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​The night did not last long as Don Maddox was slated for 11am in the ballroom. It was quite a start to Saturday seeing the bloodshot eyes and that hungover look was running rampant. Regardless of the lack of sleep, no way in hell was I missing seeing this guy live and in person. Don Maddox has been playing since the 1930's and his feverish fiddle was a driving force in the rush to the Rockabilly sounds that would come later. At the age of 93, he climbed that stage and he put on one heck of a performance. He was quite the comedian and yeah....maybe he had to write notes on the back of his fiddle to remember what key each song was in but who cares? We should all be so fortunate to do what we love for that long. Who knows, I might not even know what a fiddle is at 93 or where I'm at much less be able to play one and sing.

After the 11am pow wow, several of us made our way to the indoor car show and then converged on the Cracker Barrel for a much needed refueling. By the time we got back, we had missed the Buzz Jumpers and the Western Round Up and Pinup Pageant. I did get to say hello to Sabina Kelley. However, when we walked back into the Ballroom Miss Nashville Boogie was taking photos with folks in the main hall. At 3pm, Sophia Wolff put on another dance lesson which was quite informative. After the brief interlude of events, the music resumed in full effect with 50's Rocker and Sun Records artist Sonny Burgess backed by the Legendary Pacers. For the most part, the music was quite good but not sure what the heck “Wooly Bully” had to do with it. However, this performance dragged on and on and on. This one way over ran it's time slot. This is where the evening started to get behind. I left the ballroom twice during this performance and went back to have a refreshment or two to get a break. Each time I came back to find them still going..wth? Finally, (not that we didn't appreciate the never ending performance) they left the stage.

And then, the ballroom was ignited by the energetic Nikki Hill and the hot rockin' licks by Matt Hill on his guitar. I swear, I was almost sure the smoke alarms would be going off. One thing was for sure, the crowd was good and awake after their amazing performance.

The next performance was the enigmatic Chris Casello, this cat has some serious talent. It was really an awesome show that I am glad that I didn't miss.

All of this had already happened and ya know, it was only 7pm when Johnny Powers (another 50's Rocker) took the stage and it was really a great show. I watched this one until end and at this point had to make a trip back to the room for some R and R.


Friday started off with Dance lessons with the lovely Sophia Wolff. These were held in the main ballroom and were followed by the great original Rocker Art Adams. Holy hell what a start, this cat still has it with numbers like “Dancing Doll” and “Indian Joe”. We got to chat with him some over the weekend and I have to say he is a quite interesting individual.

The Rockabilly cat was followed by the Frantic Rockers....quite a different sound but wow what a performance, they killed it.

Next up was Mr. Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys laying down some fantastic Western Swing. It was as always, a flawless performance.

How do you follow this start??? Well with that crazy Canadian cat Blood Shot Bill. His wild Hasil Adkins sound and unpredictable antics made for a heck of a Rockin' time.

Next up were the Legendary Bellfuries. You can say a lot about them, but Joey has one of those unforgettable voices and he is backed by a great cast of musicians. They released a new album at the Rockabilly Rave in the U.K. The first full night of music was outstanding. Afterwards was scheduled record hop but not sure how that went. We crashed early after driving 8 hours to get there earlier in the day.....ahhh...the life of a devoted Rockabilly.

The pre party was at The Palace on Thursday night. We were not able to make it down for the pre-party but did arrive on Friday around 3 pm. This event attracted people from all over. We met of course many east coasters, some from the south and midwest....some from the west coast...this was only U.S. Folks. There were however some from Australia, Europe and the likes. It was a quite impressive display of attendance, especially for this being the first ever Nashville Boogie. We were not at all disappointed with the line ups. There were some original Rockers who were there when it all started. Art Adams, Johnny Powers, Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, Larry Collins of the Collin's Kids. We also had the priveledge of seeing the 93 year old youngster Don Maddox of the Maddox Brothers & Rose with his fiddle. The music was spread out over 3 locations, utilizing the bars at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. The hotel in itself is a real gem, there was a lot to explore and see. This place is a marvel and I would highly recommend when the alcohol induced coma wears off in the late morning hours to go out and look around. The indoor town has some restaurants as well as ice cream. You can also find food at the bars inside. If you find that you don't want to anty up and eat inside or you find the faire not to your liking.....take a stroll out the front door and down the main driveway. On the other side of the cross walk, you will find a smaller strip mall section with a Cracker Barrel. The food was great and the prices were very reasonable. It also had a great barber who brought 3 employees to accommodate the crowd. There were quite a lot of vendors in the hall off to the right of the ballroom. There were even more vendors at the indoor car show. This event also had Eddie Munster present with the Munster Mobile and the Coffin Car. Enough about the finer points...now for what we really came for.  The car show is open to the general public not only limited to the Rockin' & Country Western Swing folks that were there for the Boogie.

​The Nashville Boogie is a different breed of weekender. The master mind of the Muddy Roots Weekenders came up with a plan. He brought Rockabillies together with Western Swing fans. Ya know what....it worked like a charm. The location was massive taking place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. At first, it's a bit confusing to navigate but soon it becomes second nature. We had the pleasure of seeing some great Western Swing bands mixed in with a definitively strong Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll presence. This event is like no other..... In the show hotel, you will find an indoor town if you will inside a huge atrium complete with tropical plants, a stream with a boat ride, a waterfall....etc.   

The Nashville Boogie