complete with slappin´ bass and Gene´s “Race With The Devil” sounds completely different than the Capitol Records classic. They even covered Big Crosby´s beautiful ballad (YES!! I really like his very early stuff!!) “Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The Gold Of The Day)” and turned it into their own.  As I said before, this band is very unique and will be a big hit on the worldwide rockin´ scene, no doubt.  Don´t be a fool and check them out as fast as you can!!  Any readers in the Black Forest area of Southern Germany?  You can see the boys in Kunis Hot Rod Café in Calw (https://de-de.facebook.com/kunishotrodcafe) on October 24th, I´m really looking forward to this gig!       DJ Wildgoner

https://www.facebook.com/theshiverinsheiks)    www.holysmokesrecords.co.uk


The Shiverin´ Sheiks

"A Curious Case of...”

 Holy Smokes Records   

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